'T-ty Lee. What are you doing here?" She asked in a helpless tone
"I heard what happened and I wanted to be with you." She replied with a gentle and uplifting tone.
"Aren't you supposed to be with your fan soldiers?" She asked to put herself up
"Haha yeah, but I told them if I can have a 1 week break" she replied with a sincere smile
"Don't you hate me for how I betrayed you and Mai? Don't you want to rub it in my face? IM WEAK NOW!" She angrily said
"No you are not! Like what I said in the party we went to before, You ARE the strongest, most intelligent, prettiest girl I know. It is a sincere promise." Ty Lee tried to lift her up more
"How about betraying you and Mai" Azula asked shifting her head away from Ty Lee
"I felt hurt on the fact you betrayed us and let us rot. But I also want you to know-" She was cut by Azula
"I knew it. Just stop right there." Azula sighed in disappointment
"Let me finish, silly! I was going to say was that I understood that you were not in your best state then, but I forgive you." Ty Lee said with the most friendly voice Azula ever heard
"Wow. Im sorry, I did not even know. Thank you." Azula said smiling directly at Ty Lee
Ty Lee hugged her and sat beside her.
"And just for you to know, I still find you amazing. I couldn't careless about your bending. I-" Ty Lee stopped
"What? You what?" Azula felt cut short

" I still love you."

"I love you too."

"Why do you love me, Ty Lee?" Azula asked

"Because. . . this"
Ty Lee kissed her lips

"You opened my eyes that I am different. I am not just an average old pretty girl. I feel so special around you." Ty Lee said with a tear falling down from her face.

"Ty Lee, you do not even know how much you mean to me. After I lost my bending you are the only one who cared. Li and Lo just live here, they couldn't care less about me after everything now." She was crying tears of deep emotion.
Ty Lee could not help but kissing her again.
It was amazing.