Lilligant had her elbow pressed against the stand while Whimsicott was playing Slaughter Race on her laptop. It was snowing and the stand was empty.

"Anything wrong, Lil?" Whimsicott asked, pausing her game.

"Nobody ever wants to buy lemonade at this time of year. And we even tried selling hot chocolate once, remember?" Lilligant sighed. "And I'm bored as hell."

"Well, it is Christmas, so we should be enjoying it anyway!" Whimsicott suggested, looking to the bright side.

"I guess, but it's hard to enjoy it when you're all alone." Lilligant sighed.

"But we're not alone! We have each other!" Whimsicott added.

"That's true, but I miss the long lines, the sales, all those girls desperate to let their pee out..." Lilligant continued her sighs or boredom.

"Then let's blow this popsicle stand and go to a city or something!" Whimsicott suggested. "I mean, lemonade stand! It's not going anywhere, and no matter how bad things get, they always go back to normal on the next chapter!"

"True." Lilligant shrugged. "Let's go then!"