When I was about to sleep, I thought of this poem and thought it was worth to be a fanfic. Don't judge, it's the first poem I ever made. It's in Frankie's point of view to his daughter. Disclaimer: I don't own Jersey Boys, or The Four Seasons… but I'm obsessed.

Here you are in front of me,

I wish you were awake so you could see.

Though we spoke to one another,

It still wasn't the same as being with each other.

I regret what I did before,

I wish I could have seen you more.

How you always asked me to stay,

And me telling you we needed the pay.

The way you loved all my songs

I loved it when you sang along.

You heard me sing Big Girls Don't Cry.

Since your gone my eyes won't dry.

Bye my Francine, I loved you so.

I wish I never had to let you go.

Fly my angel, rest in peace,

Now and forever you are released.

What do you think, was it good for a first time?