Vongola and Void

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Note: this story I my version of Zero no Tsukaima F and takes place after the KHR manga.

Chapter 1. The Summoning of the Sky

At the Tristain academy of magic, Tiffania Westwood was speaking to her friend Saito and the Undine knights about the Summon Servant ritual.

"So what is this ritual?" asked Tiffania.

"The ritual involves the mage in question, summoning a being that will be their companion and familiar for the rest of their lives," said Guiche, "all nobles have one."

"I don't," said Saito.

"Well, you're not a mage," said Guiche, "but your sword could technically be considered your familiar."

"Ya'know he has a point, partner," said Derflinger from his sheath on Saito's back.

"So how do I perform the ritual?" asked Tiffa.

"Do not worry miss Tiffania," said Guiche, "I will teach you everything you need to know."

Saito sighed, it would be a long day.


That evening, Tiffania had learned how to summon a familiar and was ready to give the spell a try. Raising her wand, she chanted the spell. When she finished, a green oval appeared in front of her, surprising everyone.

"Is that supposed to happen?" asked Tiffa.

"I've never seen anything like it," said Guiche.

"I have," said Saito, "both times Louise summoned me, that appeared to bring me to her."

"What does it…" began Guiche before a humanoid figure came flying out of the oval and landed on the ground in front of Tiffa.


Tsuna let out a long sigh as he filled out another form in his office in the Japan Vongola mansion. Ever since he agreed to become the Neo Vongola Primo, he's had an almost endless amount of paperwork to do. His Guardians tried to help when they could, but they also had their own jobs to attend to. Tsuna was just signing a form covering damages made during Hibari and Mukuro's last fight when a green oval appeared in the middle of the room.

"What the?" said Tsuna as he walked over to the oval.

His Hyper Intuition wasn't saying that the strange thing was dangerous so he walked up and reached out to touch it. As soon as his hand made contact with it, Tsuna was pulled into the oval and disappeared.

Xxscene/flashback endXx

Tsuna opened his eyes and found himself lying on some grass in what seemed to be the courtyard of a castle.

"Ow. What happened and where am I?" he said in Japanese.

Tsuna looked around and saw some teens standing around him wearing strange clothes. One of them though, he noted, was wearing normal clothes under a black mantle and wore a strange sword on his back.

"You speak Japanese?" said Saito (the boy wearing normal-ish clothes).

"You can understand him?" said one of the others.

"Yeah," said Saito, "he's speaking Japanese, the language of my home."

"What's going on?" asked Tsuna.

"Well, you've been summoned to this world by Tiffa here to be her familiar," said Saito.

"Wait, are you saying I'm in a parallel world?" said Tsuna in horror.

"Not really," said Saito, "more like an alternate dimension."

"I see," said Tsuna as he gazed at the twin moons.

"Um, miss Tiffania, we really should finish the ritual," said a blond boy (Guiche).

"Oh, ok," said the only girl present (Tiffania), "excuse me."

Tiffa kneeled down next to Tsuna and kissed him on the lips, surprising the boy and causing him to turn red as Gokudera's storm flames. He then felt a burning feeling on his chest. The pain increased to the point that it felt like someone was searing letters into his skin.

"What's happening to me?" said Tsuna in pain.

"The familiar runes are being burned into your body," said Saito, "don't worry, it'll be over soon."

Just as Saito said, the pain quickly began to diminish and Tsuna was able to get to his feet, "So where am I?" he asked.

"You're in the Tristain Academy of Magic in the land of Halkeginia" said Guiche, "...wait,"

"I CAN UNDERSTAND YOU!" exclaimed Tsuna and Guiche at the same time.

"It appears the familiar runes allow translation between the two languages," said Derflinger (the sword on Saito's back).

"EHHHH! That sword just spoke!" exclaimed Tsuna.

"Oh yeah," said Saito, "this is my partner, Derflinger."

"Wow," said Tsuna, "is that some kind of Box Weapon?"

"Box Weapon?" said the others in confusion.

"Yeah, like this," said Tsuna summoning Natsu from his Ring of the Sky Version X.

"Gao," said Natsu when he appeared, but upon seeing everyone he immediately ran and hid behind Tsuna.

"This is Natsu," said Tsuna, "he's a bit of a coward when we're not fighting though."

"He's so cute," said Tiffania.

"He looks like a baby lion, but why does he have armor and a mane made of flames?" asked Saito.

"Well, he's not a real lion," said Tsuna, "he's a Sky Lion Box Animal Version Vongola Gear."

"...ok," said Saito, not understanding any of this, "so what's your name?"

"I'm Tsunayoshi Sawada, but you can call me Tsuna," said Tsuna, "and this is Natsu."

"I'm Guiche de Gramont,"

"I'm Tiffania Westwood, but you can call me Tiffa,"

"Saito Hiraga."

"Wait," said Tsuna, "you aren't the Saito Hiraga that went missing when he went on a trip to Akihabara?"

"How do you know about that?" said Saito in surprise.

"Uh, well I heard things from my information network," said Tsuna.

"Information network? You sound like some sort of Mafia boss." said Saito.

"Well...I kind of am," said Tsuna.

"WHAT!?" exclaimed Saito.

"Um, Saito," said Guiche, "what's a ma-fee-ya?"

"Mafia is a term to describe numerous groups, called Families, that rule the criminal underworld." said Saito.

"So you're an evil person," Tiffa asked Tsuna in shock.

"Of course not!" exclaimed Tsuna, "I'm working to make the Vongola into what it was during Primo's time, a vigilante group to protect the innocents."

"So you're a Mafia boss that's good," said Saito, "that's weird."

"Well, I never wanted anything to do with the Mafia in the first place," said Tsuna, "it was kind of forced on me by the ninth boss and my hitman home tutor.

"...I see," said Saito, "well we should get to sleep."

The group nodded and began to leave.

Tiffa turned toward Tsuna, "you can come with me," she said kindly causing Tsuna to blush.

'She's even prettier than Kyoko,' he thought.


When they reached Tiffa's room, Tsuna turned to Tiffania, "I was wondering why you have pointy ears."

"Well, it's because I'm half-elf." said Tiffa quietly, wondering what Tsuna would think of that.

"That's amazing," said Tsuna.

"Wh-what?" said Tiffa in surprise.

"Well, I've seen eternal infants, immortal zombies, 'aliens', and weird weapons, among other things, so a half-elf isn't that weird." said Tsuna.

"Oh," said Tiffa, wondering when he had a chance to see all that.


Meanwhile the Japan Vongola Mansion was in a state of chaos. Gokudera had walked into Tsuna's office to talk to him about some paperwork, but Tsuna wasn't there! This led to a manhunt that turned the Vongola base inside out. They finally had to call in Shoichi and Spanner to run a scan of the base to see if Tsuna had been abducted or sent to the future again. When the two scientists had finished their scans, they had some shocking news.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN TENTH IS GONE!" Gokudera's voice boomed through the halls.

"Well, what we mean is that he is no longer within this dimensional plane." said Shoichi meekly as he held his stomach in slight pain.

"Are we talking about more parallel dimensions?" asked Reborn.

"No," said Spanner, "the young Vongola has been sent to a alternate dimension that does not run parallel to ours."

"We are working on a way to bring him back, but it will take some time to create a stable portal," said Shoichi.

"What about sending others over?" asked Reborn.

"That would be simpler," said Shoichi, "we could create a machine to send people there, but they'd be stuck there until we create a way back."

"Good," said Reborn, "get started immediately."

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