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Laying in her bed Misaki was thinking about one guy and one guy only.

"Ahhh... That dammed guy day is here."

"Okaa-san what are you saying." Sakura said walking into her mothers room.

"I don't even feel like getting up today. That dammed bastard living me alone and saying he'll come back. He better come back."

"Okaa-san... get up today, I know it's the day Otaa-san left but because you always talked about him I know that he'll some day come back. "

"Sakura-chan.. I know that already I just feel like I need to punch that outer space alien."

Sakura looked up at her mom then at the picture of her father, and jumped on her mom's bed.

"Okaa-san I'm going and don't forget later we're going to Oba-san's house." Then she got up and left out the room.


Misaki got up and opened the window. Leaning on the still, her soft black hair blowed in the wind and her amber eyes stared out the window.

'Usui Tamuki I'll punch you when I see you. Then we can go home together.'

"Wow this place hasn't change at all, well maybe the people but really nothings change."

After 12 years Usui came back to japan and guess what he knows that Misaki was going to kill him.

'But she's waiting for me, Misaki promised.'

*******Flash Back*********

"Misa-chan I'm coming back for you I swear" Usui said hugging Misaki as she cryed in his arms.

"I'll wait for you. Takumi. Come back and I'll be here, I'll always be here."

Usui's arms became numb and he looked Misaki in the eyes.

"You called me Takumi, Misaki I'll come back but I have to go."

Usui wiped her eyes and stood up. Guys in black suits came out of a helicopter and grabbed him.

"Misaki I'm coming back for you no matter what."

********End of Flash Back**********

"Hay Mister are you alright. You've been standing here for some time now, are you lost?"

Usui's eye's became focus and a little girl with green eyes and black hair was standing in front of him.

"Yeah I'm alright thanks for the concern." Usui said smiling.

The little Girl smiled and nodded her head, and put out her hand.

"Sakura here, It's nice to meet you. Are you new here because you seemed kind of lost."

Usui smiled, shook her hand and shook his head.

"It's nice to meet you too, and I'm not new here at all, I've just came back and I was thinking of when I left." His eyes became foggy.

"A lost love... well I'll like to know about it some time, but I have to go."

"Well Sakura-chan I'll see ya. but I'm hungry right now so I'm going home to get delivery."

"Well if that's it I may meet you I work for my Obaa-san we deliver food. Anyway it was nice to meet you mister." Sakura waved and ran to a little boy.

'Hummm she looks a lot like Misaki but every one look's like Misaki right now to me.'

'Well he was a pretty nice guy but he looks like someone I know.'

Sakura ran up to her cousin Sutani.

"Hay you who were you talking to just so that you could be late to meet me. How can you leave you 7 year-old cousin alone. "

"Sutani if you keep talking like that I'm going to tell Oba-san (Aunt is one A as in Father.) and oji-san ( Uncle) and then I wont have to take you to see Obaa-san (Grandma is two A's as in Red.) and ojii-san.

"Onee-san but I want to see Obaa-san."

"Then let's get going you're making us late. Little Hamburger-chan."

Up in the Ayuzawa house hold Minako was working on some food. When her grandchildren ran in.

"Obaa-san! Nee-san said tomorrow she wont take me to see you but tomorrow I want to see you.." Sutani cried hugging his grandma's leg.

"Sutani-chan I was only kidding so don't cry." Sakura said patting his head.

Minako seeing this smiled.

"Sutani-chan it's okay Sakura-chan said she was just playing with you."

"Really Nee-san you're just saying that to tease me. Nee-san your so mean!" Sutani puffed out his cheeks and ran out of the Kitchen, with Minako and Sakura laughing.

"Okay Sakura-chan, don't you have to go." She said pulling out a bag.

"Hai and don't forget we have to go to Oba-san's house." Sakura said grabing the bag.

"I'll never forget this is just me getting more of you and I really do want you to have a sibling." Minako patted her head.

"Okay Obaa-san but Next mouth I turn 12 so I can call you Minako-san right?"

"Yes that's right it's around your Birth-Day, so you can call me Minako-san. I wont mind because that would mean you are turning into a big girl."

Sakura nodded.

"Obaa-san so where am I going to deliver this next." Sakura said sitting down on the floor mat.

"Okay This is an order to an apartment so don't go knocking on the wrong door."

"And if I do?"

Pulling out another bag Minako handed it to Sakura.

"Give this to them."

"Okay Obaa-san."

"Now get going Dear." Minako said pushing Sakura out the door.

"Is she coming out on time?"

"Hai it seems she's heading to an aparment."

"Alright people let's start."

"Okay you heard the captin Squad 1 go.

"Well Misaki Ayuzawa, you've loved him but if I have her you will be mine.

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