BY: Kathlena Martin

Chapter one- Thrown to the dogs

I didn't want to be here and I am going to let everyone know that. I didn't even need to be here. I will be 18 in a few months and would be able to take care of myself. I should be out and about in the world, learning to fend for myself, instead of being cooped up in this place. I'm Rose by the way. My real name is Rosemarie but no one except parents ever called me that. St. Vladimir's Academy for Teens is where I am currently taking up residence. I told them that I didn't need to be here and that I was fine. The response I got was that I needed to talk to someone because I had just gone through something very traumatic and I needed someone to spill my feelings to. Although true, I had been through something terrible, I didn't need to sit in front of a shrink and spill my guts about how I felt. What if they asked my questions? I didn't even remember anything. One minute I heard screams and the next I saw nothing but complete darkness. On top of being an orphan, I was scheduled to be in therapy in ten minutes.


I have never really seen the reason behind therapy. You waste your money to sit and talk to someone who probably doesn't even care. They give you crappy advice and never actually make you feel better. But, here I was. On my way down this never-ending hallway, to go to counseling with some Russian guy. I got to the door and just stood there. The door wasn't open so I didn't go in. I stood there for about ten minutes and waited.

"Rosemarie I'm guessing?" A thick Russian accent came from behind me.

"Rose actually." I said.

"Well you are late." He said annoyed.

"Oh am I? Well I have been standing here for about ten minutes waiting on you. So you need to fix your watch or get a new one because you are late," I told him. He wanted to get an attitude with me; well I could give one right back.

"Just get in the room Rosemarie. You have already wasted enough time," he said and opened the door.

"Um last time I checked, I am here because my father is dead and you are not him so you can't give me orders," I told him. What happened next I was not prepared for at all. He picked me up over his shoulder and took me into the room.

"Put me down NOW!" I screamed. And he did. But not on the chair or softly on the ground. He dropped me.

"Ouch! Why couldn't you like put me on the chair or something?" I asked.

"Well, start choosing your words more wisely. You said you wanted down now and so I put you down," he said looking amused.

"But it's common sense that you would put me down on the chair or something," I said. I mean really how dumb was this person?

"Well first of all, don't scream. Second, try saying please." He said.

"I don't use manners towards people who have none." I said.

"I do have manners but you didn't show me any when I told you to get into the room. I wasn't trying to order you Rosemarie but I am the authority here and you need to learn to listen and tone down your attitude." He said. Wow, zen lesson much?

I just stared at him and while I did, I took in his looks. I had been too worried about having an attitude that I didn't even realize what he looked like. He had gorgeous brown eyes, long brown hair, he was tall and wore a duster. He was gorgeous and the Russian just added to it.

"You're right, I'm sorry. And by the way, its Rose." I said.

"Apology accepted. Now let's see what we can get accomplished in the last ten minutes." He said.

Oh boy, this was going to be a long stay here..