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Chapter 14: Final

Flora's P.O.V:

We all landed on the ground as we watched Stella be taken away. Tears started forming in my eyes...and the other girls had tears in their eyes as well. I started weeping quietly while Bloom started crying and yelling.

"He took Stella..." she said softly at first until she yelled out "YOU MONSTER!". He chuckled, which scared me.

"Don't worry...I haven't killed her yet. She's slowly dying inside me..." the raven said. Brandon turned to look at us.

"Give me my sword." was all he had said to us.

"You don't even know how to use it Brandon..and's at Red Fountain." Riven answered him. Right now...I don't even want to look at him. He said all those rude words about Stella when we had found out she was Princess Kraehe.

"Yes I do! I need to save her...I-I want to save her..." Brandon said the last part softly. He made us gasp.

"Yo-you mean..." I shuttered. I couldn't find the right words to say, but he seemed to have understood since he nodded. We were about to give him Riven's sword instead, but the raven stopped his by...

"AHHHHHHHH!" Brandon yelled as he was lifted by some black magic. When we looked up he was in a glass sphere.

"He has to use his sword...not anybody else' have until the morning bell rings.." he informed us. We had 2 hours to get Brandon's sword...or Stella and Brandon would both die. We backed away slowly, and when we were out of his sight...we started running.

"C'MON GUYS! WE HAVE TO SAVE STELLA AND BRANDON!" Bloom shouted. Riven stopped which caused us to stop as well.

"Wait - we're going to save that stupid traitor!? She betrayed US and BRANDON!" he shouted.

"Yeah...but she could be dying...and she's dying because she's protecting us from that raven.." Helia stated. I smiled and hugged him. At least I know that he wants to save our friends. Riven sighed angrily and started running again. Tecna then got an idea and used magic to transport us there. We saw Brandon's green double bladed sword on the ground.

Sky ran and grabbed it. "Lets go!" he shouted. abased magic once again, but we got transported to the front of the forest...this will take a while. We started running again.

'Don't worry Stell...everything is going to be okay.' I thought, but I was trying to convince myself as well..

:End of P.O.V

Somewhere Cold and Foggy:

There was skeletons dancing ballet every where, and somehow...Stella was dancing ballet too.

'I-I feel so calm free of stress. I'm no longer going to be lied be used. I'll just go into despair and die away.' Stella thought as she arched her back and tears started forming in her brown eyes.

"That's right my dear...go into despair and die away..." she heard the raven's voice say. She just fell to the ground and cry.

'I-I love you Brandon...please forgive me for everything I've done...' she thought.

Back with the Winx, Specialists, Brandon, and Raven...Musa's P.O.V:

We finally made it back to the deepest part of the forest. Bloom transformed into her sirenix and took Brandon's sword. She then flew up to where Brandon was and gave it to him. They came down and landed safely on the ground. Brandon smiled at us and immediately turned around at the sound of crows and ravens. They seem to be going after Brandon!

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Brandon shouted as he used his sword to try and get past them. The crows and ravens just surrounded him. The crows and ravens then started to use their sharp claws to try and kill Brandon, but he used his sword as a shield. We heard someone walking behind us. H-HE HAD AN AX WITH THEM! He started waking towards Sky.

" created this disaster..." he said. Sky pointed at himself.

"Me? WHAT THE HELL DID I DO!?" he asked the man. The man slowly started raising his ax.

"NOW LETS NOT GET VIOLENT!" Timmy shouted.

The man just raised the ax and tried to CHOP SKY'S HANDS OFF! But...Timmy pushed him out of the way.

"Don't worry Sky...just try to stay away from this man.." Timmy said as he took out his golden blaster. The rest of the guys just took out there swords, but stopped when we heard Brandon start yelling.

"FINE! I'll pierce this heart, but I know that my friends will defeat you! I just won't be able to see it because I'm going to be IN HEAVEN WITH MY SUNSHINE!" he yelled as he put the point of his sword up to his chest. I started running towards him.

"NO BRANDON! STELLA NEEDS YOU TO SAVE HER! DON'T GIVE UP NOW!" I shouted. Brandon nodded and slashed some crows with his sword. He started running to the raven...but he had to get through those crows and ravens without getting hurt, so I used magic to make his hover board appear. I threw it at him and he smiled at me as he got on it. I smiled back and transformed into my sirenix as the girls and I fought this crows and ravens.

:End of P.O.V

"STELLA! IF YOU CAN HEAR ME...WHATEVER YOU DO...DON'T GO INTO DESPAIR!" Brandon shouted as he slashed black sharp feathers that appeared in front of him.

Meanwhile...the specialists were trying to keep Sky safe. "WHATS ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT OLD MAN!? SKY HASN'T DONE ANYTHING!" Timmy shouted as he tried grab the ax.

"HE'S GOING TO MAKE THIS ALL GO INTO A DISASTER! DO YOU WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!?" the man shouted. Timmy go annoyed and angry at the same time..and lets just say that that's not good. "AGH!" Timmy growled as he pushed the man onto a tree...causing him to faint.

"Now...we just have to wait and see if Brandon is able to save Stella..." Timmy said. The others nodded slowly. They were afraid of the new Timmy.

Brandon was now half way there. The feathers had gotten bigger, and were now the size of a truck.

"STELLA!" Brandon shouted with determination in his voice. He was now in the entrance.

'No one's going to take her from me. No one's going to take my-" he thought at first until he yelled out the last part "STELLA!". He was now in front of Stella, who was crying silently on the ground.

"Sunshine.." Brandon softly said "I came to get you.". Stella looked up and gasped.

"I-I thought you would forget about me..." Stella said. Brandon shook his head and held out his hand for her.

"No...I would never forget you Stella...not ever. I just didn't remember anything, but now I do. Lets defeat the raven..." Brandon said. Stella took his hand and stood up. They then got on his hover board and started heading towards a blood red spiral. The spiral was the raven's heart. "Ready?" Brandon asked as he held his sword in one hand and in front of him and Stella.

Stella placed her hand on top of his and nodded. "Ready." she answered. They then made the sword go into the raven's heart.


There was a bright light, causing the winx and specialists to shield their eyes. When the light revealed Stella and Brandon. The winx ran to Stella and embraced her in a hug. They broke down and started crying. The specialists looked at them awkwardly.

"Girl stuff..." Riven said while smirking. Brandon then looked at Stella.

"Don't ever scare me like that..." he said. The winx and specialists left noticing that they should have some privacy.

"I-I almost hurt you Brandon..." Stella said as she looked down. "You should have someone bet-". Brandon cut her off by grabbing her waist and kissing her passionately.

"Don't Stella. You're the one for me..." Brandon said as they broke apart. Stella nodded and hugged him. They were together, and nothing could break them apart..

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