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"Leave me alone! Dont touch me! Fucking hell where am i answer me! I dont give a fuck about anything but where am i?!" A girl yelled over and over again as she raised her voice louder and higher each time she heard someone come closer.

Tears ran down her face as she didnt care about it, wiping them off with her bruised hands she sniffed trying to get back up. Her body was Numb and weak, as she still stood up with her energy, the girl was breathing in and out non stop but in tune as she tried her best keeping her dizzy head up and focused at her surroundings.

"Someone please!" She cried as she fell to her knee's, she didnt want to give up but this been running for days with no answer but torture.

"Well, isnt she a keeper?" A voice from no where spoke as she lifted her head immeadienty but with trying someone forcefully grabbed her head making her stand up.

"Let go you fucking Prick" The girl yelled as she hissed at the male, she would of punched the guy, if only she wasnt so numb but trying to get him off her.

"Your going to have fun with her, aint ya... Eh! You thought she was worth it?" The same voice spoke speaking into her ear from behind said, but with still a grasp of her hair in his hand. She heard another person walk in but doing nothing to her yet.

"Let her go" The person who enetered spoke as she clearly thought it was another male coming in. The Man who held onto her let go leaving her falling to her knees, the male who let her go left, as the male who came late stood there and watched the female who was tyring to get air into her lungs.

"W-What do y-you want!" The said as she was trying to stand up using the wall for support but only being pulled up with a hand lifting her chin to make her look up to the guy. She tried looking at the guy but her eyesight was bailing on her, there was only 2 colour she focused on which was purple.

"What i want is you! Want another round slut?" The male said as the girl remembered the last time, he tortured her.

"Not with you, you Dickhead!" The girl said as she hissed at his grasp on her, he pulled her hair dragging her out, to the room were he last tortured her. She was screaming for her life as she was pushing him away each time he came close, she saw him move away going close to something she couldnt make out since she curled up to the corner.

He came closer to her with a cane that looked like it was at the fire for a long time as the girl was now scared wishing and wondering why god did this to her?

"Now where do you want it this time?" He said as he moved closer than busy, putting the cane near her face so she could feel the heat from it. She didnt want this, so she moved away shaking her head furiously to stop him. But it didnt.

"STOOOOOPPP!" She screamed with her voice turning into a hoarse as he did it again but somewhere else. Tears ran down her face like heavy rain, her hot, numb, weak body falied on her as she tried to shake the feeling off but feel another...


It was morning in Japan, hot, warm, sunny day as usual as student's were going back at school since they came back from there holidays in 6 weeks. Girls were exciting meeting there friends again to start the gossip they had to spill with one-another. Boys were pretty normal about going to school, but happy to see there mates again.

"Sydney! SYDNEY! Wake UP!" A Blonde haired girl said as she had Blue dip dye at the tips , her eyes were worried for her cousin who was over the rating at her temprature, she was sweating as she kept moving her self left to right.

"SYDNEY!" Her Cousin, once again screamed, grabbing her friend shoulder's shaking her until she saw her eyes open. After a few more minutes her friend finally woke up from her nightmare.

Sydney eyes was wide awake but her breathing in and out, out of tune. She sat up, with worried eyes at her cousin Kimmi. Kimmi saw it all in her eyes and expression she pulled Sydney into a hug, moving her hand up and down her back trying to comfort her as Sydney came back on earth, sitting up properly she looked at the time reading 8:05AM she knew why Kimmi was waking her up and in a rush.

"Yeah, yeah I'm up. Get Changed" Was all what Sydney said as she got out of bed walking towards the bathroom with confused Kimmi on the bed as her nickname was Kim. Kim sat up as she walked in her room getting changed.

"What the hell did that nightmare meant?" Sydney said to herself as she looked up at the mirror then at the sink as, if she was going to be sick. She brushed her teeth then face, going back to her room she got changed into Black skinny baggy cargo's a White loose crop tank top with some graffiti over it in Metallic Gold with her black crop bralet underneath. On top she wore a Black leather Jacket that was 3/4. Her shoes were some Black suede studded stilettos being 6.6 inches high.

She grabbed her bag, putting her Midnight Blue Hair into a High ponytail while her black side bangs covered her left eye with hair framing her right. She walked down the stairs seeing Kim already there in Blue Denim skinny jeans a camisole and a cardigan on top, looking completely different to Sydney.

"Were going to be late on my first day back!" Kim said as Sydney was doing her Bottom and Top eyeliner on at the mirro putting some gloss she grabbed her keys and made it out of the door having nothing to eat.

"Just get in the car" Syndey said as she wasnt really exciting going to school at it was now 8:45. They entered Sydney Audi R8 V10 White care that had black rims, Sydney drove with speed and in time with only bring 2 minutes left.

When they entered the school most student weren't there but going through the main doors as Syndey parked up with Kim rushing and Sydney well she was in her own pace, they walked through the doors as they stopped at the Reception but Kim going somewhere else knowing her way.

"Im New, Syndey Foxx" Syndey said as the receptionist screeched with joy then grabbing the phone immeadiently. She blabbed so fast Sydney couldnt make it out, until she saw the Vice Principal walk to her with open arms.

"Miss Foxx were waiting for you" The Vice said as her voice was a sign of relief as she took Sydney through some doors see couldnt make out, until she was pushed up on a stage with the audience being filled with students a year older or same age as her.

"Student welcome our Survivor, Miss Foxx!" Sydney saw the Head Principal but being completely confused she didnt get what she meant? By the word Survior! The crowd clapped as some people kept a eye out for her, but cheerleaders giving dirty looks over at her being jealous at her natural beauty and figure.

"Miss Foxx would like to say some words" The Principle said as there was a camera there, she noticied as Sydney didn't like this at all. First she didnt have anything to say to these strangers who was going to be asking a million questions to her after this.

"You better watch what you say to me. Being here dont relate to me. Allow me to re-introduce myself, Syd-ney Foxx, Double X, only fuck with the top notch. Hotter then Gaso-line in a match box so fuck off" Sydney said as she had wide eyes at her, she wasnt a poet she was a Lyric writer making her words hard but easy ryhmes, but after that she expected boo's and stuff being thrown but people clapped and whoo'ed her on with the teachers shocked.

Sydney walked off the stage walking through the audience as they was split by stairs she heard some whispers but she ingnored them as she walked throught the exit doors, with some stares behind. Sydney walked out of the school with teachers calling back, students looked through the windows with Sydney going into the car and leaving the school not liking the Welcome and her going infront of the whole school.

The Headteacher was about to give up as Sydney was one of there complicated and hard students to break or get them to listen or obey to you. They watched the car leave as the others were surprised that they let the new student leave, without a arguement.

"Ugh... Brook can you give me a lift home?" Kim said as she was one of the people who was looking out the window seeing Sydney leave with the car, she wasnt bothered to walk home today especially if it was the first day back.

"Sure. You alright Babe?" Brooklyn said as Brook was his nickname, he nuzzled Kim neck as he sat her down with the teacher still out of the room joining the other outside, with the pupils in the class having there own conversations.

"Im alright but i cant believe my cousin did a runner, just like that!" Kim said as she snapped her fingers at the end, with Brook looking a bit confused but then surprised... his lips then turned into a devilish smirk which Kim didnt understand.

"Sydney Foxx is your cousin? Dad or Mom side?" Brook asked as Kim chuckled, she looked at Brooklyn Blue eyes, running her hands through his orange copper hair she sighed.

"Mother side, as were kind of close why?" Kim asked as she was confused at Brooklyn question about her relationship with her and her cousin Syndey?

"Oh Nothing its surprising who never mentioned her though!" Brook said as he sat Kim on his lap as she had her legs on each side of him. She put her forehead on his as she closed her eyes slowly opening them again.

"Its because she came back from the States a few weeks ago in the holiday as both of our parents sent her here with me, she's older than me by months though lucky bitch" Kim snapped as Brooklyn chuckled at Kim.

"Tell me everything you know about her" Brookl said as he had that amused face but with that smirk on again, making sure he got every detail he moved closer towards Kim. Making her a little nervous but babble on more about Sydney.


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