Vongola and Void

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Chapter 2. Enter the Guardians

"Halkeginia language"

"Japanese speaking"

The next day, Tsuna was walking across the lawn of the academy wondering what he would do now that he is stuck in Halkeginia. As he was walking, he bumped into a girl wearing a maid outfit.

"Ah, I'm sorry," said Tsuna as he helped the girl to her feet.

"Oh, you must be Miss Westwood's new familiar," said the maid, "I'm Siesta, I work here as Saito's personal maid."

"His maid?" asked Tsuna in confusion.

"Yes," said Siesta, "ever since Saito was made a noble, the queen has made me Saito's personal maid."

"So what is this about nobles that I've been hearing about?" asked Saito.

"Well, in most cases, nobles are the people who are born with magical ability and those who aren't are commoners," explained Siesta, "Saito has no magical ability, but he was made a noble by the queen in reward for holding off an army in Albion, singlehandedly."

"Amazing," said Tsuna, "this place is really amazing. Thank you for talking with me."

With that Tsuna left. As he continued to wander the grounds he heard the sounds of people training with wooden swords. Tsuna walked up and saw various male students training in swordplay with bokkens.

"What's going on?" asked Tsuna.

"Oh, hey Tsuna," Saito said as he put down his bokken, "the knights and I were just training."

"Knights?" said Tsuna in confusion.

"Yeah," said Saito, "the Knights of the Undine, a self-proclaimed group of knights that I lead with Guiche."

"This world really is amazing," said Tsuna.

"Yup," said Saito, "well, I think we should get back to our masters,"

"So you were summoned here too?" asked Tsuna.

"Yeah," said Saito, "I was summoned here by a girl named Louise. I'll introduce you later."

"Thanks," said Tsuna, "I hope we get along."

Saito sweat-dropped at that.


A week had passed in Namimori, during which, Spanner and Shoichi, along with the help of Vongola inventor Giannini, had created a machine that could pinpoint the dimension that Tsuna was in and transport people there, but they would be stuck until the machine was finished and they could bring them back. The machine looked like a raised circle in the ground connected to numerous wires.

"Are you sure this will get us to Tenth?" asked Gokudera.

"Yes," said Shoichi, "when I activate the flame tracker, we can pinpoint the dimension Tsuna is in by locating his unique flame reading within the multiverse."

"Unfortunately the device can only transport you to the dimension. It can't send you to the young Vongola's exact location." said Spanner.

"Good," said Gokudera as he climbed onto the device, "then send me to where Tenth is!"

"This sounds like fun," said Yamamoto, climbing up onto the device, "I'd like to go too."

"Travel to the EXTREME!" said Ryohei as he climbed up too.

"Baseball-freak, Turf-top, this isn't a silly game!" yelled Gokudera.

"Gyahaha, Lambo want's to go too!" yelled Lambo, jumping up only to be knocked off by Gokudera.

"Stupid cow, quit playing around!"

"Gotta…stay…calm." Said Lambo, "Gyaaa, STUPID GOKUDERA!" Lambo yelled throwing some grenades that damaged the machine and caused it to activate.

The three guardians vanished in a flash of light. Spanner went to look at the machine and found that it was badly damaged.

"Looks like it will take a good month to get it working again," he said.

"Then get started!" said Reborn.


Agnès was patrolling the grounds of the castle. She was glad that things were peaceful now that Reconquista had been defeated. To be honest, she was a bit bored.

"It's been quiet recently," she said before a there was a flash of light and three figures wearing strange clothes appeared in the courtyard, "looks like I spoke too soon."

"Where the hell are we?" growled one of them with medium length silver hair that sort of resembled an octopus, "Damn that stupid cow!"

"Now, now," said one with short black hair, carrying a cylindrical case on his back, "Shoichi and Spanner did say that we wouldn't be sent to where Tsuna was exactly."

"Where are we to the EXTREME?" yelled the third male, who had short gray hair and wraps on his hands.

Agnès leveled her pistol at the intruders, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh hello, could you tell us where we are?" asked the black haired man.

"Send some guards to protect the queen and get me a mage that can perform a translation spell!" Agnès called to the guards.

"Oi woman," said the one with medium length silver hair, "put down that gun or I'll blow it up!"

Agnès scowled at the man's tone, even though she couldn't understand him, but she kept her gun trained on them, "I don't know who you are, but if you remain here, I'll try to help you."

"Damn you!" yelled Gokudera, pulling out some dynamite and throwing it at Agnes.

Agnès quickly aimed her gun at the dynamite and fired. This proved to be a mistake, as the dynamite exploded when she shot it, knocking her back.

'What was that?' she thought as more guards and some mages ran up upon hearing the explosion.

One of the mages raised his staff and casted a translation spell.

"Tell us where Tenth is!" yelled the one who threw the dynamite.

"Who is this tenth you speak of?" asked one of the guards.

"Oh! We can understand you," said the black haired man.

"Tell us where Tenth is before I blow this place up!" yelled the Dynamite user.

This of course got numerous staffs and weapons pointed in their direction.

"These men are obviously spies," said a guard, "RESTRAIN THEM!"

Several mages launched spells at the trio, resulting in a small explosion and the words "Cambio Forma," were heard. When the smoke cleared, the mages saw that several loops made of black bones had blocked the blasts. The bomb user and the others had gained different outfits as well. The silver haired bomb user now had numerous straps of the bombs he used strapped to his body and he wore strange sunglasses and had what looked like a cigarette in his mouth. The one with short silver hair now was topless and wore an armored head protector and gloves and wore a bangle on his arm. The one with black hair now wore a white robe like outfit and carried two swords.

"So you want to fight," said the one with the bombs.

"Ha ha, this should be fun," said the one with the swords.

"Fight to the EXTREME!" yelled the one with the gloves and headgear.

Agnès just sighed and sent a guard to the academy, they would need Saito's help for this.


At the academy, Saito, Louise, Tiffania, and Tsuna were talking when a guard rode into the courtyard.

"I'm looking for Saito Hiraga," said the guard, "captain Agnès requires his help in fighting off some powerful intruders that appeared out of nowhere."

"What's going on?" asked Saito as he ran up with the others.

"Is the Queen in danger?" asked Louise.

"Not as of yet. Three strangely dressed individuals appeared in a flash of light and started speaking in a different language," said the Guard, "when we used a translation spell on them one of them started going on about someone called Tenth and began to throw bombs at us."

Tsuna paled at this description.

"I think I know who they are," he said, "I'd better come along,"

"Who are you?" asked the Guard.

"I'm Tsunayoshi Sawada, Tiffania's new familiar."

"You should get a horse and follow us," said Louise.

"No need," said Tsuna, "I have a faster way of getting there."

After saying that, he pulled on his wool mittens and swallowed two Dying Will Pills. An orange flame appeared on his forehead and the mittens changed into red metallic gauntlets.

"WHAT THE HECK?" exclaimed everyone in surprise as flames shot out of Tsuna's gloves and propelled him into the air before he flew off towards the castle. (he could see it from the air)


When Tsuna landed in the courtyard he was immediately surrounded by guards.

"I'm here to help," said Tsuna, "I know the people that you are fighting."

The guards reluctantly let Tsuna pass. Tsuna continued to where the three figures were decimating the mages and guards.

"Yamamoto, Big Brother, Gokudera!" said Tsuna, causing the trio to turn.

"Oh, Tsuna there you are," said the one with short black hair.

"GOOD TO SEE YOU SAWADA!" yelled the one with short white hair.

"Tenth!" exclaimed the third one.

The last comment made everyone turn to Tsuna as he left Hyper Dying Will mode.

"So you're this Tenth that they've been looking for?" asked Agnès.

"Yeah," said Tsuna sheepishly, "sorry for the trouble."

"So who are you people?" Agnès asked as Saito and the others rode up.

"Tsuna," said Saito, "are these the people who were fighting?"

Tsuna nodded, "These are some friends from my world."

"Hi, I'm Takeshi Yamamoto," said the black haired one.

"I'm Ryohei Sasagawa to the EXTREME!" yelled the one with short white hair.

"Che, I'm Hayato Gokudera," said the bomb user.

"Who are you people?" said Agnès.

Tsuna sighed and began to explain everything.


Agnès sighed, "So you're telling me that you're the current leader of a large organization and these three that just took down most of the guards are members of your inner circle?"

"That's right," nodded Tsuna.

"I think you all should head back to the academy for now," sighed Agnès.


"So what was that fire thing that you did?" asked Louise.

"Are you a mage?" asked Tiffa.

"Che, Of course not." scoffed Gokudera.

"Mage, is this a new game?" laughed Yamamoto.

"Confused to the EXTREME!" yelled Ryohei.

"Then how did you use those flames?" asked Saito

Tsuna sighed, "Those were Dying Will flames. They are a manifestation of a person's life force and is powered by a person's Resolve or Dying Will, hence the name. The ability I used is Hyper Dying Will mode which releases the body's internal limiters and allows one to fight with Dying Will Flames and reman calm and collected. There are many different types of flames. There are the Flames of Sky, red for Storm, blue for Rain, green for Lightning, yellow for Sun, Indigo for mist, purple for Cloud, and orange for Sky. There are also Earth flames and an eighth flame known as the Flame of Night. I use the Sky flame," explained Tsuna.

"Amazing," said Saito, "I never knew all this existed."

"It still sounds like magic," said Louise.

"Ha ha, I guess you could call it that," laughed Tsuna.

"You should take you friends to the headmaster to get living accommodations," said Saito.

"Good idea," said Tsuna.