One and Only

Disclaimer: I do not own the work that originally inspired this piece of writing. Characters etc belong to L.J. Smith and the Production of the TV Show "Vampire Diaries"
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I started this story inspired by many wonderful Klaroline stories,
"One and Only" by Adele
and a dream that I had recently:)

I'm usually Team Damon, but Klaus is just next in line for me,
so I thought that he also deserves a story with my new OC:)

As I said, I'm not native, so if anyone would like to become my BETA reader,
I would be very grateful:)

Enjoy the Prologue of O&O!



I can understand that it was just too much for my family to come to California for my graduation ceremony. I can understand the fact that when I came back to Mystic Falls my room looks just the way I left it four years ago. I can understand that my family can still be a little bit angry at me that after our parents died I still wanted to come back to Stanford to finish my degree. After all, I didn't want to lose my full scholarship. Well, they express their anger by not arriving at the airport. I get it!

What I cannot understand is why my little sister, Elena, is telling me today that Mystic Falls is full of… what? VAMPIRES?!

I'm sitting in our living room and staring dumbly at Lena, Jeremy and Jenna.

Elena sends me a concerned look "I know it's a lot to take in, Cas, but if it wasn't so important we would wait a little bit longer…"

Jenna rolls her eyes. "Yeah, you would wait two years, like it was with me…" I assume she is still angry at them for keeping it a secret for so long. Well, that's what she tells me and that's also one of the reasons they are explaining me everything right now, the morning after I came back from Stanford.

I would never believe what they were saying, but for Christ's sake, I saw HIM! I saw this monster face that Elena's friend had today. If the circumstances were different, I would laughed at them all and call them crazy. I'm a grown up woman, an accomplished one. Hell, I've just made my BA degree!

"You really want me to believe that such creatures like vampires even exist?" I ask them finally. They want to answer me, but then, this whole Damon Salvatore shows up again in the living room, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"If you don't want to trust your own family, then I can make you believe…" I don't understand what he actually means, but I see Elena does, because she looks at him sharply. He doesn't care at all. "You know, I can show you everything once more…".

Strangely, this time it is I who is irritated. Well, I think I should be at least a little bit scared, but no. I'm just angry and still overwhelmed by all of this. "Thanks, but I think I pass…" I stand up and begin pacing around the room. "So you're saying that there are actually vampires in Mystic Falls." I look at all five of them: Jenna, Jeremy, Elena and two Salvatore brothers – this infuriating Damon and Lena's boyfriend, Stefan. Actually, they all nod simultaneously. If this situation wasn't so absurd, I would laugh at that. Let's say, I understand the first part of their story. "You also say that there is some kind of the oldest vampires in the world, called the Originals, and that one of them is after Elena." I look at them once more. They all nod once more, but this time Damon starts to speak once more.

"And that's exactly why all of you have to move to our Boarding House. No vampire can enter the house without invitation." His tone once again makes me clench my teeth.

I narrow my eyes. "And why is that? Don't tell me that this big, bad Original can come here, because you let him." They exchange looks. "Oh, I see…"

I can only think that if I stayed home after our parents died I wouldn't let any of this to happen. It's strange, but I don't feel fear, only anger: at myself, at any single one of them – for not telling me about it sooner. I wouldn't care about my studies or anything if they told me earlier that my family is in danger.

They all stare at me, I suppose, waiting for my reaction. If they expect that I shall scream or ran away like crazy, they will be disappointed. I think at least one of them expects something like that to happen. I look at the elder Salvatore and see his smirk. He must really enjoy this whole thing. When I notice this, I look in different direction. This particular man somehow reminds me of someone I'd prefer forget for good. Someone I cared about too much. Someone whose I wanted to be one and only love, just as he was and, unfortunately, still is mine – Nik.