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Five Year Old:

"Billy came up to me and just…..just stood there…and he said he wanted to kick me…..and…" Dudley whines. Harrys eyes droop as he listens to yet another one of Dudley's untruthful stories. He pushes his round glasses up his nose and sits up straighter in his seat.

"Eat your food, boy." Petunia stutters. She turns to Vernon. "The teachers at school are complaining about how he gets skinnier and skinnier, we can't have them all up in our business." Petunia says, loading another serving of ham and eggs onto her nephew's plate. Dudley holds his plate out for more and Petunia scoops some breakfast onto his empty plate. Never being fed this much, Harry groans from stomach ache.

"What's the matter, boy?" Vernon asks, cutting Dudley off. Dudley's bottom lip begins to quiver at the thought of having his spotlight taken away from him.

"Nothing." Harry mumbles into his food.

"That's what I thought." Vernon responds, turning back to his son and pleading him to go on. Happy to be back in the middle, Dudley continues as if nothing happened. After being served dessert: Plum pudding., Harry asks to be dismissed. Waving him away, the Dursley's stay focused on their son.

Harry travels to his cupboard and takes out a sheet of paper. He takes his broken crayon from his box and begins to right his name on the sheet.

"H—a-r-r—y. Harry!" He says. "P—o—t—t—e-r. Potter. Harry Potter." He giggles. The five-year old yearns for someone to share this sheet of paper with. He knows that the Dursley's won't care one bit, so the little boy tapes the paper onto his wall.

Suddenly, the brown cat appears by the window. Harry takes another sheet of paper out and a brown crayon, he draws the cat as best as he can. "C-a-t. Cat." He says. Once his masterpiece is finished, he holds it up to the cat. The cat cocks her head to the side, studying the drawing. Smiling, Harry pins it to the wall next to his name. He stands back to look at his two new additions to his wall. He claps his hands together. Excited, he jumps up and down, faster and faster and faster. Dudley barges into the room.

"What are you doing, boy?" He asks imitating his father. Harry swivels around to face his cousin.

"Hey!" He shouts. "Get out."

"No!" Dudley says crossing his arms and standing in front of the door. Dudley looks to the freshly taped pictures on the wall. He rips the picture of the cat from the wall and rips it up.

"No!" Harry screams, lunging at Dudley. The chubbier boy, easily ducks to the side, avoiding Harrys hands. He rips the second picture up. Suddenly, the paper in Dudley's hand lights up in flames and the five-year old screams in terror.

"Witch!" He spits, dropping the flaming ball to the ground, he runs out of the room screaming his head off for Petunia. Harry can hear the whispers on the other side of the door.

"Vernon, he is like them." Harry hears Petunia say.

"Like who?" Harry pipes up, peering at them from behind his door. Petunia glares at her nephew, and walks away, leaving Vernon and Harry staring at each other.

"Smile! Now twirl!" Hermione commands her best friend, who stands before her in a bright pink tutu. Jamie twirls around and around, stops and strikes a pose. Hermione claps delighted with her performances.

"Soon, you will be as good as me!" Hermione giggles. Jamie smiles, slips out of her tutu and jumps onto the couch.

"Can we watch Clifford now?" Jamie asks. Hermione smiles.

"Let me go ask, mummy." She says, trotting out of the room. Jane sits in the next room, cupping her growing belly.

"Mummy, Jamie wants to watch Clifford." Hermione says. Jane looks up from her stomach, as if she were caught doing something she wasn't supposed to.

"Of course Mione, go ahead." She says.

"Can we have chocolate chip cookies and milk?" She asks. Jane smiles and nods.

"I'll go get them." She says. Hermione hurries off to tell Jamie her good news. The two friends settle on the couch together watching Clifford.

"Here you go girls!" Jane says, placing the plate of cookies on the table along with the two glasses of milk and long towel to spread over their laps.

"Thanks Mummy!" Hermione says, grabbing for a cookie, she bites into it and smiles once the warm gooey chocolate gushes into her mouth.

"Yummy!" Jamie giggles, turning her eyes on the screen. Hermione glances at her friends content face and leans back into her pillows.

"Cleo!" Hermione giggles once the purple dog appears on the screen. Jane sits back beside the two girls, enjoying the moment. Too soon, the show ends and Jane turns off the T.V.

"What do you princesses want to do?" She asks. Hermione and Jamie giggle, as Jane swoops in on them, attacking them with tickles.

"Stop!" Hermione gasps, pushing away her mothers hands. Just as the three settle down, the lock clicks in the door and Hermione jumps onto her feet. "Daddy!" She squeals, running down the stairs, and into her father's awaiting arms.

"Hi baby," He says, struggling to put the five-year back down on the ground safely. "I missed you." He says kissing her forehead. Jamie comes bounding into the room, and Thomas lifts her up into his arms.

"Are you having a good time, my dear?" He asks his daughters best friend. Jamie nods her head eagerly, and squirms out of the dentist's arms.

"Do you girls want to help me make lemonade?" Jane asks, kissing her husband, then turning to the girls.

"Yessss…Please!" The two best friends say, scurrying into the kitchen.

"Just jump in Ronnie!" Fred and George scream. They lay on floaties in the pool, that Molly conjured in their backyard.

"Yeah! Plop!" four-year old Ginny squeals, from her place on a small lawn chair, by the side of the pool.

"Just plop?" Ron asks his older brothers, cocking his head to the side. The twins nods their heads, confirming Ron's fears.

"Come on Ron, you can do it." Percy says, squatting down beside his five-year old brother. Percy, gently takes Ron's hand in his and flings himself into the pool, Ron flies behind him, scared out of his mind. When Ron lands in the water, Percy fishes him out and easily sets him down on Fred's floatie.

"No!" Fred screams, shaking Ron off. The little five-year old, doggy paddles over to the edge of the pool, where he grips onto the side.

"No more plop." Ron says, climbing the marble stairs out of the pool. He sits next to Ginny, who claps her hands.

"Plop!" She giggles, throwing her plastic ball at Ron. He moves to the wrong side and the ball hits him square in the nose. Ron shakes his head, pushes the tears threatening to fall out of his eyes and jumps back into the pool. "Yay!" Ginny squeals, clapping her hands.

"Good Job Ron." Percy says, sliding out of the pool and to the novel sitting on his lounge chair. Fred and George roll their eyes and watch Ron swim across the pool to the beach ball. He pushes it into the air and then lets it drop, again he tries to pick it up, but he is not able to. Ron, growing anxious, looks questioningly at the twins. George wades over to Ron and plops the ball out of the water, hands it to Ron, and lifts the boy onto the side of the pool. Ron throws the ball to George, who in turn throws it back.

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