Lilligant's Lemonade Stand

by Yoshizilla-Fan

Yoshizilla-Fan: This just popped into my head. Thank you, Mr. Rhedosaurus.

Lilligant was setting up her own lemonade stand in Seaside Hill, in spite of the fact that there were a few other stands in other areas around there. Whimsicott was there with her, watching her making lemonade the old fashioned way.

"Lil, why are you opening up a lemonade stand when anyone an just get a lemonade from a drink machine?" Whimsicott's asked her.

"Because Whimsy, that lemonade comes in a can and is factory made! My lemonade is home made! Also that lemonade costs 350 Pokedollars per can, and I'm only charging 100 Pokedollars for my home made ade."

Whimsy simply scoffed as she turned her back to Lilligant. "I'm just saying. Maybe you should have tried something different, like fruit punch. By the way, did you have to build it here in Seaside Hill of all places?"

"Why not?" Lilligant poured some fresh lemonade into a glass. "Try it!"

Whimsicott took the glass of lemonade, sipping it as her eyes lit up. "Not bad! Definitely better than that wizz in a can you get from drink machines!"

Lilligant took the glass back from Whimsicott, smiling in response to her comment. Suddenly felt a tingling in her bowels. "Uhh...speaking of right back." Lilligant sped away as fast as she could, trying to hold in her urine after having had lots of test lemonade.

Later, Lilligant came back, holding a glass of lemonade. "Glad I got back safely. There was barely any place to go in peace.

Meloetta came floating by, noticing the lemonade stand. "Oh boy! Lemonade!" Meloetta's gleefully grabbed Lilligant's glass, taking a sip from it.

Lilligant gasped in shock. "Melly, wait! That's not lemonade!"