Hey Everyone! Here is a little story I whipped up and hope to continue if you guys enjoy it enough! It is a little one shot of every year in the trio's lives until they turn 11. I hope u guys like and please review to let me know if I should continue!

"James, come here." Lily commands, reaching out to her loving husband.

"I'm right here, as I will always." He replies, squeezing her hand and planting a kiss on her red crown. Lily screeches just as the nurse rushes through the door.

"It's time." She says smiling brightly. The nurse hurries to Lily's open legs and seizes her ankles. "Push, Lily dear, just push." She says. The harder Lily pushes her unborn baby out, the tighter she squeezes James's hand, who grips back just as tight. Lily cries out again and bangs her head on the wall behind her. Cursing, she reaches an arm up to rub her bruised skull.

"I love you Lily." James says as the babie's head pops out. Lily giggles as the nurse takes the baby away.

"I can't wait to see her, James." Lily whispers.

"Her? How do you know it will be a girl?" James asks, wiggling his eyebrows. Silence. Lily smiles.

"Well, I didn't want to say "it." Lily replies, earning a kiss to the cheek from James. Moments later, the nurse comes back in, holding a bundle of blankets in her arms.

"Congratulations on your lovely baby boy." She says handing the tiny infant over to his proud mother. Lily beams as she cradles her baby boy against her chest. Her eyes fill with tears as the babie's big eyes open, revealing two green orbs, extremely similar to hers.

"I love you." She whispers kissing the babies head. James stands back, surveying his new family. A baby brings responsibility, everyone told him. All he feels now, however is pure joy. Lily looks up at him, happiest he has ever seen her. "Do you want to hold your son?" She asks. James, not able to answer, nods feebly and takes the baby from his wife's arms. The baby moans and bats his eyelashes. James takes his pinkie and outlines the whole of the babies face.

"My son." He whispers, as for only his baby boy to hear. Lily, now relaxed hums lightly.

"What do you think of the name Harry?" She asks. James turns to his wife, his baby clutched in his loving arms.

"I love it." He grins, that lopsided grin that wooed Lily so many years ago.

"Well, it's settled then Harry James Potter!" Lily says. James, smiles his eyes shining, he leans down and presses his lips tightly against hers.

"I love you." He whispers.

"She is the most beautiful little angel I have every seen." Dr. Granger says, kissing his sleeping wife on the forehead. He takes the little girl from her mother's arms and rocks her lightly in his arms.

"Hermione, Hermione, Hermione," He whispers, trying out his daughters name. He gazes down at the baby girl huddled in his arms. "She looks peaceful, almost not alive" the dentist observes. She squirms in his arms, not enough to accomplish anything, but just enough to feel her movement. He is so enthralled by the sleeping baby that he doesn't notice his wife stir.

"Thomas? Thomas?" She screeches anxiously.

"I'm right here sweetie, right here." He says soothingly. He plants the sleeping baby in her mothers arms and gazes at the pair. "The resemblance between the two is almost inhuman" He thinks to himself as he watches his wife and daughter interact.

"She has your eyes." The women whispers, signaling to her husband to interact with the two.

"And your hair." He adds, observant as he is. Her gaze lingers on his face, which shows nothing but confusion. "Thomas, what is the matter?" She asks him. Dr. Thomas looks away from his newly made family. "Will I be a good father?" He asks suddenly, settling down in the armchair by the side of the bed. Jane looks at him apprehensively.

"Of course you will." She says soothingly, managing the love of her live a bright smile. The dentist nods and leans forward to plant a kiss on his wife's lips. "I really, really love you." Lily whispers. Thomas nods.

"I love you a lot as well!" He says cheerfully. They kiss once more, this time their newly born daughter in the middle of the lovely kiss.

"Can we see him yet?" A very excited 10-year old, with long red hair asks. The beaming man standing by the door of Molly's bedroom, smiles and nods his head, to happy to speak. The Weasley clan troop into the small room of their house.

"Mom? Can I hold him?" The little 8-year old asks, rushing to his new brothers side. Molly, happy as can be hands over her baby boy over to her son, Charlie. Charlie stares down at his brothers tiny features trying to figure out how his mother was ever that small. Shaking his head, he turns to four-year old Percy, who sits on the armchair clutching a stack of magical children's books.

"Percy, can't you ever not be boring?" He asks. Percy reaches his hand up to his face and pushes his perfectly round glasses up his nose. Bill shakes his head, moving over to Charlie.

"Let me hold him." Bill says taking possession of the baby boy. "Mom, what's his name going to be?" Bill asks. Molly and Arthur exchange a quick glance.

"Ronald Bilious Weasley!" Molly exclaims. Bill snorts and hands Ronald over to his mother.

"Poor kid." He mumbles so that only Charlie can hear. Molly glares at her eldest son, and he grows quiet.

"Ron, is a very good name." She says. Bill and Charlie nod along, both turning to the two-year olds clinging to their shirts.

"Fred….George?" Bill asks unclamping the boys from around his waist. The identical toddlers stand side by side exchanging glances with eachother. Suddenly, they let out an earsplitting cry, soon followed by one from Ron.

"Fred! George!" Molly scolds, trying to hush her newborn baby. Now that they got in trouble the two little boys toddle over to the sofa, where they settle down beside their big brother Percy.