Happens before 'Trust is fragile' and 'Banned Memories'

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How it had all come to this, was unknown to him.
Well maybe he could take a guess.

The day had started out great, as everybody had been anticipating it for weeks. The guardians had all agreed that they needed to spend more time in the outside world. All of them had been focusing so much on their duties, task and deadlines, that they had forgotten how it was to actually spend some time with the children, their believers.

Together, they had decided to go on a monthly trip somewhere in the world. To see how kids around the world were doing. How they played, what they played, if they still believed or not.

Their first trip had to be extra special. All had been in favor of doing something with Jamie and Sophie, especially Jack. Why with them? Because Jamie had never stopped believing, and Sophie was just the cutest little ankle biter ever. And Jack, he had a special connection to Jamie, being his first believer and all. of course Jack had been so excited, that everybody couldn't help feeling the same as him.

The day had started great, so why was Jack suddenly acting like such a spoil-sport? It was only ice skating for MiM's sake!

"Jack, I think it's safe enough now, really." Bunny heard Jamie tell the winter spirit. And though it was said friendly, Jack's answer sounded a bit snappy.

"Be patient Jamie! Jeez!"

Now, Bunny knew Jack was a bit overprotective concerning Jamie, but this was pushing it.

And Jack wasn't even that overprotective. Sure, when Pitch was involved! But when it came to playing around, sledding, snowball fights and so on, Jack was the guy to ask.

So why was Jack so reluctant for Jamie to go ice skating?

"Mate, what's eating at ya? The ice is thick enough!" Bunny tried to reason.

But Jack wouldn't hear it, he kept on thickening the ice. He was becoming tired, everybody could see it. How many times had he already hit that lake? 20 times? Soon he wouldn't have enough energy to play anymore!
SLAM! A particularly hard hit from Jack broke through his thoughts.

"That's not true Bunny! It needs to be absolutely solid! You always think it's thick enough, when it's actually not!" So Bunny saw him slam at the ice again, and again. Tooth tried reasoning with him.

"Sweet tooth, it's alright. I don't think anything's gonna happen with you here" Tooth smiled at him and took his shoulder, trying to lead him away.

But Jack shrugged her off and glared at her, "You don't know a single thing about ice! It's tricky and dangerous. So, you guys wait until I'm sure it's safe." Jack took a deep shuddering breath and shifted his feet, trying not to fall from weariness.

This was becoming crazy. Somebody had to do something. Bunny hopped over to Jack.

SLAM! Another hit on the ice.

"Mate, you can stop now."

No reaction from Jack, except a hit on the ice.

"The ice is thick enough."

SLAM! Frost spreading everywhere over the lake, again.

"He won't fall in."

Bunny finally got a reaction out of Jack, but it was not the one he'd been hoping for.

"STOP IT BUNNY! You don't know that! What if Jamie falls in? You know how horrible it is to sink in ice cold water?" Jack said like he knew all about it, but that couldn't be true, could it? Jack never died, he was chosen like they all had been chosen, right?

"No I don't, do you?" That comment seemed to startle Jack. He shrunk back, like realizing he had said too much, exposed too much. But the youngster quickly grabbed back his senses.

"Of course not, it's just really dangerous!" But Bunny had enough of it. He took Jamie and Sophie by their hands and trotted over to the frozen lake.

"Look here mate, I don't know why you're acting like a mother hen all of a sudden, but we're going to skate, whether you want it or not, it's safe so calm down!"

He saw the panic that seized Jack's eye and overtook his senses. As soon as Bunny had pushed Jamie on the lake (the little ankle bitah had waited long enough) Jack went rigid.

The winter spirit went completely still. His limbs were unmoving and his eyes weren't there, as if they were seeing a scene completely different. He just stood there, looking at Jamie but at the same time not really. The guardians and their little believers saw it too, but they did not know what to do. Sandy was the only one moving closer to Jack, and when he reached him, Jack took a deep shuddering breath, and said one thing.

"Jamie please, get off there..." It was whispered so brokenly and silently, the eleven year old Jamie obeyed immediately and skated of the frozen lake. Nobody spoke for a moment, nobody dared to break the fragile silence that had embraced them all in its blanket.

The only noise was coming from Jack. Trying to breath deep calming breaths, but failing miserably at it. Heck, the kid was close to hyperventilating.

"Jack, vhat ees the problem?" North tried, snapping Jack out of his state.

The youngster looked hesitantly at a place somewhere in the middle of the lake, he swallowed.

"I...My sister..we were ice skating and..I saved her"

Well, that was good and all. But then why was he acting so traumatized? Already preventing another awkward silence, Tooth answered Jack, "Oh Jack, that's great! You had a sister!" Yeah, it was great, whatever. But why in the moon would Jack be acting so weird? It was freaking Bunny out.

Jack shook his head and put his hands over his ears. Like he was trying to block a noise out.

"And would you stop saying my name? It's annoying!"

Now, that was really alarming. As far as Bunny knew, and he had some good ears, nobody was saying Jack's name at all.

"Sweet Tooth, nobody is saying your name... are you feeling okay?" Oh Tooth, always the concerning one.

"Of course I'm not feeling fine! I died here! And what are you guys doing? Just going on that ice without a care in the world? I know how it is to drown in there! I know!"

Had Bunny really heard that right?

Jack had really died.

"I saved my sister, but I lost my own life. I don't regret doing it, she was my little lady after all. But of course I am not fine!" He was rambling now, like he had been holding back the whole time and the dam had been broken a few seconds ago. "I remember how dark and cold it was, I remember my sister's scream, the cracking of the ice... It's horrible to die in that lake. I don't want anybody of you experiencing the same!"

And suddenly Bunny understood. He understood why Jack had become a guardian, why he had been one all along. He had offered his own life to save his little sister. The moon had clearly seen this act of courage and had taken pity on the boy.
Jack had been chosen, after he had died. And Jack had seen his memories, resulting in them all slowly coming back. He was acting weird and overprotective because he was afraid of it happening again.

Of course.

So Bunny did the only thing that seemed possible at that moment.

He hopped right on the ice, and he kept on jumping.

"It's completely safe Jack, you froze the whole freakin' lake! So stop acting like somebody's going to die again. I know it's hard for you, really I understand mate. But you're the guardian of fun, start acting like it! I'm not used to you like this!" Bunny knew it was hard what he just said, but it was the truth. Jack needed to understand that it was not going to happen again, that it was the past. Bunny was a warrior, he acted fast and hard. It was rough, but the pain was over quicker.

Jack looked at him. And Bunny saw a train of emotions pass through his eyes, until a certain glint came back in Jack's eyes. A glint that had always marked Jack as the guardian of fun. As a spirit who could enjoy himself in the most serious situations, as somebody who hadn't turned bitter after 300 years of loneliness.

Someone who could get over the grief of death, and still taste the breath of life.

Tooth, North and Sandy saw it too. And they had all taken a relieved breath. Tooth had even laughed, seeing the cute look of excitement on the faces of Jamie and Sophie.

Jack was far from cured, but at this moment he was going to have FUN, real fun. The youngster took Jamie and Sophie by their hands and went to stand on the ice and began skating.

He drove them both faster with his freaky wind powers. He created jumps, added slippery parts and made a lake, full of horror and death, turn into a place for fun and enjoyment.

The guardians had joined in. Bunny was having fun, he was not bad at it, but not good either. The most fun he was having was by watching the others. Tooth, who was so unfamiliar to the ground, let alone ice, had never laughed so hard in her whole life. Bunny was sure. Hand in hand with Jack, turning and turning in circles the whole time, creating a whirlwind of feathers and laughter.

Sandy was more experienced, gliding gently along the ice with his own sand made skates, making no sound but wearing a content smile on his face.

North was surprisingly good at it. The intimidating man had done flips, spins and glided over the ice with ease. It was quite funny to see such a big man turn into a ballerina on the ice.
"Did it a lot in my country!" Was his explanation.

But the most wonderful to watch was by far Jack. Gliding along the ice with so much elegance, Bunny was almost sure he was flying. He could do anything they asked, spins, twirls, sprints. Everything he did only made more wonderful by his powers. The winter spirit took Jamie on his back and did an amazing show of ice skating. His little believer clapped and laughed so much, Bunny hadn't missed the proud spark in Jack's eyes. Bunny felt proud of him, like a big brother would feel.

Jack had been hesitant at first. Not daring to glide over the ice, but more like stepping on it with his skates. He had stopped at a certain spot, not moving anything, again and had clearly been thinking about his past.. Everybody had seen the mirth in his eyes, had heard the hitch of his breath. Nobody had said a thing, but Tooth had hugged him and comforted him. The guardians all there right by his side like a real family, as it should be. After a moment, the youngster had taken a deep breath and said something.

"It's okay, Bunny was right. I should have fun."

So that was what he had done. And even though Bunny knew it was far from over, for this moment it was okay.
The smothering was for home, when their duty didn't call and Jamie and Sophie were back at their place. Then, there would be comforting and story-telling.

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