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The first time it happened, they had only known each other for a month. A month in which she still was trying to get used to the fact that her new friend (He was her friend right? She'd made that mistake once…completely awkward. As hell. Emily had never let her live the incident down…) was a vampire. As in a blood sucking, eternal damned of the night, I definitely don't sparkle in the sun, vampire. But he apparently didn't do that, again not the sparkling in the sun part, but the sucking peoples blood part. Or he didn't do that anymore; she didn't want to consider the implications of that, it was already weird enough, being what she was and knowing him. But he said he could help her; that they could help each other cope. He with his vampirism and she with her…wolfism? Lycanthropy? Werewolfism? She still wasn't sure what to call "it", although he called "it" her wolf. Like it was a pet; she just hoped he didn't decide that "it" should have a name; he seemed like he would do that for kicks. Regardless, he was helping her; had helped her to get a job, as a Nurse's Aid, at the hospital where he worked (a vampire working in a hospital? Yeah like that didn't have all kinds of potential for being a horrendous disaster) and she liked it; it was probably as close to being in the medical profession as she would ever get now and hey it was in a hospital so…that's something. By helping her though he had opened a whole can of worms, socially. Because everyone, from Tony the night Janitor to Lisa the ER Desk Clerk seemed to know that he had gotten her the job. And of course, they assumed that this meant something.

"So what's the deal with you and Aidan?"

She glanced up at Mike, the Orderly who was helping her turn over Mr. Navaro so he didn't develop bedsores. Thankfully, although not for him, Mr. Navaro was in a coma so he didn't, or rather couldn't, mind that they were talking over his unconscious body. Still, she thought it was fairly rude.

"I…I hope his uh, his daughter comes to visit him today. She hasn't been by in a week; the doctors say he should probably be waking up soon," she replied instead as she pulled the blankets back up over the man and then proceeded to exit the room. Mike was close on her heels though and didn't seem to take the hint that she didn't want to talk.

"But really," he persisted, as they walked down the hall. "Are you guys together or something? You're always eating lunch together and I've seen him give you a ride home."

She stopped and stared at him, mouth agape, blinking almost owlishly and thought, stalker much? But instead sputtered "wh... wha...what? Aidan and me…NO! I mean, god NO! We're just…friends?" it came out sounding like a question and she mentally face palmed. Good job, Joss, she thought, because awkward vehemence is always convincing.

Mike smirked, "Is he gay? I mean, cause I've seen when Harry Met Sally, and guys and gals, they can't just be friends."

She stared at him, thinking, guys and gals? Who even says that? "Aidan is…" but whatever she was about to say was cut off as the a fore mentioned man/vampire/ her only "friend" appeared behind Mike like he had sensed that he was a topic of conversation.

"Hey! Aidan!" her greeting was a bit too enthusiastic and Aidan smirked at her as he came to stand to the side of her.

"Joss, I was just looking for you. Mike," he nodded at the orderly, who was looking between the two of them almost speculatively.

"Aidan. Well I better get going, bedpans aren't going to empty themselves. See you Joss," he walked away, shaking his head slightly and she could just hear him mutter, "Friends my ass."

She could feel a penetrating gaze on her and she turned slightly to find Aidan still smirking, this time with a raised eyebrow.

"What?" she asked running a hand through her chin length sandy hair. This only caused Aidan's smirk to intensify, as he knew her well enough by now to know that she did that when she was uncomfortable or nervous.

"What?" he mimicked, crossing his arms, "What was that?"

"Why were you looking for me?" she asked instead. "I thought you were done for the day."

"Was he asking you out? Because if he was I think you should go for it. Although, admittedly Mike is a bit of a ladies man."

Joss rolled her eyes and stalked off down the hall towards the locker rooms; her shift was officially done and she had some preparations to make for the night ahead.

Aidan fell in step with her quickly, "Come on Joss, you have to get back on that horse sometime."

"Wow. Back on that horse? I cannot…I can't believe you just said that. Because bumping uglies with Mike is really going to solve my problems. And no, he wasn't asking me out, he was asking about you; he wanted to know if you were gay. So I think you might be a bit off base there with him being a ladies man. Unless the ladies are laddies."

Aidan had started to laugh, and now made a choking like sound as they stopped outside the locker room. "He asked if I was gay?" he asked voice lowered.

She shrugged, "It was implied. He wanted to know if you and I were…" she gestured between the two of them and he looked at her expectantly.

"If we were together…or whatever," she continued, feeling ridiculous. Aidan did have that effect on her though she'd noticed.

"Together, together? So you what, told him I was gay instead?"

Joss actually face palmed this time. "No, Aidan. I did not tell the nice Orderly that you were gay. I didn't really say much of anything, because what could I say? Oh, no Aidan's not gay; he's just a Vampire! We're not together either; he rescued me about a month and a bit ago from being brutally attacked by members of his coven, because hey, I'm a werewolf and that's what Vamps do for kicks; beat up werewolves!" she kept her voice low, but the hysteria was evident. Aidan just rolled his eyes; he was becoming used to her neurotic out bursts.

Joss huffed, Llike he would want to ask me out anyway."

"Don't," Aidan gripped her arm, and stared into her eyes seriously. "Don't do that. Don't sell yourself short."

She stared at him for a moment and then shook her head and shrugged out of his grip to push against the door of the locker room. "I'm not. I'm being realistic."

He looked at her almost sadly and she couldn't take it. She hated pity. "Anyway," she smiled slightly although they both knew it was fake, "I am going to go change and get my stuff so I can get ready for tonight."

Aidan nodded, "That time of the month."

She gave him a pointed look, but he just smirked slightly.

"Need me to drive you?"

She shook her head, "I'll walk. It's nice out anyway; it'll clear my head."

"I'll come get you in the morning."

"Right. Well. See YOU later." She went through the door of the locker room, leaving her vampiric friend to stare after her for a moment and then start to walk away. Just as he was nearing the corner of the hall and was about to turn, she stuck her head back out the door and yelled, "Bring me one of those sausage and egg bagels, without the sausage!"

He laughed and she disappeared behind the door again.

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