Hakuba's eyes fluttered open finding himself staring at the ceiling. He slowly pulled himself up into a sitting position groaning in slight pain as he did. He looked around the familiar room; it took him a second to realize he was in his bedroom. How did he get here? The last he remembered he was in Shinichi's living room where Shinichi was… Hakuba grabbed a pillow from behind him and squeezed it as he felt something warm slid down his cheeks. He brought a hand to his eyes. He was crying. An action he never thought was possible after his mother had died. He rubbed his eyes with his arms in attempt to stop the tears from flowing but it flowed. He squeezed the pillow tighter. After a year of being together, he couldn't believe this would ever happen.

It was normal for couples to dissolve after some time together, love sometimes quivered and break after pressure from ongoing winds. But they neither never grew distant from each other nor did Shinichi showed any signs of wanting to leave him, though the thing that bothered him the most was that Shinichi had tried to kill him. Shinichi solved murders, he did not commit them, which is given for how much Shinichi hates murders and have no ability to understand them despite being amazing at solving them. But just the idea that the person he loved had tried to strangle him to death, it only resulted in more tears.

The sound of the doorbell ranged louder than his sobs. He slowly lifted his head. The doorbell ranged continuously forcing Hakuba to get off his bed and stand. He wiped his tears off and walked out of the room but before he could manage to make one leg out, he saw his reflection in the mirror. To be blunt, he looked like crap; his eyes were red and puffy, his hair was a mess, strands of hair stuck out in various unnatural places on his head, his white shirt was wrinkled and half of it was unbuttoned and only covered parts of the two bruises on his shoulders. The dark bruise around his neck was very visible. He contemplated on grabbing a scarf to cover his neck but the continuous ringing beckoned him to go to the door as soon as possible.

"I'm coming." He called out, hoping his voice did not sound too shaky or hoarse. He hurried down the stairs and to the door. He peered through the door peep hole. Kaito stood outside. No wonder why the doorbell continued to ring, he was annoying enough to do it. He opened the door and Kaito looked at him with a grin. His grin quickly disappeared and replaced with a frown.

"What happened, Hakuba?" Kaito immediately asked reaching out to his neck.

He just stared at the other teen dumbfounded before realizing he hadn't covered his bruises. He stepped back before Kaito could touch his bruises. "Nothing. What are you even doing here Kuroba?" He snapped back forcing his voice to stop quivering. Kaito stared at him in concern.

"Tell me what happened, Hakuba." Kaito demanded in a serious tone which made Hakuba blink in surprise. Kaito was never serious.

"Don't worry about it Kuroba. It's nothing. Now answer me, why are you here?" He responded hoping Kaito would just answer and leave it at that. He was afraid of Kaito's reaction.

Kaito stared at him hard for a few moments and Hakuba's shoulders tensed slightly; he held back a groan of pain. "Aoko is busy doing girl stuff with Keiko-chan, so I decided to come and hang out with you instead, though I kind of was forced to by Aoko." Kaito finally explained. "But I'm glad I came, you're injured and need treatment." Kaito added.

Hakuba sighed. "Somehow, that doesn't make me feel better." He mumbled and Kaito gave a small protest of 'hey'. He shook his head. "Don't worry, I'm fine. It's just a bruise, it would go away in due time." He assured. Though the memoires will always stay intact, he thought dully.

"Don't tell me that. Come on; let's go put some ice on that then you can tell me what happened." Kaito reassured resulting in him sighing once more. Why couldn't Kaito just leave him alone?

Before Hakuba finally made his decision and move aside to allow the annoying magician in the house, sirens rang loudly in his ears. He looked past Kaito causing Kaito to look behind him and he saw a red car park right in front of his car. That car seemed familiar. A young lady and man stepped out of the vehicle and Hakuba understood who they were detective Satou and Takagi made their way towards them. He is surprised by how fast the incident reached the police, oh how he hoped it did not reach his father.

"Hakuba Saguru, if I am correct?" Satou called out as they reached closer to them. Hakuba just nodded. Usually he would have no qualms about giving his statement to the police, all he wanted right now was to rest and forget the morning of his day. As the two detectives reached the door, they paused and stared at Kaito. "Kudo-kun?" Satou asked cautiously.

Kaito shook his head already used to being confused for the detective freak. "No ma'am. My name is Kuroba Kaito though I am a cousin of Shinichi-kun's." He said and to prove it, he snapped his fingers and a rose appeared. He handed it over to the female detective. Takagi frowned slightly.

"Oh." She said. "Well, I'm detective Satou and this is my partner detective Takagi." She introduced. Hakuba contemplated going inside and close the door while the three was distracted with each. He looked at Takagi when he spoke to Kaito.

"I guess you must have heard then? I'm sorry."

Kaito frowned. "Why are you apologizing? And what is that I must have heard? I just came here but Hakuba here refuses to tell me anything." Kaito asked annoyed at this new mystery. Mysteries were not his thing.

"I guess it's better you don't know." Satou told Kaito before facing Hakuba trying to remain a calm and serious face. He could tell she was reacting from the sights of the bruises. "Is it alright if we ask you some questions?" She asked. Hakuba sighed once more, he guess he didn't have a choice then. He rather answers their questions now than constantly be bugged for it. All he wanted was to rest. He nodded and moved aside allowing the two detectives to enter and Kaito joined as well. He didn't bother trying to get the magician out of his house; he did not have the strength or energy to do so.

He closed the door behind Kaito and led the three to his living room. "Since it seems that Baachan have stepped out for a moment, I'll go prepare some tea." He told them.

Takagi raised a hand. "A-ah, you don't have to do." He protested, not wanting the teen to strain himself. While Hakuba appreciate the thought, he was not weak.

Hakuba shook his head. "No worries. Besides, I need to put some ice on this." He assured them and he left them and walked to his kitchen. He boiled some water as he searched for ice and placed them in a bag, well three bags. He finished the tea and he poured them into the cups and placed them on a tray. As he was going to pick up the tray, Kaito picked it up and he stared dumbfounded at him. The magician grinned. "I got this, you carry the ice for yourself." He grabbed the bags and followed Kaito back into the living room. Takagi and Satou were standing.

Kaito placed the tray on the coffee table in the middle of the room and grabbed a cup, relaxing back into a chair. Hakuba plumped down on the sofa and took off his shirt mumbling an 'excuse me'. He placed the two bags on his bruised shoulders wincing in pain as the ice stung against the bruises. He heard three gasps; he ignored them as he carefully placed the remaining bag against his neck. He opened his eyes, he wondered when he had closed them, and he stared at the detectives.

Satou cleared her throat before looking straight at him. "Hakuba-kun, we came here concerning your case. Please don't worry, it was asked to be a low investigation." She started and he sighed in relief. She continued, "Can you please tell us what exactly happened?" She asked and out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Kaito sitting at the edge of the chair, intently listening.

Hakuba looked down, suddenly interested in the carpet. He hesitated for a few moments. He was not fond of being made the victim. "I-it started with Mouri-chan. She called me yesterday explaining to me how Shinichi hurt her; he made a bruise on her leg, and she told me he was acting out of character. That wasn't like Shinichi so I told her I would talk to him about it and understand what happened for him to act like that. Before Mouri-chan called me, Shinichi and I agreed to meet at his place this morning. So when I went his morning, h-he let me in with a rude attitude unusual for him even if he was in a bad mood. I followed him into the living room and he told me to sit…" He explained the rest of the awful memory including what Shinichi had said about their love. Once he finished speaking, he realized he was crying. He rubbed against his eyes to stop the tears from their journey, it only slowed the progress.

Kaito abruptly stood, all eyes landed on him. "There is no way Shinichi would ever do that. He loves you, Ran-chan and his parents. You're not going to arrest him are you?" Kaito asked the two police officers who stared at the magician wide-eyed. They hesitated before Satou answered and Takagi only looked down.

"We were ordered to only if we saw him." She answered staring right into Kaito's indigo eyes. Kaito shook his head and he looked at Hakuba expectantly.

"Are you going to let them do that? I know Shinichi, this is something he would never do, it has to be someone else disguising as him, and you're the detective. You need to solve this mystery." Kaito asked him in a serious tone and Hakuba blinked at him before returning his gaze back to the carpet. He had no clue on what to do. He honestly believed Kaito on that Shinichi who had assaulted him really is not Shinichi but he was there and it was Shinichi who was there. He typically would advocate for someone who acted on this type of crime to be arrested and face the charges he should but…

Wincing in pain, he threw his shirt to Takagi who fumbled when he caught the shirt. "Shinichi was playing with my shirt before he grabbed my neck. C-could you check for fingerprints and make sure if it really was him?" He asked as he looked down, his bangs covering his eyes, his voice was dead. He couldn't believe the words slipped out of his mouth.

Takagi looked at him before looking down at the shirt in his hands. "Yes, we'll get right on it." The detective said as he placed the shirt down on the cushion next to him and he put his gloves on. The two detectives stood up.

"I guess we should be going back and get more information." Satou said before passing Hakuba her card who took it without emotion. "Here is my number, call me or Takagi-kun in case you have more information about Shinichi or Shinichi's whereabouts. We'll call you if have any new information about the case." She said before the two exited the house with a hidden pained expression on their faces.

Hakuba stood up, keeping his head down. All he wanted to do right now was rest and try to forget. As he headed up the stairs he saw Kaito with his arms crossed looing up at him with a disappointed face. "What is it Kuroba?" He snapped.

"What are you doing Hakuba?" Kaito asked and Hakuba knew Kaito was not inquiring about his current action of going upstairs but to why he gave his shirt to the detectives. "I'm still a detective Kuroba, I'm still responsible to make sure the criminal still goes down and get what he deserves." He said ignoring the twinge in his heart as the words flowed from his mouth. He still is a detective; he should not let emotions get in the way of an investigation.

"Are you sure Shinichi is a criminal?" Kaito asked in a serious tone. Hakuba continued to look at Kaito. No, he knew Shinichi was no way a criminal or a murderer. It simply was not possible but the police would find Shinichi's fingerprints on his shirt and his evidence and his statement is evidence to what Shinichi attempted to do.

"Kuroba, I'm looking at the facts and evidence. I- I can't just deny it." He said trying not to break into tears again. He hoped Kuroba did not hear the crack in his voice.

"I don't care about the facts. I'm asking you if you are sure he is a criminal?" Kaito tried once more.

Hakuba looked up. "Everyone is capable." He muttered and he heard a snort. He looked down at Kaito who turned his back to him.

"Bull. I'm going to find Shinichi myself and set this straight." Kaito said angrily and Hakuba blinked. Kaito was angry; Kaito was never angry or serious. Even if they fought sometimes, Kaito never took it very seriously. Hakuba winced; Kaito seemed scary at the moment. Hakuba hurried down the stairs and grabbed Kaito's arm. Kaito looked at him and Hakuba paused. His eyes, he has never seen those cheerful eyes ever so determined or stern since he ever knew Kaito. "W-wait." He finally managed to say. Kaito continued to stare at him as if telling him to go on. "I don't think you should go after him Kuroba. He is not himself and this person I met a few hours earlier is dangerous. He did not seem to care if he hurt his own father, what would make you, his cousin any different?" He locked eyes with Kaito who was intensely staring back at him.

Kaito wrenched his arm away from him. "I'm always going to be here for Shinichi and protect him and I'm going to continue just that. You're welcome to come either to stop me or help me or you can just stay here and sulk." Kaito said as he broke into a run and exited the house. Hakuba ran after him not caring if he was only wearing pants and shoes or if he did not lock the door.

"Kuroba! Wait!" He shouted at Kaito who continued to run ahead of him. He was tired but he did not want to give up on Shinichi. Kuroba was correct, he was the detective, he needed to look at this case with a different angle and not keep peering through the same perspective as he had witnessed. He shouted once more to the magician who eventually slowed to a stop. Hakuba stopped next to him and bended over catching his breath. "Geez, Kuroba. Why couldn't you have waited when I asked?" He breathed out.

Kaito only stared at him. "I was in a hurry and I don't want to be delayed with a hesitating-"

"I decided," Hakuba exclaimed cutting off Kuroba from finishing his sentence. "I'll come with you and help you. I honestly do not believe this is Shinichi despite the facts and I want to prove that otherwise. And by the way, do you have a shirt I can borrow? I do not particularly like being shirtless especially with these bruises…" He told Kaito who gave him a small smile. Kaito looked around seeing the concerned expressions on bystanders as they stared at Hakuba. Kaito snapped his fingers and a dark green turtleneck appeared on Hakuba.

"Thanks." Hakuba mumbled and they resumed walking which he deduced was to the train station.

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