She didn't want to say it was "love at first sight." No, that was only in the movies (which Jesse still made her watch regularly- due to their "movication"). She did, however, know that the nerdy kid that sang to her from the back of his car was gonna pop up again. She didn't know how or when, but she had a feeling.

Well, she was right. She didn't know how she felt about that quite yet, but she was right. That guy, the one from the back of the car, he worked with her. At the radio station. And according to Luke, the station manager, they were going to be spending a lot of time together stacking CD's. Not playing music. Well this sucks. Still, she has to pay her dues, and you've got to start somewhere, right? And for Beca, starting somewhere was in a dark, smelly room stacking CD's on a possibly semen covered desk.

"Too bad I don't have my black light. Then we'd know for sure." She told Jesse sarcastically. He laughed.

"So what's your deal?" He asked her as he walked behind a shelf, "Are you one of those girls who's all dark and mysterious but then she takes off her glasses and that amazingly scary ear spike and you realize, you know, she was beautiful the whole time?" God what is up with this kid?

"I don't wear glasses." She deadpanned hoping he would drop it there.

"Then you're half way there." And then he flashed his hundred watt smile at her.


When he found out that she hates movies, he was appalled. "How can you not like movies?" He asked her in shock, "not liking movie is like not liking puppies!"

"They're ok," she said almost laughing "I just get bored and never make it to the end."

"The endings are the best part." He sounded almost sad, or heartbroken.

"They're predictable." She explained, "the guy gets the girl, that kid sees dead people, Darth Vader is Luke's father..."

"Oh so you just happened to guess the biggest cinematic reveal in history?" He quipped.

"Vader in German means father. His name is literally Darth Father." She explained.

"So you know German. Now I know why you don't like fun things." He joked. "You need a movie education. You need a movication!" He declared.

"Yeah, between Bella's rehearsals which are always."

"Are you guys getting ready for the Riff Off?" He questioned raising and eyebrow.

"What the hell is a riff off?"


The Riff Off. God, what the hell was she doing here? She could be back in her dorm making some new mixes, but no, she was here in an abandoned pool participating in a singing competition with a big group of girls. Well this was great. Breaking her from her thoughts, she saw Jesse with the other Trebles and almost smiled at him until she saw him mouth the words,

"Im taking you down!"

"I don't care." she mouthed back with a shrug of her shoulders


The Riff Off began with the category "Ladies of the 80's" and the Trebles took the spotlight with "Mickey" and it was stolen from them byBaloney Barb when she sang "Like a Virgin" by Madonna. When Aubry started to sing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", Beca started to get it.

"So you just use any song that works?" she asked Chloe


"The next category is… songs about sex." said Justin and Stacy's eyes went wide. Cynthia Rose stared out with "S&M" by Rihanna and Stacy soon joined in, but they were interrupted by Donald. Stacy soon stole back her spotlight only to be interrupted again by… Jesse.

And I guess thats just the woman in you

that brings out the man in me

I know i can't help myself

you're all in the world to me

It feels like the first time…

The whole time Jesse was singing he was looking right at Beca. She made faces at him and rolled her eyes but in all realness, she kind of enjoyed the fact that he was singing to her. Then she got an idea…

Its goin down, fade to blackstreet

the homies got at me colab creation

bump like acne

no doubt…

She started rapping "No Diggity" and made the Trebles back up as she took "center stage." Everyone was looking at her and watching so intently that before she came to the chorus, she paused at looked at the Bellas for any sign of help.

Shorty get down good lord

baby got 'em open all over town…

When Amy joined in, she was saved. Turning around she continued singing.

Strictly bitch she don't play around

cover much ground

got game by the pound…

Amy slapped her stomach with her hands as the other Bellas joined in. Soon, everyone was singing along.

I like the way you work it

No Diggity, i gotta bag it up

We out.

Applause ran trough the pool and all the Bellas were celebrating and hugging each other, Beca, well she just rubbed her awesomeness in the Trebles (particularly Jesses) faces. But of course, they lost to the Trebles because of one stinking letter. But they were awesome, so who cares! Apparently, Aubrey cared. And, apparently, they each had to make lists of things they did wrong. Beca tried to explain how good they did and that it didn't matter if they won, but Aubrey just blew her off and tried to get the whole "hands in" thing to work again.


"So i brought this over," Jesse said holding up the Breakfast Club "so I can watch you watch the end of this movie. And then I can die a hero."

Beca made her way over to the bed where Jesse was making himself comfortable and sat down next to him. As the movie went on, she could see him mouthing the words and couldn't stop looking (staring) at him. He was really passionate about movies. Probably as passionate as she was about music.

"You're missing the ending." Jesse informed her.

"Sorry." Beca told him sarcastically as she turned back to the movie. Out of the side of her vision she could see him, now staring at her. She turned back as he leaned in, so, being Beca, she turned back to the screen and hit pause.

"It was good. I'm sure the beginning is just as great…" she told him as he cleared his throat and laughed nervously. Why would she go and do something like that? Now Jesse probably thinks she hates him. Just then, Kimmy Jin and her friends walked in. For once, she was happy to see her. Kimmy just saved her from quite an awkward moment.

"The white girl is back." she deadpanned.

"And I'm out." Jesse announced closing his laptop and standing up. "It was a pleasure Kimmy Jin." Jesse said as he walked past her. He stopped in the doorway to give Beca a goodbye, but no words came out. Just a look. But that look said everything she needed to hear.


It was the day of regionals and as Beca walked in she spotted Jesse and the other Trebles standing in a semi-circle. The audience applauded for the Sock-a-pellas as they walked off. Taking their places on the stage, the Bellas prepared to sing. When the heard the pitch pipe and Aubry counting they started to sing, the same boring song from last year. God when will this end?

When the Bellas finally finished, the Treblemakers made their way to the stage. They did "Right Round" by Flo Rida and Jesse did amazing on his solo… and uhm, so did the rest of the guys.


The Trebles, their first place trophy in hand, walked out of the auditorium and into the main lobby. Of course, Bumper had to be the center of attention and started a fight between the Trebles and the Tonehangers.

Of course Jesse, being the sweet guy that he was, refused to hit the crazy dude that was trying to get him to fight. Beca mad her way over and tapped they guy on his shoulder. When he turned around, Beca hit him in the face. God did it hurt. Jesse freaked out and Amy joined in the fight, grabbing the Treblemakers trophy and when Beca tried to take it off of her, it went flying through the window and broke. The cop that was standing outside made his way toward Beca as everyone but Jesse ran for cover.


"Hey Hilary Swank from Million Dollar Baby." Jesse greeted as Beca exited the prison

"Hey," Beca replied as they fake boxed. "You know you just have to say, 'Hey Million Dollar Baby' you don't have to reference a specific actress." she laughed.

"Damn." Jesse said, fake sock in his voice "Prison changed you."

"Thanks for bailing me out." Beca laughed

"Well i didn't…" Jesse said as Becas dad stepped out of his car

"You called my dad?" Beca asked angrily.

"I know, I know, I just, they were putting you in handcuffs, Bec, and it looked pretty serious."

"That doesn't mean you call my dad!"

"Who else was i supposed to call? Ok. Why are you yelling at me I'm the only one here."

"I didn't ask you to be."

"I was just trying to help you."

"I don't need your help you're not my boyfriend."

"Got It"


The next time that she saw Jesse was at the radio station, the day of the Semi Finals. She was so excited when she heard her track on the radio that she barely

even acknowledged Jesses presence. She only really saw him for a few seconds really because he walked out saying "See youtonight."


After Becas little "rewrite" of their set, Aubrey kind of flipped. She kept saying all this stuff about "this isn't the Beca show" and "i know you're hooking up with Jesse" so who decides to show up? Jesse.

Jesse denied that anything was going on between them and of course, Beca had to get mad and push him away even more. She pushed everyone away. It was kinda the only thing she was good at other than making music.

"If this is what i get for trying."


After that, it was a really long, lonely spring break for Beca. sure she had the radio station and she got to play all her music, but she was alone. Again. Then, one night around 10ish, she was about to close up when she spotted The Breakfast Club movie soundtrack and got to thinking. So on her way home, she stopped by a Blockbuster (she didn't even know those things still existed) and rented every movie that Jesse told her about. It still wasn't the same without Jesse whispering his little fun facts to her, but it would have to do.

For now at least.


When Spring Break finally ended and everyone was back at Barden, Beca received a text from Chloe saying that they made it into the Finals! Beca decided to go to the practice and beg the Bellas to forgive her because, as much as she hated to admit it, she loved those nerds. But first, she had some very important business to take care of.


*Knock knock*

"Jesse, I know you're in there i can smell popcorn." Beca said smiling "Jesse come on, open up"

Reluctantly, Jesse paused his movie and got up to answer the door. Standing there was Beca. How was he supposed to stick to his gut and turn her away when he has to look at her and tell her to go away, that he didn't want anything to do with her anymore?

"Hey" Beca said realizing he wasn't going to address her first. "Tried to call. I left you a bunch of messages."

"Yeah, I got them" he replied emotionlessly.

"Im sorry that we fought, I was mad and I overreacted and its just Aubrey makes me crazy."

"Seriously? You think I'm mad because you yelled at me?" he asked

"No i know-"

"No you don't." he interrupted her "You think you know but you don't. You push away anyone who could possibly care about you, why is that?"

"I don't know." she said defeated

"Well you better figure it out cause I'm down with… whatever this is."


"Im done." he told her closing the door behind him.


Once Beca had convinced the Bellas to forgiver her and let her back in (she still has no idea how she did that) it was time to work on getting Jesse back. And she had the perfect way.


Their awkward confrontation had been…well…awkward. But they'd be back to normal soon. At least Beca hoped. The Trebles were (of course) awesome but the Bellas were going to be better tonight. They had to be if it was going to work. As the Trebles sat down, the Bellas made their way to the stage and Beca blew into the pitch pipe and started to count.

1…please work

2…will Jesse forgive me?

3…God help me

4…ok…lets do this

seems like everybody's got a price, I wonder how they sleep at night

when the sale comes first and the truth comes second just stop for a minute and smile…

The Bellas started out slow, to mess with the audience, but once Lily started to beat box, things started to pick up.

They finished "Pice Tag" and transitioned their way into Becas solo with "Don't You" and as she sang (looking at Jesse) her emotions poured out and she saw him smile and lift his fist above his head,just like Judd Nelson.

As they started to wrap up their preformance, Jesse got up and walked out towards the isle. When the song was finished, Beca looked at him and saw his head nod towards the doors as he walked out of the auditorium. Walking off stage, the Bellas didn't even question when they saw Beca running out of the auditorium, knowing she was chasing Jesse.


Beca flung the doors open and turned the corner crashing into someone. Well Jesse. Jesses lips actually.

That kiss. Her first kiss. It was amazing, and as horribly cheesy as this sounds, she felt sparks. They broke apart and looked at each other and smiled.

"So i watched The Breakfrast Club." Beca said smiling. Jesse laughed as he pulled her in for another kiss.

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