"It isn't Furling!" She yelled at him.

"But is there even a remote possibility that it-" Daniel began.

"No there isn't," she snapped, aggravated with him.

"Woah! What's with you Carter," came the amused voice of Colonel O'Neill from the open doorway of Sam's lab.

"Well sir Daniel keeps insisting that the thing on P9X-552 is Furling when it clearly isn't!" The last part was a yell aimed at Daniel who winced.

"But-" he started as Sam opened her mouth to yell at him again.

"ACH! That's enough outta both of you. Daniel you go back to your rocks now before I have Teal'c come and make you!" Jack yelled. The deflated archeologist shuffled out of the office mournfully. Sam smirked at his retreating back before turning back to the doohickey on the table.


She groaned. What System Lord and/or Ascended Ancient had she pissed off this week to receive the torture of being trapped with Colonel O'Neill alone in her lab?

"Nice job of yelling at Danny boy there."

She blinked.

"Um, sir?"

Jack moved forward so that he was right beside her. "I said, nice job of yelling at Daniel," he repeated. He then leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers before leaving with a smug grin on his face.

Sam put her forehead on the table and groaned again.

Who had she pissed off this week indeed!

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