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"I don't want to play with you anymore, your boring! B-o-r-n-g! Boring!" Dudley yells, throwing his football down on the ground. Harry scrunches up his face but remains quiet, he is used to Dudley's temper tantrums that he gets over within five minutes. "Can't you try to catch the ball? T-R-Y! Try," Dudley yells. Dudley has been spelling almost every word out loud, usually misspelled.

"I do try." Harry says. "I do."

"No!" Dudley screeches, kicking the football at Harry. A light drizzle of rain falls and Harry rushes to the door, not wanting to get wet. Ant Petunia stands there with a big fluffy towel for Dudley.

"Come get your towel Dudders!" She yells. Petunia wraps the towel around Dudley and shuts the door tightly behind him.

"Go change your clothes Potter, your dripping on my carpet." Petunia says shoving Harry towards his cupboard. Harry disappears behind the door. Dudleys lips quivers, while Petunia rubs all up and down his arms. "Why don't we go to the aquarium, it's indoors." Petunia suggests. Vernon nods and goes to get his coat. When Harry emerges from his cupboard wearing mismatched pants and shirt, Petunia and Dudley stand by the door, Dudley sucking on a lollipop.

"Can I have one?" Harry asks Petunia. She shakes her head no, Harry shrinks back. She seems to change her mind.

"I'll give you one, if your good while we are gone, I'll even let you watch T.V." Petunia says. Harry nods eagerly and Petunia hands him one purple lollipop and one green one. "Remember our deal, little one." She says, turning the television on. Harry nods and settles back into the sofa with the remote in his hand and the purple lollipop in his mouth. Harry giggles when Dragon Tales comes on and he doesn't notice the Dursley slip out the door into the pouring rain. He also doesn't notice the brown cat that slipped in. The cat shakes the water off her skin and bounds onto the couch beside the content four-year old. Harry, now aware of the cat, sits very still.

"Are you my cat?" Harry asks her. The cat seems to nod and Harry smiles. "Did Aunt Petunia give you to me?" He asks. Again, the cat nods. "Do you like being my cat?" Harry asks. The cat nods. Harry smiles, places one small hand on the cats fur and turns back to the television.

"Can you write your name yet?" A very proud Grandmother asks her Granddaughter.

"Yes, would you like to see?" She asks. The Grandmother nods and peers over Hermione's shoulder. There in bold print is printed, very tidy for a child of such an age, "Hermione." The grandmother smiles, and claps for her little girl.

"You know, Mione, I was thinking we could make Ice cream." The older women asks. Hermione nods eagerly.

"Yes please, Nana." She says. "What time to Mum and Dad come home?" She asks.

"After we eat our ice cream!" The grandmother giggles, swooping down to tickle Hermione's stomach.

"What flavor?" Nana asks.

"Chocolate and Strawberry!" Hermione smiles.

"Chocolate and strawberry it is!" Nana smiles. "Go get the chocolate from the pantry." She says. Hermione climbs up the ladder to the third shelf, where the chocolate sits untouched. She wraps her chubby fingers around the bars and scoops them into her arms.

"Yummy!" She whispers handing them to her Grandmother. Meanwhile Hermione had gotten the chocolate, Nana had gotten the strawberries, now Nana unwraps the chocolate and puts it into the ice cream maker with the strawberries. She presses the button and a low whirring is heard.

"How was your first day of kindergarten?" Nana asks, knowing that it went amazing, as always.

"Good! How long ago was it?" Hermione asks, cocking her head to the side.

"A week." Nana answers, turning to the machine. She opens it up and places the ready made ice cream in two bowls, then she gets whipped cream from the fridge and squirts it all over both bowls.

"Yum!" Hermione gushes, licking her spoon.

"Hold on tight to your broom Ron!" Charlie warns as Ron tips over with his broom. Bill swoops forward and catches his little brother before he can fall to the ground.

"Good catch!" Charlie yells to Bill. Bill nods and sets Ron down on the ground beside his tiny broom.

"Why don't you just watch for a little while?" Bill asks Ron.

"No, I want to play." Ron whines, crossing his arms.

"Okay, get back on your broom." Bill says, mounting his and pushing off the ground into the sky. Ron follows uneasily, trying to be just as good as his 14-year old brother. The twins swoop in and out behind Ron, daring him to fall again.

"Stop!" Ron shouts at George, who got a little to close to Ron's broom. Fred puts his arms out in mock defeat, but trying to show off his skills of being able to stay on with no hands. Ron releases his broom with one hand, and then the other and the broom overturns him. This time, Fred catches him and sets him back on his broom.

Ginny squeals and all of the brothers turn to their baby sister, who giggles excitedly with the snitch clutched in her fingers. They all start to clap for her and she releases it again, chasing it around the yard.

"Catch!" Bill shrieks throwing the quaffle to Charlie who throws it to Fred, who throws it to Ron. Ron catches it uneasily and throws it back just as fast.

"Good catch little bro!" Fred shouts across the wind. Ron swoops around him in a circle, a large smile encasing his red face.

"Children! Come inside for supper!" Molly calls, huddled against the doorway. She ushers all of her children inside and sends them up to clean for supper.

"Yummy!" Ron squeals, slipping onto his chair. He automatically begins to stuff the food into his mouth. Ginny comes to sit beside him and glances at Molly, who nods, giving her daughter permission to begin. The three-year old then proceeds to mirror Ron's actions, stuffing spoon after spoon of the mashed potatoes into her mouth.

"I had no idea you were so hungry." Bill say as he and Charlie take a seat at the table. Ron nods meekly, not bothering to look up from his plate. Bill chuckles, as he to begins to eat. Fred, George, and Percy come next, plopping down in their corresponding seats.

"Daddy!" Ginny squeals, glancing at the clock with the face of her father.

"Baby girl!" Arthur says, coming through the door. He swings Ginny up into his arms and plants a kiss on her forehead. "Daddy missed all of you at work." He says, gently placing Ginny back in her seat. He moves around the table, kisses his wife and each of his boys on the head.

The Weasley family dig into their meal, engulfed in the wondrous moment.

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