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I'm late. I'm very late. The party started at 8 and it's already 8:20!

I quickly pull on a dress and flats, brush my hair down and check myself in the mirror. I'm not wearing make up, but I think, "Stuff Christina" and rush out the door.

The pit is crowded with people, it is even more packed than the Christmas party. A Dauntless band plays on a stage in the corner, the party is already in full swing. I scan the mass of people, looking for Tobias. I can't find him, or any of the others, at first glance, so I walk down the path and immerse myself in the rumbling, singing, dancing crowd.

I am pushed and tugged and jostled around by the many bodies surrounding me, the deep bass echoes through my bones. I am just thinking that Tobias would not like this when I see him, standing stock still and glaring wide eyed at the crowd pushing in around him. I barrel through the people until I reach him, then take his hand and lead him out if the crowd. Once in the open air, it is a lot more bearable.

"Thanks." says Tobias.

"No problem. You needed saving."

Tobias' lips curl into a small smile and he kisses the top of my head.

Just then, Uriah bursts from the crowd, yelling and pumping his fists.

"Oh yeah! Uriah is in da house!"

"Um, hey Uriah." I say.

"Woah, the Boundless rockin the house tonight!"

"Um...who are they?"

Uriah makes a mock shocked face, eyes wide and mouth dropped comically. "WHO are THEY? Only the best Dauntless band in history! You need to get with the times, Trissy."

I narrow my eyes at him. "Don't call me that."

"Ha. You need to get into the party, Trissy. Come with me."

He grabs my arm and pulls me along into the crowd, leaving Tobias puzzled and alone. The wriggling mass swallows me like a hungry monster, and soon I am dancing around in its belly.

Currently, the band is playing an extremely loud techno-sounding song with lots of high crashes contrasting with low hums. The beat is continuous and easy to move to, as I find myself doing.

Christina materializes in front of me and takes my hands, jumping about in time to the music. I match her, though the movement makes my head spin. The tune is very catchy and my body twists an turns automatically to the beat.

Too soon, the song dies down and finishes. Everyone breaks into a roar of whistles and shouts and cheers. A shape leaps off the stage and into the arms of the crowd, who are passing it along above their heads. When it nears, I realize that it is Uriah. I put my hands up to hold him above the crowd, and wonder what on earth he is doing there.

"Hey Trissy!" He calls. "It's called crowd surfing!" He must have seen the confused look on my face.

The band begins to beat out a new rhythm, this one quick and mutating. It seems to be well known, as everyone is soon shouting the melody. I begin to twist to the music, somewhat awkwardly.

And then I see Tobias, in the crowd, looking above the heads of all the people. I move over to him.

"Alright there?"

He seems pretty uncomfortable with the enclosed space, but has obviously got over much of his fear.

"I-I think...?" He mumbles, glancing frantically at his surroundings, his breaths quickening.

"Hey." I take his hand. "I'm here. It's okay."

He looks at me, and loses a lot of his panic. I take his other hand and move slowly with a new tune that is coming on, a kind of loud, Dauntless-style waltz.

He moves with me automatically, although still breathing fast. I lean my head on his shoulder, and listen to his pounding heart. It slows, as does his breathing, and he begins to relax his muscles and block out his surroundings.

The slow tune resonates through me, and we swing to the beat. Other couples dance around, including Will and Christina, and, strangely, Marlene and Uriah.

Suddenly, shouts echo from the hallways and the sound of hundreds of stomping feet rumbles through the floor. The song morphs into something loud and heavy metal, as the rest of Dauntless burst into the pit.

We mix with the crowd as they begin to run up the pathways to the glass ceiling. I am carried along with the crowd, and lose sight of Tobias in the chaos.

The Dauntless around me shout and cheer, and I find myself joining in. We pound around the pit and reach the glass building above. Everyone squeezes through a little door I hadn't noticed before. Another few flights of stairs, and fresh air billows in my face.

We are on the roof of the Dauntless compound, the other buildings spread out before us. The night sky is dark and littered with stars, practically buzzing with life.

An ear splitting bang jolts me back. Tearing the sky in two is a line of golden fire, which makes another loud pop and explodes into a curtain of shimmering sparks. Wow.

Another bang. Another line of fire. Blue this time. Then green. Then a crackling red one. Then a huge purple and blue one. It creates a breathtaking sight in the sky, but what is it?

I find Marlene near me and nudge her arm.

"What's happening?"

She laughs, "Fireworks. They set them off every year at New Years."

I gaze back up at the colorful sky, taking in the beautiful display of light. It is then that I notice a clock, almost two metres wide, set on a pole, heralding over the crowd. It tells me that it is 11:56. Four minutes.

A rumble in the crowd next to me captures my attention, and I turn to see Tobias pop out of the crowd. He takes my hand.

"Mind if we get out of the crowd for a bit?" He looks pretty uncomfortable, his breathing shallow. I nod.

I lead him out of the crowd, and take a refreshing breath of fresh air. Phew. Tobias heads towards a door, different to where we came in. I follow, and it opens up to the other side of the building, where we face the train tracks. I look quizzically at Tobias, but he just smiles his shy little smile and steps forward.

I look down at the ground below, and see something familiar. A hole.

"Ready to jump?" Tobias asks.

"Course." I tighten my grip on his hand. I can feel sweat gathering, and his pulse quickening. But he isn't showing his fear.

I look into the deep black. I can help him overcome this fear. The fireworks still pop and crackle above us.

"One." Mutters Tobias.


"Three!" We shout together, run two steps, and leap into the night air. We fall, together, wind rushing through our ears, as the blackness rises up to meet us.

The darkness catches us, then we hit the net, hard. I squirm out from under Tobias, and we lie side my side.

"We did it." I say.

"I can't believe I did that. It took me ages to jump the first time. But now you're here."

I sit up, and he does too. I look deep into his blue eyes, the deep blue that swallows all.

A cacaphony of yells interrupts the pops of the fireworks.

"Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five."

They are counting down. Counting down to the New Year.






The last shout is louder than anything I have ever heard before, and rumbles through my bones.

"Happy New Year, Tobias." I whisper.

"Happy New Year, Tris."

I press my lips to his, and am lost.

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