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Chapter 16
Can't Take My Eyes Off You


1,5 year ago...

Maybe he wouldn't react so sharply to her words if they weren't so close to the truth. Normally he would definitely take advantage of her. He would probably drain her almost to death and later compel her to forget. Or he would make her his play toy - for sex, for blood or just for some company sometimes. That's what he would most probably do any other time. But not this one.

He noticed her the moment he entered the club. He was bored and he came there in one single purpose - to find himself a dinner and a sex partner for this night. Yet, this girl caught his attention and all evening he couldn't think about anyone except her.

In spite of the terrible noise and crowd, his supernatural hearing detected her hearty, tinkling laugh. Living almost a thousand years has made him think that nothing could surprise him anymore. Yet, hearing her laugh, he instantly turned his head in her direction.

She was on the floor, dancing with her friends and laughing, probably because they were trying to dance and have their drinks at the same time. Her long, golden hair shining brightly in the hundreds of lights that were illuminating the room... Everything about her was sparkling and just full of light - her hair, her perfect ivory skin, her full lips grinning from ear to ear, even her silver dress. He found himself unable to take his eyes off her.

And then, when he tried to hit on her, she just... turned him down. Usually he would just compel her to obey him, but he would never expect that her refusal would be such a turn on. From that moment he acted like if he was ignoring her and he enjoyed the attention of a bunch of women interested in him. Yet, his focus was still on her and he used his supernatural senses to be able to hear her conversations with her friends. He couldn't stop smirking when she admitted that she's attracted to him and they made her come to him eventually.

Maybe he changed his mind the moment he realized she's been actually heart broken because of some guy that didn't want her. What an idiot! And because of him this girl didn't want to have anything to do with all men! Lord, have mercy upon such fools that would do that. Klaus himself would never let something like that happen. That's what the compulsion was for. The women he let live after he fed on them were always happy and he made sure that they remembered him well.

No, when she came to him and later when they danced together, he was still going to feed on her that night, no matter how drunk she was and how she wasn't able to think straight. Well, she must have been actually flying, because after they were rubbing against each other in a dance and he could sense her arousal, she really asked him to take her home with him. That was exactly what he expected and what he wanted.

Then, when they were finally in his black Ferrari and he was driving home, she just... fell asleep. And then it happened. In his thousand years he didn't remember anyone to just fall asleep in his presence that way – peacefully, like a baby. It was like if she trusted him enough to just do that. He looked at her face and could just marvel at her beauty. In his entire existence he never met a girl so full of light, that could actually illuminate everything about her. And then he knew he would never be able to hurt her.

So, he had to curb his desire to feed from her or to just have her that night. Instead he took her to his mansion in Pacific Heights and carried her bridal style to his bedroom, treating her like a priceless treasure.

And now she stands in front of him, and he realizes that her defiance and her stubbornness still rather tempt than repel him. However, maybe she shouldn't know that when she's been sleeping he's already got some sketches of her. Better not freak her out, especially since she agreed to get to know him better.

Not that he's going to let her go now. At least not till he tastes those rosy, pouty lips and makes her his.


Present times

"Cas, don't tell me that you actually agreed to spend the day with a total stranger!" Elena seems outraged by my behavior. I'm actually drunk enough to retort her.

"Well, you're the one to talk, really. Don't tell me you decided to date a vampire, even knowing what he really was!" I cross my arms and narrow my eyes at her.

"But he's the one who KILLED me! And he wanted to kill Jenna!" She screams and I'm very happy about those soundproof walls in the suite.

"How was I supposed to know that he's bad? I didn't know who he was till I saw him at the Salvatore's door!" I'm screaming even louder than my little sister. "Besides, remember, that he actually didn't kill Jenna thanks to me!" I put the glass with gin on the table so fast that half of its content spills onto it.

"Guys, relax!" Thankfully Caroline, the voice of reason, speaks up. I guess that thanks to her being a vampire her alcohol tolerance is way higher than ours. "Lena, don't yell at your big sister. She already told that she didn't know who Klaus was. And you," she points her finger at me, "better tell us you didn't sleep with him the first night…" I bite my lip and try to look everywhere but at them. "Cass!" I hear her voice quivering with indignation.

"What?!" I finally ask, acting totally innocent. Their eyes are big as plates and their mouths are dropped open. "Well, I already told you I didn't sleep with him the first night, 'cause I lost consciousness before anything could happen…" Their faces are still the same. "And the truth is, I really had fun with him that day." What's infuriating, they both roll their eyes when I say that, "We ate breakfast together, then we played 20 questions…"

"You did WHAT?" Elena's expression is priceless this moment. "You played 20 questions with the worst villain that walks this earth?"

I raise my brows, confused. "And so what? How many times I have to tell you, sis, I didn't know who he was! And yes, we played 20 questions and then, when I told him I want to become an architect and I found out he's also an artist, we decided to go to SFMOMA, because although I've lived in San Francisco already for two years, I'd never been there."

Ok, that is a real bombshell. Saying that they are in shock would be an understatement.

"He's… an artist?" This time is Caroline who asks, unable to believe that.

I cross my arms and pout. "Well, yes, actually he is. I told him that when I was little I wanted to paint, but the only thing I was able to paint and to draw were the buildings and that's why I decided to become an architect. Then I asked if he paints and found out he painted every single painting that hung in his house. Trust me, he is not only an artist, but a really talented one." They still seem unconvinced. "Never mind, the point is, he took me home so I could change my dress and heels into something more comfortable and we visited SFMOMA after that…"


1,5 year ago…

"And here we have…" Nik starts, but I interrupt him.

"Matisse's The Bay of Nice." I stop in front of the painting and just contemplate it for a moment.

"That's correct." I hear his voice beside me, but don't turn my head. "So I suppose now you're going to tell me Matisse is your favourite painter, just like you told me with Renoir, Cézanne and Toulouse-Lautrec…" Without looking at his face I can sense his amusement.

Luckily, we are visiting SFMOMA while there is The Steins Collect exhibited. There are many works by Picasso, Matisse, Renoir and Toulouse-Lautrec. I've always enjoyed the works of the Parisian Avant-Garde, so I have the time of my life. Especially with Nik as a guide. He has a really great knowledge about art and I can listen to his voice for hours, while he's talking about the works we are able to see. Well, also his sexy British accent has something to do with it.

"I like Matisse. I love the vivid colors he usually uses… Actually, I have a poster of his The Window Interior with Forget Me Nots in my bedroom. But the truth is, there is another work of his that I'd love to see…"

"And that is…?" He asks, apparently intrigued.

I smile to myself before I answer him. "That's The Silence that Lives in Houses."


I shrug. "I guess, I love this contrast between the darkness and the light there. It makes me wonder, think about what I'd like more – be on the outside, with those bright colors, full of light, or maybe I'd prefer to explore this darkness, this so called 'silence' that's in the house…"

Then I hear him whisper soo quietly, that I barely notice him saying: "I don't think you belong to the darkness, love. You're the incarnation of light…"

That make me turn my head in his direction, to look him in the eyes, which isn't easy with the huge difference of height between us. "Why would you say something like that?" I don't understand.

He grins and once again I see those adorable dimples that make me smile too. "I say that, because I have eyes, sweetheart." He then points at my outfit.

Well, that would be right. I'm wearing a dress with sandals and a bag – everything in yellow and white. When I realize that, I chuckle and he follows suit.

Later we are leaving the museum and I decide to ask him something that has been nagging at me since I've found out he's also an artist.

"So… Thank you for enjoying with me some of the masterpieces of my favorite painters, but what I'm really curious about is your work…" I say casually, while he's ushering me to his black Ferrari on the parking lot.

"That can be done, dear Cassandra, if only you would be willing to accompany me to dinner tonight."

I can't help myself. I flash him a smile and quickly answer: "I'd love to."

Then he helps me sit on the passenger seat in his car and I notice he's grinning like Cheshire cat, once again showing dimples and with this twinkle in his eyes. "So it's settled, love. Now I take you home, but I'll come for you at eight…"

I nod, already feeling excited. That's the first time a guy takes time to get to know me, that seems interested in me, not in my abilities to help him to pass a test in school. I must admit that I've been worried, but now I really enjoy Nik's company and I feel I can talk to him like if we have known each other whole life. He's charming, fun and he's got a strange ability to make me smile. He didn't seem bored, like some guys did, when I told him about my love for action and adventure movies or now TV shows and in childhood – comic books and anime. He seemed rather amused, when I, excited like I always am, talked about my favorite TV shows and why, 10 years old, I always preferred Sailor Moon over Dragon Ball, which was Adam's favorite. Actually, it looks like if he was the first guy for a very long time that takes me seriously. When we talk, he doesn't treat me as some stupid, little blonde that absolutely accidentally happened to score 152 in the IQ tests.

It's amazing like one morning and afternoon spent together could change my opinion of him. He dared me to get to know him, and it seems that any new information about him makes me more drawn to him. In the daylight I still see how ridiculously hot and masculine he is, his voice and sexy accent still gives me shivers, but I also see there is more of him than meets the eye. His sense of humour, his knowledge about art and the world, his intelligence and this twinkle in his eye – that's what makes me want to go to dinner with him.

When he draws up the front door of my building and I wave goodbye to him to get prepared for the night, I can't help but think about one thing. What if we didn't go to that club with Lizzie and Gigi? What if I didn't get my act together? What if I didn't stop being so reluctant? I guess, I would still be upset about Adam's wedding and definitely I wouldn't have such a good time in SFMOMA. And… I wouldn't meet Nik. I think that is the thing I'll never regret...

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