Vongola and Void

Alright, Trace Carter is back with the next chapter of Vongola and Void. Expect more action and some budding romance and humor with Tsuna and Tiffa, now that they are back in Namimori.

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Chapter 17: Returning home.

The Dimension Travel machine in the lab under the Japanese Vongola Headquarters glowed with energy as a group of figures materialized on the platform. Once the light surrounding them faded, they took a look around the facility.

"Welcome to the Vongola Japanese Headquarters," said Shoichi as the group stepped off the transporter machine.

"This place is incredible," said Saito.

"This facility as big as half of my family's mansion," said Louise.

"This is just the research testing room," said Shoichi, "we've expanded the Vongola Underground Base to run on under the city for several dozen miles and it extends down for twice that much. We even used technology adapted from the Millefiore's Merone base to improve security and make the base environmentally friendly."

Upon seeing the dumbstruck looks that the visitors from Halkeginia were giving him, Shoichi laughed nervously and unconsciously placed a hand on his stomach. Accepting a lollipop from Spanner, he continued.

"Sorry about that," chuckled Shoichi, "you probably are totally lost with all that science talk."

"Actually," said Saito, "they got that way when you mentioned how big the base was."

"Tsuna," said Louise weakly, "what kind of nobility are you here? This base is bigger than the royal city of Tristain!"

"Well, I am the heir to the Vongola Famiglia," said Tsuna nervously.

"But…a house this big…" said Louise.

"It's a castle that one could only dream of," said Siesta.

"Che," said Gokudera as he pulled out a cigarette, "this is only the underground facility, the main mansion is aboveground. And besides, the grounds of the Vongola Headquarters in Italy is several times this size."

"By the Founder," said Louise weakly while Siesta and Tiffania nodded blankly as they processed the information themselves.

"Come on," said Tsuna, "let's head upstairs so I can show you around the non-restricted areas."

Collecting the stunned Halkeginians, the Vongola made their way to one of the elevators. Hibari and Mukuro had gone off on their own already, not wanting to be in the presence of the other for any longer, so it was just the nine of them. When they arrived at the elevator, Tsuna placed the hand hand with the Vongola Ring of the Sky into a niche in the wall, where it was scanned from all sides to verify his identity.

"Tsuna," said Tiffania, "what are you doing? Why aren't we going through those doors?"

"This is an elevator," said Tsuna, "it will take us to the rest of the mansion. I just need to unlock it."

"Ellie-vader?" echoed Tiffania.

Before Tsuna could answer, the doors of the lift opened up and the Vongola led the group into the cramped room.

"Um, why are we just standing here?" asked Louise.

"Just watch," said Tsuna with a smile, "Main Level. Access: Ventisette Cielo."

Upon speaking those words, the doors slid shut and the lift began to ascend, startling the group from Tristain and causing them to grab their respective love interests.

"What is this?" exclaimed Siesta from where she was grabbing Saito's right arm.

"Is this room moving?" exclaimed Louise from his left.

"This is normal," said Saito, "an elevator is like a box that is lifted by cables to take people to different floors in a building."

"So this…room, doesn't use magic?" asked Tiffania.

"Actually," said Tsuna, "the elevators leading to the Vongola underground operate by using Sun Flames to stimulate plant growth to move the lifts. We saw a similar technique used in the Future and we adapted it for the base."

"Wait, what?" exclaimed Saito, "The future?"

"Ten years, to be precise," said Gokudera.

"We met a lot of great friends," said Yamamoto, "that's where we first met Shoichi and Spanner, though they were our enemies at the time."

"But if you met them in the future, how do they know you now?" asked Louise.

"Well," said Tsuna sheepishly, "a friend of ours used her power to send our allies their memories of our battles in the future."

"But how did you get to the future?" asked Saito, "Time travel is something out of a movie or anime!"

"One of the Famiglia allied with the Vongola did some research a while back and created a device that can send someone ten years ahead for five minutes," said Gokudera, "due to some circumstances though, we got stuck there for longer."

"It's kind of a long and complicated story," sighed Tsuna, "we'll talk more when we have time."

At that, the doors of the lift opened and the group walked out into a large foyer, with the doors closing behind them and blending into the wall due to their design.

"This is an amazing place," said Saito as he looked at the ornate furnishings.

"Ah," said a female voice, "Tsu-kun, you're back."

"Tsuna-san!" said a more energetic voice.

The group turned and saw two girls about Tsuna's age, one with light brown hair and eye, and the other with dark brown hair and eyes.

"Haru-chan, Kyoko-chan," said Tsuna, "guys, these are two friends of ours. Kyoko is Ryohei's little sister and Haru is her best friend. They're also dating Yamamoto and Gokudera, respectively. Girls, these are some friends of ours."

"Hi," said Saito, "I'm Saito Hiraga."

"My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière," said Louise formally, "it is a pleasure to meet you."

"That's a rather long name-desu," Haru commented.

"I'm Siesta," said Siesta, "I'm Saito-sama's maid."

The girls nodded, having seen far more unusual things while hanging around Tsuna and his friends.

"M-my name is Tiffania Westwood," said Tiffania nervously.

"Nice to meet you all," said Kyoko.

"I like your ears," said Haru, "they make you look different."

"Tiffa is part Elf," said Tsuna, "Louise, Siesta, and her all come from a different world. We got stuck there for a bit."

"I hope you didn't get into trouble," said Kyoko.

"Don't worry," said Ryohei, "everything was EXTREMELY alright."

"Just remember, onii-chan," said Kyoko, "no more pointless fights."

Ryohei laughed nervously, causing those unfamiliar with this scene to look on with confused expressions as the Sun Guardian as he acted this way.

"So are you giving them the tour?" asked Haru.

"We were planning to," said Yamamoto, "and Saito needs to go and see his parents."

"Great," said Haru, "we can come with you. We know the best places in Namimori."

"Sure," said Yamamoto.

"Though," said Haru as she grabbed a sun hat from a stand, "you might want to hide your ears, Tiffania-san."

With a quiet word of thanks, Tiffania took the hat and placed it onto her head, hiding her elven ears from view.

"It suits you," said Tsuna with a smile, as he looked at Tiffania.

Tiffa blushed slightly at the complement, causing Haru and Kyoko to share knowing looks.

"Well," said Kyoko, "we should get going. Haru and I were going to check out some of the sales at the market for Nana-san."

"Oh?" said Yamamoto, "Is Tsuna's Okaa-san going to be cooking tonight?"

"Dinner will be EXTREMELY good!" said Ryohei.

"Is your mother really that good of a chef, Tsuna-san?" asked Louise, "I mean surely you have trained chefs here, being the heir."

"Okaa-san's cooking just can't be beat," said Tsuna with a smile, "when it comes to Japanese cooking, she can beat any of the chefs here."

"Well," said Haru, "why don't we get going?"


After leaving the mansion, Saito, Louise and Siesta went their own way so Saito could catch a train to meet his parents, leaving the rest of them to head down to the shopping district. While they walked, Tiffania was left speechless at the amazing sights around her. Buildings that stretched to the sky and metal carriages that ran without horses that sped through the streets. Was this the world that Saito and Tsuna came from?

"Is something wrong, Westwood-san?" asked Kyoko.

"This place is a bit overwhelming," the half-elf admitted with a blush, "there was none of this where I grew up."

"Well," said Kyoko with a kind smile, "I think I can understand."

Suddenly, Tsuna's phone rang, causing him to have to scramble to answer it. Checking the caller ID, he saw it was from one of his Mafioso subordinates that live in the mansion.

"Pronto? Qual è il problema? Hai chiesto Reborn?" said Tsuna in fluent Italian as he answered the call, "Avrei dovuto sapere. Mi prenderò cura di esso."

Hanging up, Tsuna turned to the group, "Sorry, something just came up, and me and I have to leave with Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Ryohei for now. We'll try and meet up when we're done."

"It's alright," said Kyoko, "we'll see you later, Tsuna-kun."

With that, Tsuna and his Storm, Rain, and Sun guardians headed off, leaving the girls by themselves.

"Um," Tiffania said nervously, "what do we do now?"

"Well," said Haru, "Haru thinks we could go to a nice café near here and talk a bit."

"Alright," said Tiffania and the girls head on their way.


"So," said Haru once the group found a table and ordered some cake, "what can you tell us about yourself, Westwood-san?"

"There's not much to tell," said Tiffania meekly, "I spent a lot of my life living in the forest in a cottage before I met Saito-sama. Thanks to him I met my friends."

"Hmm? But what about Tsuna-san?" asked Haru, "How did you meet him?"

"Don't worry," said Kyoko kindly, "we know about Halkeginia and all that from Spanner and Shoichi."

"Oh," said Tiffania before smiling with a faint blush, "well, I summoned Tsuna-kun using the Familiar Summoning Ritual. He's been very kind to me."

"You really like him, don't you," Kyoko said with a knowing smile causing Tiffa's blush to darken to bright crimson.

"Don't worry," giggled Kyoko, "I'm glad for the both of you. I know he was hurt when I started dating Takeshi-kun, so I'm happy he's moved on. Tsuna-kun was always a good person."

"Oh," said Tiffania in surprise, "he told me about that."

It was at this time that a waiter came and brought their orders, ending the conversation for now. As Tiffania ate, she was thankful that she was able to meet Tsuna and his friends back in Halkeginia.