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~10 Moths later~

It was Dark outside and the light from the moon was casting down over the town but one window stood out.

Misaki had fallen asleep with a little bundle wrapped in her arms. Sakura was by her mother's side knocked out too. Misaki must be tired from all the attention and Sakura, because she had to help her obaa-san and oba-san cook food and get the party ready.

In the moon light Misaki's black jet hair was a mess and so was Sakura's. But the baby had the hair of his fathers and Misaki's eyes. So snuggled that it looks like a painting.

Usui walked into the room smiling at the three when he felt something warm and looked at the window. A women with Blonde hair was sitting on the windows edge looking at the three the glaced at Usui then looked back.

"They look so peaceful."

"Yes they do."

"I'm happy for you Usui."

"Is that so."

"Yes it is."

"You. Why are you here."

"Because I wanted to see all of you together I can have to wish. Yes?"


Usui looked back at the women and walked up to her. "Usui dear it was nice to see you."

Smiling a bit Usui kissed his mother on the cheek. "Thank you."

"Always dear."

Usui walked up to the bed and lay down next to Miski, well really Ame since he is in the middle. And he too soon fell asleep.

*****************What Happened the day they met again**********************

As Usui walked up to Misaki, Misaki stared at him in full force and started to cry.

"Oh~ Misaki" He wiped her tears and held her.

"You big idiot coming back after all these yea-"

"Yea~ Yea~"

(And I'll let you think what ever happened after those words.) ^^

Patricia looked over her children since they were born and is able to finally rest in peace.

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