Author's Note: Welp, that's a wrap for All in the Family! I'd like to thank Prepare-for-the-crazy, Jubalii, and just about anyone else who read this for keeping with me throughout this entire thing. Next up is the last entry in the Guardiane Trilogy, Passion of the Guardiane (AKA The Guardiane's Destiny), which I should be starting on either next week or the week after. Please keep an eye out for that one and thank you all!


"You Cuban bastards, you killed my mom!" Mistress Minor was crying. "You Cuban BASTARDS, you killed my mom!"

She had been like this for days now. On top of all the sadness she was experiencing from her mother dying and her father killing himself, she had been struggling to take her roles as the new Warden of Superjail and the Guardiane. She was still confused about the latter; up until she turned eighteen, all her dad had ever mentioned about her was that she was special and supposedly the messiah. What was the Guardiane to do anyway? She had no clue whatsoever.

"You maniacs! You goddamn Cuban maniacs! You've killed so many!" she kept crying.

She fell back on her bed and turned on her right side to see... Jared? She screamed and impulsively kicked him off.

"Jared, what are you doing here?!" Mistress Minor screamed.

"I want to talk to someone!" Jared answered.

"Get the hell out of my bedroom!" she screamed again.

"Well, who else will I talk to?" Jared asked. "Cherice went somewhere with Ariel to only God knows what, Finn and your other siblings are too busy crying over your parents, Alice is too busy having 'fun', and Bruce is off at the bar. Jailbot X and NOVA Gemini aren't even on duty right now. (I think they're making love.)"

"Ugh, fine." Mistress Minor gave in. "Anything to talk about in particular?"

"I don't know." he responded. "It's just... I keep wondering about what we're going to do without Warden and Mistress Major around."

"Oh, really?" Mistress Minor raised an eyebrow. "I mean, yes, it's hard when you've not yet come of age and have no idea of the things you'll achieve."

"Yeah." he replied meekly. "I almost feel guilty for letting your father go through with killing himself like that. I wish I would've done something."

"Now's not the time for regretting, Jared." she assured him. "Sure, you've hit all-time lows while working here for all these years and you were frustrated with Dad's antics, but the important thing to achieve right now is coming to terms with death, his death."

"I think I've said enough." he suddenly said. "I'll just leave you alone."

"Wait!" Mistress Minor called out.

Jared was heading for the door when he turned his head around.

"What?" he asked irritatedly.

"You forgot to ask about the future, no?" Mistress Minor raised an eyebrow.

"Right..." he sighed. "Is this the end, Mistress?"

"No, Jared." Mistress Minor replied. "This is not the end. This is only... the beginning."