"Shit!" Beca yelled in pain as she tripped over a rock outside her building. If Jesse would just uncover her eyes, maybe she could walk.

"Sorry, Bec" Jesse told her apologetically

"Don't 'Sorry Bec' me! Where the hell are we going Swanson!"

"I can't tell you," Jesse said and leaned in to whisper "or I'd have to kill you."

Beca hid her laughter with a load groan. No way she was going to let Jesse think he was funny. His head was big enough. "Can you at least take the blindfold off?"

"That would take away all the fun!" Jesse whined like he was a little kid

"Fun for you, not for me when I'm tripping over shit every 5 minutes!" Beca yelled and, as if on cue, another rock appeared in front of her an she would've fallen if Jesse hadn't been there holding her shoulders. "Shit!" She cursed again under her breath.

Jesse tried to stifle his laugh but he couldn't help himself. She probably would've punched him if she could see him.

"Are we almost there?" Beca asked

"Almost." He told her "Like 5 more minutes."



"Ok," he told her "are you ready?"

"Jess, I've been ready to take this blindfold off since you put it on." She told him annoyed.

"Ok." He told her taking her blindfold off to reveal the dirty, smelly old radio station.

"Ok, what's going on?" Beca asked confused

"You really need to learn to keep up, Bec, were on a date remember? Did I tie that blindfold too tight around your head or something?" Jesse asked laughing

"Funny. Seriously though, what are we doing here, in the station?" She asked being specific this time, "I thought we were having lunch?"

"Who needs food? Don't you want to break Lukes only rule in the station?" He asked grabbing her hand and leading her toward the table.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" Beca asked jokingly

"That depends, is it working?" Jesse asked as Beca leaned into kiss him.

"What do you think?" She asked, leaning back in to kiss him again. Her lower back was pressed against the edge of the dirty table, Jesses hands on either side of her waist. She looped her arms around his neck and he lifted her up to sit on the table. He could feel her smiling as his lips moved against hers.

Jesse thought he was going to explode when he felt Beca's hands travel down to his jeans, her fingers laced through his belt loops, pulling him closer. He fumbled with the tiny buttons on her tight fitting plaid shirt, pulling it off to leave only her black tank top. Before either of them could even think of what to do next, they heard Luke's voice as he entered the radio station.

"Hey!" He shouted at Beca and Jesse who just stood there shocked, "What did I tell you two? No. Sex. On. The. Desk!" He yelled emphasizing every word, "Get back to work, and Becky," he said pausing and sighing as he dropped his head into his hand, "put your damn shirt on."

Once Luke was safely inside the booth with his headphones on, Jesse burst out laughing. Beca could help but crack a small smile as she buttoned up her shirt and grabbed a crate full of CDs.


After work Jesse and Beca walked hand in hand back to their dorms. Half laughing half embarrassed about what happened earlier on at the station.

"You should've seen your face when he walked in!" Jesse commented laughing

"My face? Please there is no way it was funnier than yours!"

"What about Luke? I thought he was going to die right on the spot! I doubt he thought we would ever break that rule."

"He was totally checking me out too. I mean, it was so obvious!" She told Jesse looking over in his direction.

"Are you trying to make me jealous, Miss Mitchell?" He asked her sarcastically once they were outside her door.

"That depends," she said quoting him from earlier, "is it working?"

When he leaned down to kiss her, she pulled him in closer, "You know, Kimmy Jin isn't getting back from her parents until Friday." She told him opening the door and pulling him inside as he leaned down to kiss her.

She pulled him onto her small bed and they picked up where they left off at the station, except this time, no one was there to interrupt them.


Clothes were piled up on the floor the next morning when Beca opened her eyes. She looked to her left and saw a snoring half naked Jesse beside her. His arm wrapped protectively around her petite waist and for the first time in a while, Beca felt safe and content.

She was surprised at how happy one person could make her feel after everything that happened to her. She knew from the first time she saw him that he was different.

Different than her parents.

Different than her exes.

Different than everybody who had ever hurt her before.

Suddenly she felt his lips on her shoulder, "What are you thinking about?" He asked her quietly as he stroked her bare stomach with his fingertips.

"Nothing, just how lucky I am to have you." She told him leaning her head up to look at him, "and how much I love you."

Jesse was really shocked to hear those words. Shocked that she was the first to say it, let alone say it at all. "I love you too, Bec." He told her sincerely before she took his slight pause the wrong way.

"I know, I didn't think I'd ever say it either." She laughed, knowing what he was thinking, "But I do Jess, I really do love you."

"Good. Cause you're never getting rid of me." He told her smiling and leaning down to kiss her again, her words still ringing in his head.

'I really do love you.'




Ok so there's part 3! And possibly the end :/ but I don't know.

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