After Twilight left the two mares went to explore.

They had only been walking for a bit, exploring Ponyville in a whole new way.
"It looks the way it does on the T.V."
The blue mare said hopping around.
She closed her eyes for a second and hopped ahead of her friend , only stopping when she ran into somepony else.
"Ow~ I'm sorry."
She said getting up.
"It's okay..."
The pink pony said.
Then she gasped looking at the blue pony she had never met before.
"Are you new?!"
The chocolate mare finally caught up with her friend.
"*GASP!* you are too?!"
The two mares looked at each other and then nodded to the excited pink mare.

"I'm Pinkie Pie it's very nice to meet you!"

Q opened her mouth to introduce herself and Bri, only to be stopped when Pinkie put a hoof up.

"Lemme guess your names~! Hmm...Blueberry rush and Cherry berry blitz~!"

The two mares looked at each other with horrified faces.

They both knew that those names were horrible.

The blue and chocolate mares whispered to each other and then finally came up with names for themselves.

"No but you were close Pinkie."

The pink pony stopped bouncing.

"Then what are your names?"

She asked tilting her head.

"I'm Cherry Ink and she's..."

Bri paused and Q cut in.

"I'm her sister Very Berry."

The pink earth pony resumed bouncing, any previous signs of being put off vanishing.

"Hey I should introduce you to my friends and give you a tour of Ponyville!"

Q got excited and started bouncing with the pink earth pony.

"That would be Pony-rific."

The bouncing mares gave a high-hoof to each other.

Bri sat back on her haunches, her eyes following their movements.
when the two over excited mares bounced away she stayed behind deciding to do a little solo exploring.

Q bounced with Pinkie Pie to a shop and then went in.


The white mare looked up from the dress she was making.

"Pinkie, What is it darling?"

The Pink mare ran over to her friend and dragged her over to meet Q or Very Berry.

"This is my new friend Berry!"

The white mare looked at the blue mare.

"Hello Berry."

She pulled away from Pinkie and went back to her dress.

"Sorry I just don't have the time right now."

She seemed really busy.

"I have to make three dresses and have them ready by tonight."

Pinkie bounced and then grabbed Q's hand.

"That's okay I'm gonna go take her to meet Apple Jack."

The white mare nodded.

"Okay see you two Darlings later."

Rarity said sewing on a ribbon.

Pinkie pulled Q or Berry...along with her.

"If we hurry we can catch up with Big McIntosh and get a ride to apple acres."

Q panicked on the inside and then tried to relax.

"Hey, Big McIntosh this is my new friend Berry."

Q froze and then introduced herself.

"H-Hi I'm...Berry"

He nodded.

"Can you give us a ride to Apple Acres?"

Pinkie asked bouncing around him and the cart.


Pinkie then hopped into the cart.

"Come on Berry! Hop in!"

Q lifted herself into the cart and sat down.

"I can't wait for you to meet Applejack!"

The Pink earth pony just kept her mouth moving and Q only said something when necessary.

When they finally entered Apple Acres Q looked around at the miles of apples.


She said while gaping.

"Hey Berry do you like apples?"

Q shook her head at the pink mare.

"Yes, I love apples!"

The blue pony said excitedly.

"Do you really?"

Pinkie asked tilting her head.

"Yes, I do."

The blue mare moved her mane out of her face.

"Especially green apples! They're the best!"

Big McIintosh looked over his shoulder at the two mares in the cart.

"We grow green apples further back on the property."

The blue mare was tempted to jump out the cart to find the apples she loved, but the her shyness over took her again when the red stallion made eye contact with her.

Light blush tinted the blue mares face.

Despite Pinkie's usual obliviousness she noticed the little interaction.

Well if things went the way her mind was going there would be a really big party soon...


The red mare nodded his head.

"I'll have to go check it out later."

The cart stopped and Pinkie Pie jumped out of the now not moving cart.

"Come on! We're here!"

She said bouncing away around the corner of the barn.

The blue mare jumped out of the cart.

"I can show you after I'm done."

Q turned around and looked at the stallion.

"Are you sure you're not too busy?"

She said blushing.


Pinkie ran over to Q and grabbed her hoof.

"Come on Apple Jack! You have to meet Berry!"

The blue and red pony stiffened.

"Okay then I'll see you later then."

She said nervously.


She started walking away.

"Thanks for the ride..."

He nodded and then trotted away.

PinkiPie grabbed Q by her arm and then dragged her.

"This is Berry!"

That's when Q noticed her friend Bri was missing.

She knew her friend could take care of herself so she just shrugged it off.

Meeting with AppleJack was short and simple.

"Well it was nice meetin ya' Berry."

The orange mare said tilting her hat.

Pinkie then grabbed Q's arm and started dragging her.

"Now you have to meet Fluttershy!"

The blue mare let herself be dragged along, hoping inside that Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were together.

When they got to the small cottage Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were having a drink outside of her house.

"Fluttershy! Rainbow Dash!"

The two pegasus looked at their friend.

Pinkie hopped over to them and Q just walked over.

"I wanted to introduce you to my new friend Berry!"

They looked at the blue mare.

"Nice to meet you I'm Berry."

The two pegasus smiled.

"It's nice to meet you I'm Fluttershy."

The yellow pegasus said.

"What's up? I'm Rainbow Dash."

After a while Rainbow Dash started bragging about how fast she was.

"I was like zoom! Leaving everyone in my dust!"

Time was going by and the bragging was starting to get on Q nerves.

"Oh! I almost forgot to introduce you to Twilight."

Pinkie said bouncing.

"I already met Twilight Sparkle."

They all looked at Q wierdly.

"You did?!"

Pinkie asked while she stopped bouncing.

"Yes she's...my cousin."

They all looked at her questioning.

"We should go back to apple acres because Applejack said she was going to make apple tarts!"

Q perked up because maybe when they got there Big McIntosh would probably be done.

"That's sounds delicious!"

Q said even though she didn't really care about the tarts.

"Goodbye Pinkie and Berry."

Fluttershy said.

"Bye Fluttershy bye Rainbow Dash."

Pinkie said dragging Q with her.

They hopped all the way to Applejacks house.

When they arrived you could smell the aroma of her tarts.


Pinkie was gone after that.

"Phew finally."

The blue mare sighed and then rested in the warm sun.

That's when a cool breeze went by.

"That mare is going to be the end of me..."

Thats when the pink mare called out to Q.

"Berry! You want some?!"

The blue unicorn shook her head.

"No thanks Pinkie."

The pink mare shrugged and then went back to stuffing her face.

"I can show you the green apples now."

Q jumped up at the sudden voice.

She hadn't heard his hoof steps.

"Did I startle ya?"
His voice low and mellow.

"A little but I'll be fine."

She said smiling sweetly at the red stallion.

He nodded and they proceeded on their small journey to the other side of the apple farm.