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Camera monitor.

Computer system manager.

Computer system repairer.

Sanitation manager.

Fence guarding leader.

Initiation leader.

Supplies manager.

Railway repairer.

Railway manager.

Train repairer.

Train manager.

Health and safety manager.

Healing ward manager.

Healing ward doctor.

Healing ward assistant...

I crumple up the page and chuck it at the wall. Hmph. So many jobs. There are five more pages to go. I sweep them to the floor as well. I have a lot more choices than the others, due to my ranking first in initiation.

So many jobs, yet so little options.

I glance around my new apartment. It is plain, unadorned, not yet made mine. White brick wall, double bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers, bedside table. That is all.

Ensuite; with just a shower, toilet and sink.

It is simple and humble, which I like. But it feels wrong, as if by being Divergent I really don't belong here, in Dauntless. It is all out of place, like everyone else is synchronized with the world, yet I am out of time.

I stand up and look at my new watch. December 29th. 10AM.

Two days to go. Two days to choose my future in this faction. Two days. Two days.

I stand up quickly. I need to stop this. I need to get away. I can't keep thinking, everything rushes through my head like a swarm of angry bees. I need to find Tobias.

I kick the crumpled papers under the bed and go out the door, walk down the hallway. Two floors up, is Tobias' room.

I knock on the door. A voice drifts through the wood.

"Come in." A weary growl. Tobias has taken to sleeping in on weekends.

I push open the door. Tobias' room is the same size as mine, same furniture, same paint, same ensuite. And yet Tobias fits in this room. He belongs. The dark blue covers, message on the wall, clothes strewn around the floor, and wooden dart board all distinctly scream 'Tobias'.

I sigh.

"Hey, how's the job thing going?" Tobias' voice comes from the bathroom.

"Well..." I sigh again

"Not so good, huh?"


Tobias hmms. "Took me a while, too. You just have to go through them all, until one leaps out at you."

"Yeah, and that's so easy for you. How can I choose a job here if I don't even belong in the first place?! You have it easy, you just fit in with all the rest. But me, I can't do that! I don't fit!" The last sentence is a shout that, although not particularly loud, reverberates through me.

Tobias doesn't say anything. I slump down on the bed and he sits on the edge. Neither of us says a word...not for a long time. Until Tobias breaks the silence.

"I know you can fit. I know. I've seen you, you can belong here. Better even than I. Because..." Tobias falters. "Because I... I was going to leave. I was going to leave and be factionless."

What? No, he can't be saying this. It's not true. Is it?

"But then...I met you...and now...now I realize. The dauntless have many faults, but for every bad person there are two good people, although they may not know it. But I know now, this faction can be saved. We can save it. Together. So pick a job, become Dauntless, and pull yourself together." Tobias stands. "There. Now go."

I jump up hurriedly and rush to the door. I need to find a job.


Christina plops down next to me on the bench where I sit, reading through all the occupation and their descriptions.

"Chosen yet?" She asks.

I grunt in the negative. Not even close.

"I have!" She shrills. "Want to know?"

God. I don't really have the patience for this right now. "Yes Christina. Though I know you would tell me anyway."

"Okay, drumroll please, I am now a high ranked dauntless compound guard! Tada! It's perfect! I can kick ass, but don't have to be stuck out at the fence with a bunch of Amity!"

I try to feel happy for her. "That's great."

"And Will is doing it too! So what about you?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know? Really? Well, you have to decide by New Year's Eve."

"What's that?"

"What's- oh right. You don't know about these things. Well, January first is the start of the new year, right? 2013. So there's this really big party the day before and everyone counts down to midnight. It's great."

"Christmas just finished! How many holidays are there? Seemingly one very week!"

"Nah. But there's Easter, Halloween, thanksgiving, valentine's day... Oh," Christina glances at her watch. "I promised I'd practice shooting with in the the training room... Ten minutes ago. See ya, Tris!"

I wave a lazy goodbye as Christina jogs away. There are so many things that I missed out on as Abnegation, so many differences to my new faction.

I need to find a job before New Year's Eve.

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