Mitzukuni: Takashi good morning

Takashi: good morning mitzukuni

Tamaki: good morning mori senpai huni senpai

Mitzukuni, Takashi: morning tama chan, Tamaki

Kyoya: morning everyone

Twins: morning

Tamaki: has anyone seen haruhi

Before anyone could answer him, The chairman comes over on the megaphone

Yuzuru: to all students and staff there is student that is not to be disturbed by anyone and that includes you Tamaki and is excused from all classes today that is all oh and have a happy last day before the holiday

Mitzukuni : takashi I'm getting tired lets go to the room now please

Takashi: come on mitzukuni we will see you guys later ok

Kyoya, Tamaki, twins: ok mori senpai

Mitzukuni and takashi go to the room where haruhi is asleep

Mitzukuni: takashi look there is someone else here and they are asleep in the other bed

Takashi: yes I know mitzukuni

Mitzukuni: well this is my room to sleep in takashi are you thinking what I am that this person is haru Chan

Takashi: yes I think that it is her mitzukuni lets leave her to sleep Mitzukuni : but why would haru Chan want to use this room

Takashi: I don't know mitzukuni just go to sleep and I'll stay here ok

Mitzukuni: ok takashi

3 hour later mitzukuni is still asleep and haruhi wakes up and see mitzukuni in the other bed asleep cuddling usu Chan which she remembers she gave to him when they were younger


Haruhi: mitzu what's wrong why are you crying

Takashi: he fell over on the way here

Haruhi: here mitzu you can keep usu Chan, but you have to promise that when I am ever feeling down that you have to give her back to me and then you can have her back once I feel better again

Mitzukuni *sniffs*: thank you haru chan I promise

End of flashback*

Takashi: haruhi are you ok

Haruhi: I'm fine takashi *lying because she is not fine*

Takashi: I don't believe you, you know that you can trust both me and mitzukuni with anything and we will listen to what you have to say and be here for you if you need us and we promise not to tell Tamaki or the others what you have told us now tell me what's wrong

Haruhi: its my father, he died 2 weeks ago

Takashi: oh haruhi, I'm sorry for your loss, is there anything you need or anything that we can do to help you

Haruhi: no I have everything sorted, my uncle is moving my stuff to the house that my mother left me and I won't have that far to walk to school anymore since it is only down the road about 10 minutes away.

Takashi: oh I see, its almost lunch time did you bring a lunch with you haruhi

Haruhi: no I forgot but I think that if I leave now I can get something from the cafeteria to eat

Takashi: haruhi before you go I have a couple of question for you, who is your uncle

Haruhi: the chairman he's my uncle, what is your next question

Takashi: why do you sound older than you look haruhi

Haruhi: that is because I am older than I look takashi, I have a rare disease that if I am upset or too stressed I go in to a standstill, it mean that my body shuts down and make it look like I am in a coma type state, after my mother died the disease hit me I was 6 at the time and I stopped for 10 years and I only woke up from that state about 6 years ago, I may look the same age as the twins but I am really 20 years old I just turned 20 today but Tamaki and the twins and Kyoya just think that I just turned 13 today but that is not the case.

Takashi: oh I see is there a cure for your disease

Haruhi: no there isn't one

Takashi: won't your disease hit you again now that your father has died haruhi

Haruhi: it could but it hasn't yet, oh and you can tell mitzukuni about my father but only him though, I'll see you later at the club takashi

Takashi nods and haruhi leaves the room and goes to the cafeteria to eat her lunch before, anyone else gets there and then to her sanctuary that she has in the gardens the only other people that knows about that is her twins sister and her uncle because it is the garden that she did with her mother and aunt before her mother died with her twins sister but her uncle lets Kasanoda in to the sanctuary to water the plants every so often and today happens to be that day.