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It stopped him dead in his tracks.
Tooth noticed it first, "Jack?", she hesitantly asked.
He couldn't breath anymore, he was sure his eyes were as wide as the moon itself. All because of a sound of laughter. He knew that sound. He stood shock still and listened, begging to hear that laughter again. He closed his eyes hoping to hear better.

He heard the others awkwardly shifting before North opened his mouth and spoke.
"Jack.. are you alright?", Jack could see their worried faces in his mind's eye. Always so concerned,... if only they'd shut up.

"Ssssshhhh!" Jack quieted him. And just in time he heard it again. A laugh.

It was so familiar.
He had to find it, maybe maybe...

"Hey Jack mate, what's wrong?" Bunny asked him. For a second, nothing happened.
But then he could finally breath again, his legs worked again. He ran, because he knew that laugh. He dodged traitorous trees, narrowly avoided branches, flew past pesky bushes. He thought he heard the voices of the guardians behind him, but he wasn't sure since Jack had only one thing one his mind.

He would get there.

He heard it again and he increased his speed. And he laughed too because he was going to see her again. He gracefully leaped over a fallen tree, when he was stopped. A paw was closed around his shoulder and Jack was snapped backwards. Away from his goal. No no no no, he had to get there!

"Let me go Bunny!"

"I don't think so mate, not if ya don't tell us where you are heading!," Bunny told him.

Was he serious? Was he really keeping him from reaching her? "Stop being so cruel Bunny! I need to see her! Didn't you hear?"
Bunny weakened his hold a tiny bit, probably because he was so confused. Jack saw him hesitate.
"Hear who, snowflake?"

"None of your business Kangaroo, now LET. ME. GO." Jack freed himself from Bunny's paws and ran. He knew Bunny was fast, but right now he was faster. He needed to hear that voice, see if it really was her.

"Vat is happening? Vere is he going?" North asked Bunny. He was worried, Bunny could see that clearly. And he had every right to be, after seeing such a look on Jack face.. he had seemed so haunted. Wide, open blue eyes. Haunted and hopeful at the same time. Like he was hoping for something but didn't really dare too. Jack had stood completely still, with closed eyes.

And then what he had told Bunny himself:

"Stop being so cruel Bunny! I need to see her! Didn't you hear?"

Hear who? Bunny had only heard a little girl laugh, and if Jack had meant that, Bunny wasn't so sure why he was acting so weird about it.

"He said he heard someone, a girl. He needed to see her."

Sandy had a big question mark about his head, expressing his confusion at the situation. Tooth's hand flew to her mouth, and she fluttered next to Bunny.
"Oh, I hope he's okay, I mean did you see that look on his face? We should follow him!"

They all took one look at each other and took off. Together they followed Jack.

He knew the guardians would follow him, but at the moment, it didn't seem to matter. He just had to make sure it was really her. He was sure he had never been so fast in his hole life. And never so graceful either, it seemed he could dodge every object in his way. He came to a stop. This was it.

He stood with his back to a tree, right next to a big clearing. And the girl was right there. He looked.

It was not her.

His whole world came crashing down on his shoulders. He saw the beautiful brown eyes, similar to the ones he once possessed, the brown hair. And he heard the laugh that was oh so familiar. But it wasn't her.

The girl was laughing together with her father, which was not possible either. Not with her father. Their father did not do things like that. But with this girl, the father did. So he knew he was mistaken. He was so wrong about it all that the hurt came harder than he imagined. He had been so sure it had been his sister. His precious little sister.

She had sounded just the same back then. When he used to be her big brother, always protecting her and entertaining her with his jokes. She had the best laugh ever. And her eyes always sparkled like the stars on a moonless night. It made him feel happy too.

How could he have been so utterly wrong? Was he not supposed to be the one who knew her best? Had he not just recently received his memories back? How could he already have forgotten now? It had seemed so right in his mind. That he couldn't even remember his sister's laugh anymore! It angered him and he pulled at his hear.

The girl laughed again and he groaned because it triggered too many memories in his brain.

"Jack, get down from there!"
"I love you big brother!"
"What's daddy doing Jack?"

"He hurt you! I saw it! And he hurt mommy too? Why did daddy do that?"

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! He groaned again and clutched his head. He kept shaking it. Why were they all coming back now? He didn't want to remember those memories! He felt himself shakily sliding against the tree he stood next to before he heard her voice again. And with her voice came another one, and another one. All mixing together in his head.

"Oh, sweet tooth what's wrong?"

"Jack hurry little boy, get out before your father sees you!"
"Tell me mate, where does it hurt?"
"Pippa, get behind me." His own voice.
"Hurry North, do something!"

"STOP IT!" He heard himself scream. He knew he had been happy in his past, for the most part he had been happy. He reminded himself that, but it was in vain, for the voice he feared most was circling around in his head. Finally having freed itself from the dark corners in his brain. Zooming around like a mosquito.

"You're worthless"

"I cannot help the boy! He ees having a seizure!"
"Come here! You little piece of shit!"


"Sandy! Put him to sleep!"
"Out of my sight!"

Jack screamed again. Because it was all too much. He didn't want to remember this. Maybe there had been a reason MiM made him forget. He knew now. Jack had never known his past in great detail, why would MiM show him now? That was just cruel. Almost as cruel as his father had been.

There was only one thing that was not cruel. And that was the darkness that overcame him at that moment. Sweet darkness.

Sandy would have cried, if he could.

Jack had been out for a day now, and the only thing Sandy could do was give him good dreams.

Sanderson had never been so worried in his whole life. And believe him, that was long.
When the guardians had found Jack he had been groaning and clutching his head. Bunny had been the first to reach him, just as Jack was about to fall to the ground.
After that Jack's condition had only been worsening. He had been screaming and groaning, all the while clutching his head like something was hitting it from the inside. Sandy knew the panicking voices of the guardians had not been helping Jack. If only they had been quiet, like him.
When Jack had screamed a sound so full of pain, Sandy had followed Tooth's command. He had put the boy to sleep. And everything had been still for a moment.

Bunny's arms were still shaking from the adrenaline of holding Jack down. Tooth was crying and North was looking at Sandy. The message had been clear.

Thank you

If only Sandy had known what had happened to Jack. But it had been Tooth who provided the answer for all of them. She said it's the kind of reaction someone gets when they experience their memories in a rapidly fast tempo. Only Jack had had it way worse because he had forgotten them for so long, only recently having received a small part of them.
"Still," she had said, "A reaction like this is not common, only when the memories they experience again are traumatic, painful or both."

Neither of them wanted to know what Jack had experienced. But the answer had come quick, by Jack himself.

When North had seen how dirty Jack's sweater had been, He had informed the rest he was going to wash it. Maybe North wanted to take his mind of Jack's condition. He had after all formed a very strong bond with the winter spirit, a bond so strong it reminded Sandy of father and son. Or maybe he just didn't stand filthy clothes, but North had found it pretty important to clean the sweater.

As soon as he removed Jack's sweater, and the shirt he had been wearing under it, they had all witnessed something horrible. A big scar was running on his chest. All of their mouths opened by the sight of it. The scar looked horrible, it made a painful path from the left side of his stomach to the right side of his chest. A jagged line, not straight, as if it had been made to really hurt. To painfully strike Jack across his chest and stomach, meant for pain.

Tooth whimpered. She stretched her hand, and with the point of her finger started tracing the wound.

The reaction was instantaneous.

Jack tightened his eyes and opened his mouth in a silent scream. They heard no scream, but his mouth moved so, that they all could feel the agony coming from him. He closed his mouth and bit his lip, drawing blood. Jack opened his mouth again, while his back arched. His eyes flew open.

Haunted blue eyes, staring at the ceiling. North, right next to the boy moved his arm trying to shush him. Tooth tried stopping him.

"No.. He just experienced a memory again, it's still fresh in his mind."

As soon as she finished her sentence, Jack became aware of his surroundings and looked at all of them. Then looked at North and his raised arm. His eyes widened. Jack started shaking and lifted his own arms, trying to shield him from the hostile arm of North.

"I'm sorry father, I'm sorry,.." Jack seemed to chant the same "i'm sorry" over and over again. But there was only one word that had taken over their minds.


Bunny seethed. He was sure his green eyes were burning. His father had done this? HIS FATHER? A father was meant for caring for a son who needed caring in times of hardships. A father was the one who should protect his children, not be the cause of harm. A father was meant for love, looking up to, teaching,...

Why would a father harm his child like that?

Bunny saw North hugging the child, and after a frightened scream from Jack. Started whispering soothing words, like a real father.

"Sshh, I won't hurt you Jack, it is me North, You're gonna be alright" And Jack calmed down, closing his eyes again and clinging to North for dear life.

But he did not cry. Jack's voice was surprisingly steady.

"Why would he show me them now?"

Bunny knew who he was talking about immediately. And Jack was right, why would MiM decide to show him those memories now? Had Jack not suffered enough already in all those 300 years of soltitude? Suffered by ignorant other spirits, such as themselves? North provided an answer, "Because you have us now Jack, we will take care of you. You are not alone now to deal with your pain."

Jack didn't listen, he just continued speaking in a monotone voice, "He hated me, he really did. He never hurt Pippa, I don't know why but he only hurt me. Not that I mind, Pippa was safe after all..." He stopped for a second, and bit his lip again. Bunny saw the sadness in his eyes, "Why did he hate me North? I have always done my best, always.." Jack ended in a quiet whisper.

A cry from Tooth, a sad look from Sandy. Memories for Bunny. The Easter fiasco... how had he been so blind?

"He has to go" Bunny runs up to him angrily, the shock of a child running through him clouding his common sense, "We should never have trusted you!" Bunny raised his fist, he was so angry. But he stopped himself. Because hitting Jack was not going to change anything.

He had been going to hit Jack, but he had stopped himself. He was so glad now, for he clearly remembered the frightened look in Jack's eyes. The same one he had been wearing just a moment ago. When he thought North was going to hit him.

He was going to make sure Jack was alright. He walked over to Jack and hugged him. He felt Tooth and Sandy join him.

"You're going to be alright Jack, we are here to help you. You won't be alone ever again."

And Jack sighed, closed his eyes and whispered, "Finally..".

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