And then at the end of Percy's statement the fates appeared in the room and looked around!

"What trouble Apollo has caused," They all said at once. "No this will not do."

The middle fate snapped her fingers and Harry suddenly sprung up and was better!

"What, what's going on? Why does my head hurt?" Harry asked looking around the throne room.

"Now, you will forget this happened!" snap! "And be returned to your time!"

At bright flash of light appeared making the demigods disappear!

The gods looked around,

Zeus cleared his throat, "As I was saying First on the agenda..."

Okay people, I'm done, I know y'all liked it but I wrote myself into a corner and wasn't able to go further with this...

I'm sorry there is a very small chance that I might finish this but I highly doubt it.

Look up Poseidon's Secrete Son By percyjacksonlover135 to finish the story.

Sorry but this is done.