When Sparkles hit the fan

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It was another bright Equestrian day, Celestia's sun high in the sky.

It was on this fine day that Twilight found herself in the princess's very own study, learning a new spell taught to her by the princess herself.

As excited as she was to show off in front of her beloved mentor, this particular spell proved to be difficult for her.

Much to her ego's dismay….

"Focus Twilight, the slightest loss in concentration and the spell will backfire."

The lavender unicorn gave a slight nod, indicating that she had heard the Alicorn's words of guidance.

She'd take the princess's words to heart.

As she always did.

She always would, because she was her ever faithful student.

That's how it had always been, and that's how it appeared it would always be.

A faithful student, that's what she had wanted...

But, recently she's had the urge to be…more.

She wanted to be more than just a student, maybe more than even a friend.

She wanted to be more.

"Twilight, you're wavering, what's got you so out of touch today?"

A light red tinted her purple cheeks as she realized her mistake, it only deepened after hearing the ending question.

There was no way in all of Equestria she'd ever say that out loud!

She would never voice her feelings...

"S-sorry your highness, it's nothing..."

The celestial mare only gave her a curious gaze before deciding to let it go for the moment, much to Twilight's relief.

After regaining her concentration the magic loving unicorn threw herself into mastering the new spell presented to her.

This new spell just so happened to be a spell of summoning.

What she was supposed to be summoning exactly she wasn't quite sure.

"Um, your highness…?"

Celestia tilted her head ever so slightly, a bit of curiosity coloring her regal face.

"Yes Twilight?"

The smaller mare suddenly felt shy under the older mare's gaze.

"Um, I was just wondering…what am I supposed to be summoning exactly?"

Celestia paused and tried to think of something easily summoned for a first timer.

"How about summoning an apple?"

Twilight nodded before closing her eyes, trying her best to picture an apple right down to the texture of the stem.

When she opened her eyes again she saw something completely unexpected and quite ironic.

"What the hay?"

Celestia blinked at her pupil's summon, that was definitely not an apple.

At least not in the fruit sense, it seemed her summon was more figurative then literal.

"Applejack? What are you doing here?

The orange earth mare stood from where she had appeared and looked about herself.

One minute she's watering crops and the next she shows up in some fancy room.

"You tell me sugar cube, I have no ider as ta how I got here in tha first place."

Twilight could've face hoofed, she wanted an apple, not an Apple!

The sound of quiet musical laughter drew her attention to the third presence in the room.


Celestia regained her composer before answering.

"I say a job well done, though you may have not gotten what you had originally intended you certainly have obtained something much harder to summon."

The princess giggle again behind a delicate hoof.

Twilight didn't know whether to beam at the praise or blush in shame at her mishap.

Applejack righted herself before bowing, now aware that she was in the presence of royalty.

"Good afer'noon your highness."

The Alicorn smiled down at her.

"Good afternoon Applejack. Would you like me to send you home?"

The earth mare nodded, slightly expecting the princess to call in a guard or something.

What she didn't expect was the princess's next actions; she had leaned down until the tip of her horn touched her forehead through blonde bangs.

With a short burst of power Applejack disappeared.

Twilight sat blinkingly at the spot where her good friend had previously been.

"I think that's enough practice for today Twilight."

Was it time to leave already?

The unicorn nodded, bowing gracefully with a sweet goodbye and a promise of more letters as soon as she learned something new.

Later that evening Twilight found herself in her library, surrounded by the books she loved and held dear.

It was getting late; Spike had been sent to bed about an hour or so ago.

The baby dragon was a big help, but during moments like this when absolute concentration was needed it was best to be alone.

"Okay, an apple. That's all I need, just an apple…."

Repeating this to herself under her breath, Twilight focused her energy into her horn and tried once again.


Deep purple eyes flew open at the sound, almost jumping back when she realized who she had summoned this time.

"B-Big Macintosh?"

The red coated famer stallion only snored in response.

Well this was awkward….

She had summoned an Apple, again, only this one was male.

Oh, and also asleep.

"Oh buck me sideways…."

After waking the huge stallion up (not an easy task in the least) she sent him on his way home with an apology and a scarf since the temperature had dropped slightly after the sun had set.

Steeling herself one last time, Twilight sparkle focused all the energy she could muster into the very tip of her horn.

Her horn gave off a harsh golden glow, all of the power barely containing itself into one point.

"I just….want….a bucking…..apple!"

Light engulfed the room as she left the power loose, hoping and praying to Celestia that it would finally turn out right.

There was another crash, though not as loud as Big Macintosh's had been.

To be honest, it actually sounded like less muscle had hit the floor this time.


Twilight's ears lowered, she definitely did not know this voice.

It was low and smooth, though unmistakably female.


Another female's voice, though slightly higher, she groaned shortly after questioning the previous occurrence.

When the smoke cleared (apparently that magic overload had kicked up the dust in the room) Twilight finally got a good look at the other two mares in the room.

One mare seemed to have landed on her face, her dark brown wavy mane streaked with red and stripes of pink in a zig -zag fashion.

She lifted her face to reveal sleepy dark magenta eyes with long tapering lashes.

She had a silky looking coat of chocolate brown and a curly tail to accompany her mane.

There also seemed to be a pink horn poking through her pretty curls.

The second mare seemed to be sprawled on her back, her royal blue eyes rolling in a dizzy fashion.

She had a shiny coat of navy blue, a long wild black mane with silver streaking through it and upon closer inspection a silver horn.

Twilight felt her legs give out under her.

These two mares weren't even remotely apple related…right?

The lavender unicorn pulled herself to her feet, intent on checking their cutie marks and apologizing for causing them trouble.

Seeing as the unicorn mare with the brown coat was closer she approached her first.

She had sat up by now and seemed to be looking around with unbridled curiosity.

The mare stood, giving Twilight a clear view of her blank side.

The magic loving unicorn blinked before shaking her head, she hadn't checked her other side yet.

With that in mind she tried viewing her from another angle.

It was blank as a new born foal.

"What the Celestia?"

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