A possessed Tantei

Prologue (I do not owe Detective Conan)

AN: I shouldn't be starting this, instead I should update Welcome to Brotherhood and A Shrunken Life, but I couldn't get the idea out of my head, so I did this. WARNING: This contains a yaoi paring, meaning boyxboy. The paring is Kudo Shinichi x Hakuba Saguru. If you don't like yaoi or this paring, please don't read, or flame. I don't want to read any reviews bad-mouthing this paring. Okay, enough of that, please enjoy~.

June 23rd, 3 o'clock A.M

A dark shadow crept under through the window of one sleeping detective's room without making a sound. The shadow silently made its way to the peacefully sleeping detective. Once the shadow got to the bed, the shadow leaned over Shinichi, forming into a tall, slender shadow man. The shadow eyed over Shinichi and inwardly smirked.

The shadow carefully pushed the covers down to Shinichi's waist then, placed its right hand over Shinichi's cold bare chest, where his heart is located and its left hand over Shinichi's forehead. Without a second thought, the shadowy hands pushed through Shinichi's body where they were placed over.

In an instant, Shinichi's eyes snapped opened, agonizing pain churning within him. Shinichi let out a gasp when his eyes found the shadow man pushing its arms through his body. Shinichi flung his arms and legs out, kicking the covers off in the process, in an attempt to break free. Shinichi felt his heart pound against his chest, beating hard as if it were trying to keep calm but incapable to do so. His head ached; feeling like it was about ready to explode.

Shinichi continued to struggle, trying to get away from the shadowy man but the shadow kept its hold and pushed its arms deeper into Shinichi's body. Shinichi screamed out in pain. He felt like his heart and head was being dissected, his flesh and bones forcefully being ripped out in the most excruciating way possible, his own blood felt like it was going to drown him. Panic enclosed around Shinichi, the only thing he could actually think of was to get him into safety; trying all he could to get away, to keep himself away from the unknown assailant as possible.

Aggravated, the shadow pushed deeper, and Shinichi let out one final gasp before his body went limp. Shinichi's eyes rolled to the back of his head, the white of his eyes showed. Shinichi fell unconscious.

The shadow removed its arms from Shinichi's limp body and a smirk crawled out onto its shadowy face. The shadow then spread its arms out, its elbows bended slightly, its hands curved in. Within matters of minutes, the pale sleeping soul of Kudo Shinichi rose from the body of Kudo Shinichi. The soul floated in mid-air above the body, the soul's arms and legs dropped down, it's back arched up.

Above all of them, on the ceiling, a small black shadow swirled down like a mini tornado; it spiraled down, wind crashed against the walls, then everything stopped, including the unknown wind, when the spiraling shadow reached the empty space between the shadow man's arms. A small pure gold ring popped out and the black swirling shadow disappeared in an instant. The gold ring floated in the air.

The sleeping soul that currently floated in the air was pulled toward the ring. The pale soul stretched, the feet of the soul were pulled into the ring. Then within the second the entire soul got pulled into the ring. A bright, blinding white and purple light wrapped around the ring and the ring rose to the ceiling. The shadow watched in amusement and anticipation as the light devoured the ring.

A few minutes passed, the light slowly dimmed then went out leaving the room dark once again. The gold ring dropped, the shadow man catches it without a problem. He clutches it with satisfaction. A small medium black hole appeared above Shinichi's body and without hesitating; the shadow man tossed the ring into the black hole. Once the ring passed the dark edges, the black hole vanished without a trace.

The shadow man looked down at Shinichi's vulnerable body. The shadow man then, with a smirk, gracefully slipped into Shinichi's body. Any trace of a shadow man ever being there at all or any activity was all gone.

Shinichi's body slowly raised itself into sitting position, eyes closed. Then Shinichi's eyes snapped opened revealing dark bloody crimson red eyes. The eye color then changed into a bright brilliant blue. A dark smile made its way onto Shinichi's face.