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Chapter 1: The Battle

The winx and specialists were in a battle fighting the Trix. They've been fighting over 4 hours now and the Trix were getting tired of it. The Trix created a dark sphere and threw it at...Sky!

"SKY! WATCH OUT!" Brandon yelled as he ran and pushed Sky out of the way. The dark sphere hit Brandon causing him to faint.

"BRANDON!" Sky shouted as he ran to his best friend. The three witches left after this - laughing. Not wasting any time the winx and specialists ran to the brunette.

On The Ship

Stella's P.O.V:

First Sky and now Brandon. Why? Why couldn't it be me? I just hope he's okay. Are all the specialists gonna be in danger or something?! I mean Sky lost his memory and who knows what could happen to Brandon.

:End Of P.O.V

The winx and specialists got to Alfea and took Brandon to the nurse immediately.

"What happened to Brandon?" Ms.F asked as she entered the room.

"He got hit by a dark sphere while trying to safe Sky. Which he did safe." Tecna answered.

"Oh dear! Did you find out what kind of dark sphere it was?" Ms.F asked.

"No but the nurse should be here any second.." Timmy answered.

"Okay then. Thank you. When she comes back and tells you what's wrong with Brandon come to my office." Ms.F said as she exited the room.

3 minutes later

The nurse entered the room with the results. Sky - worried about his best friend - stood up first.

"So? What's wrong?" Sky asked the nurse. The nurses gave him the paper she was holding and exited the room. Sky immediately opened it. It said...

Name:Brandon Damian Heros. (I came up with the middle name)

Birthdate:September 23. (If its wrong tell me)



Condition:Got hit by a dark sphere and lost memory.

Sky didn't know what to say. He gave the paper to Timmy. Timmy read it aloud since the rest were dying to know.

"Name:Brandon Damian Heros - blah blah blah - Condition:Got hit by a dark sphere and lost...memory." Timmy said.

"Wait - you mean he lost his memory like the time Sky did?" Riven asked. Timmy nodded.

They all of a sudden heard moaning. The teenagers turned around to see Brandon waking up.

"Ugh - where am I?" Brandon asked rubbing his head. Sky ran to his side and held his hand.

"Do you remember us Brandon?" Sky asked.

"Of course I do. I wouldn't forget about my friends." Brandon answered.

"Do you remember the Winx Club?" Riven asked. Brandon looked up and saw that Riven made his way next to him.

"Well it's nice to see you too Riven, and no I don't remember any Winx Club. Why? Should I remember?" Brandon replied. The whole room was full of gasps and no ways.

"Your saying you don't remember us but you remember the specialists?! WHAT THE HELL!" Layla said as she overheard their conversation.

"Ummm...yea. Who are you?" Brandon asked.

"My name is Aisha Leslie Andros (They all have middle names. Just saying.) but people call me Layla." Layla answered. Brandon nodded and looked at the other girls.

"So who are they?" Brandon asked Sky as he pointed to the other girls.

"Um you mind introducing yourselves? But don't forget to use your full names. Kay?" Sky asked. The girls nodded and started introducing themselves.

"My name is Bloom Anjelica Domino." Bloom said.

"I'm Stella Maria Solaria."

"I am Flora Jennifer Lenphia."

"My name is Tecna Diana Zenith."

"The name's Musa Paola Melody."

Brandon nodded and stared at the guys for a minute. Riven - the one getting freaked out - asked why was he looking at them.

"Why are you looking at us?" Riven asked. Brandon sighed before talking.

"You guys never told me your middle names." Brandon informed.

"But - but!" Riven shuttered. The girls were just standing there - waiting for the specialists to say their names. The winx also haven't heard about their middle names.

"Well..." Brandon asked waiting for them to say their middle names.

"Well what?" Sky asked.

"YOUR MIDDLE NAMES YOU DICKHEADS!" Brandon answered. The specialists had no choice but to say their middle names.

"My middle-" Sky started but got cut off by Brandon.

"Your full names." Brandon smirked knowing that Sky will whine.

"My name is Sky Alex Royals." Sky said.

"I am Helia Angel Knightly."

"Timmy Egan Digits is my name."

"Riven Nelson Swords."

The specialists could hear the girls giggling and they couldn't help but smile. Brandon started asking questions to get things straight.

"So where am I again?" he asked.

"Your in Alfea school for Fairies." Timmy answered. Brandon's jaw dropped causing the girls to giggle again.

"Fairies?" he asked. Timmy nodded his head. Brandon shook his head trying to get this information straight.

Brandon's P.O.V:

"'ve got to be kidding?" I said as I started to chuckle , but I stopped when I saw the specialists had serious faces."Oh my god your not."

"You see Brandon..these girls ARE fairies and are the winx club." Helia said walking up to Flora and putting his arm around her shoulder.

"Wait - so I remember about specialists and kingdoms...but I don't remember about fairies..." I said. I was confused to why I only knew about the specialists and kingdoms "and I also remember about this place called Magix."

"We're in Magix right now Brandon." I think her name is Flora - yea it's Flora who said that. Wait - how does she know my name?

"Um Flora is do you know my name?" I asked.

"Yes it's Flora and I know your name because two years ago Sky introduced us to you , but today you lost your memory." Flora answered. I nodded my head but I don't remember meeting them.

"So Helia is she your girlfriend?" I asked Helia. He nodded his head. "Okay does everyone here have a girlfriend?"

"Yup. My girlfriend is Musa." Riven said going to that navy blue haired girl - who I think is Musa.

"I'm Sky's girlfriend." the girl with fiery red hair who I think is Bloom said.

"Tecna's my girlfriend." Timmy said nervously as he went to that pink haired girl who I think is Tecna. I noticed that nobody was Layla's or Stella's boyfriend.

"So who's Layla and Stella's boyfriend?" I asked.

"Well...Layla's boyfriend Nabu is in a coma , while Stella's is - should I tell him?" Musa said. I don't know what coma means but I think it means something bad , but what did she mean "should I tell him"?

"I don't think you should..." Stella I think that's her name answered. I got to admit she's beautiful. Musa nodded her head and turned to me.

"Stella's boyfriend is in a coma too." Musa finished. Something told me she was lying but I decided to put that a side.

Sky's P.O.V:

When did Stella become so mature? And why didn't she want Brandon to know she was his girlfriend?

"Umm...guys I think we should go. It's getting late." Timmy said pointing out the window.

"Huh? Oh yea..c'mon Brandon lets go." I said. Brandon nodded and got up from the bed he was sitting on.

"Bye Bloom. See you tomorrow." I said as I kissed her cheek.

"Bye Sky. Love you!" she called out as we exited the door. I could hear the winx start to go to Ms.F's office

14 minutes later

Finally were here. Poor Brandon he doesn't even know that Stella is his girlfriend.

"Um...Sky. Can I ask you something?" Brandon asked me.

"Yea sure. Watsup?" I said crashing onto my bed. Brandon sat on his bed and looked at me.

"What does coma mean? And why are Stella and Layla's boyfriends in a coma anyway?" he asked me. I sat up on my bed and looked at him.

"Coma means that your in a sleep that's hard to wake up from. Last month we were on Earth

fighting these wizards. Nabu sacrificed himself to save Earth and before he fainted he told Layla he loved her. Last week Stella's boyfriend was on a mission and he came back with a bloody leg. He lost a lot of blood which caused him to go into a coma." I said but lied about Stella's fake boyfriend.

"Ohh.." Brandon said. He yawned which made me yawn too.

"You should get some sleep Brandon." I said falling to sleep.

"Ok..." I heard Brandon reply.

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