Why Me?

Chapter One: The Start of My New Life

"This is just a pain in the ass!" I scream. "First the break-up and now this!?" My eyes burn from all the tears, and my throat itches from all the screaming that has occurred in the past few minutes. It feels like the entire world is falling from under my feet and just killing me not so softly.

"I want you to know that this is not just my decision! It is your fathers too! We want what's best for you, and even though we despise each other to no end, it doesn't mean we both don't care for you!" My mother retaliates.

My mind is screaming in confusion, anger, and pain. I have to clear it, get some fresh air.

I run outside and then through the cloudy day down the street to the only place l know is safe for me to reveal my thoughts, but l know it is the worst place for me too. I am going to have to reveal the entire ordeal of what just happened to my best friend, Sarah.

As l run into the door of her house, l knock a lot louder than anything close to polite. I wait, my patience growing thinner and my tears threatening to spill out of my eyes in a matter of seconds. Sarah opens the door and stares at me with her blue eyes getting wider every passing moment, l can almost feel the worry radiating off her.

l jump into her arms and let the tears spill. "Sarah, who is at the door?" Her mom yells from the back of her house.

"It's Melanie, mom!" She shouts back before leading me to her room. She sits with me, the only sound heard is the sound of my depressed moping. As l finally calm down, l start to tell the story from the very beginning to the moment l banged on her door.


"Melanie, can you come in here a minute, darling?" I hear my mom call.

"Coming!" l call back. I race down the stairs in the house me, my mom, dad, two younger twin sisters, and older brother share. I hear her call the names of my two sisters, Stacy and Mia, and brother Liam too, so l know it must be an important announcement.

When l come down stairs, mom and dad are at opposite ends of the table, not very unusual since they have been doing that for quite a while now. I sit down and am soon joined by my three other siblings. I am very curious to hear what the announcement is, but the aura my parents are giving off is just so depressing. I know they have been fighting, but can't they get through it, if not for undying love for each other, for their four kids?

"We have an announcement to make," starts my dad with a serious tone. "I know this will probably be hard to adapt to, and we have had you kids in our mind the entire time, but your mother and l have decided to get a divorce."

The room and time stood still. The shock on our faces must be clear as day because my mom started talking fast to get everything over with. "Along with that, l have decided to move back to Japan, and will be taking Liam and Melanie with me." My jaw was on the floor, while Liam wasn't showing no emotion whatsoever. Did mom just say that we, scratch that, Liam, mom, and l, were going to Japan?

The twins were crying, they were only nine, much to young to understand this situation, but they do understand the important part of it. My parents hate each other. Mom, Liam, and I are moving away from them. We may not see each other for months. My world is falling apart, but theirs must already be in shatters.

Liam, being the oldest at 18, is taking this how he takes care of everything. Pretend it doesn't hurt him, when in actuality, he is crying on the inside. Please, say something Liam! It doesn't seem like he is going to though, so that is when l speak up. "Wh-h-y-y?" l ask, my voice is unusually shaky, and my calm aura had been replaced by the feelings of sadness, depression, even hell may be an acceptable word in this situation.

"It is much too early for you to understand why, just take our word when we say it is for the best. We leave tonight, pack your bags immediately. We're going to Atlanta to stay for a night before we go." My mom directs at Liam and I.

"How can l accept that?!" I exclaim, the anger and frustration clearly coming out, my voice getting louder and louder. "l am 15! I think l can understand! You're my parents! Your relationship is ultimately my business, as it effects me in the end!" I scream.

"Calm down Mel." Is all l hear Liam say before l let loose the rest of the fury inside me.

"This is just a pain in the ass!" I say, "First the break-up and now this!?" My eyes burn from all the tears, and my throat itches from all the screaming that has occurred in the past few minutes. It feels like the entire world is falling from under my feet and just killing me not so softly.

"I want you to know that this is not just my decision! It is your fathers too! We want what's best for you, and even though we despise each other to no end, it doesn't mean we both don't care for you!"

Flashback over...

"And that's around the time that I ran over here" I admit.

After a moment of silence, Sarah speaks up. "So, that's the story, huh?" She asks. I can hear the pain and sadness ringing crystal clear in her voice. The last thing l wanted to do was break the news to one of the most important people in my world. She tried perking up by putting a smile on her face, but it was such a fragile and transparent mask, I knew it was going to break any second. "This is such a great cultural experience! You can eat amazing Japanese food, read the latest manga, meet cute boys! It has been my life long dream to go there, but l could never speak Japanese. I am going to miss you so much..." She starts before she breaks down. We started crying in each others arms and soon we were fast asleep in damp clothes and with snotty shoulders.


l woke up in a car. The only light was coming from the GPS in the front. l did not realize where l was, why l am here, or how. Then l remembered the events that passed what only felt a few minutes ago, but must have been many hours instead. I bolted up and recognized Liam's and mom's faces staring at what was a giant Las Vegas style hotel. "Where are we?" l asked. My voice was raspy, and my throat sore, but l repeated the words, this time a little louder. " Where are we?" I wait a moment before I hear an answer.

"Atlanta. We went to Sarah's house to see if you were there, and sure enough you and Sarah were cuddled on her futon with damp shirts. So l had Liam pick you up and bring you to the car." Said my mom.

When she mentioned Sarah my heart dropped. I never said good bye to her, or the twins, or even my dad. I even feel a hole in my heart where my cat used to be. Liam and mom got out of the car and then l slowly followed. Mom got her bags, Liam got his and mine.

I followed him in and he slowed just before mom got to the reception desk to check in. "I am sorry that l can't explain what happened, and more so that you couldn't say good bye to anyone, but mom is heartbroken and l am not in any position to oppose the person who gave me some of the most important things in my life, other than birth." He tells me. I instantly knew he meant me and the twins. He never really cared for dad. I never could find the reason why, but l am not going to be the one that intrudes into his personal life and be the first to see him angry.

The entire rest of the night l spent contemplating about everything. How are the twins? Why, what happened that caused the destruction of my world? Why am I so mad at mom? Liam said she's heartbroken, but I feel she must not have done her part in the marriage, why else would we be stuck in this mess? I fall asleep with still so many tiresome, unanswered questions still floating around in my head.

Why me?

The Next Day After A 15 Hour Flight

"Hello." Said the lady who accompanied us off the plane. I knew mom was an important person, but l feel like her work requires her to do it a lot more than she shows.

"Hello. Can you please give us a map of Tokyo?" She asks the asisstant. After exchanging a couple more words, the lady leads us to a brochure stand. And after a few more words, we are off in a rented car.

After a couple minutes we are at a small apartment building. Very unexpected from the large house we owned back in America. We walked up the stairs and unlocked the door the second a man walked out of the apartment next to us. He was... dare l say...pretty. He wore three inch heels and a red party dress with and incredibly expensive looking purse. His hair was a more mellow shade of bright maroon and it was let down in soft delicate locks.

"You must be the new neighbors!" He exclaimed. He scanned my moms shocked face, my brothers expressionless one, and my smiling one. For a minute, all my troubles went away. This was going to be amazing! Life will never be boring! We have a freakin' tranny as a neighbor! Can this get any better? Then it did.

"Dad, stop scaring the new neighbors!" said a girly voice floating from the apartment. I soon found the owner of it as a ...person... an inch or two shorter than me, walked out of the apartment. She was obviously a girl, even though she was wearing a boys uniform. Cross-dressing must run in the family.

"Hey, I'm Haruhi, and this is my dad Ranka." She said before giving us a charming smile. I talk first, my mother was still taking in the look of our new transvestite neighbor and the fact he has a daughter, and Liam still had the same expressionless mask on as he always does.

"Hello, l am Melanie Smallwood. This is my brother Liam Smallwood, and my mother Misa Suzuki." I say and then return my version of a friendly smile. The look on my mothers face after l say her new last name, makes me want to cry, I want to know so much what happened to bring our current situation up.

"Well, it was great meeting you, but never once have l been late to class. Please, come over tomorrow for dinner so we can talk more. I plan on making some sushi! Maybe while l am at it, l may as well invite the guys too... never mind that. See you later!" And with the Haruhi runs off to go to school with a slight wave.

Ranka then looks at us and says "I am actually the father of that girl, l just work at a professional gay bar. I need to make that clear. Those host club boys really took my appearance in with a bit of a shock, but you two," He points to me and Liam, "don't seem very surprised at my clothes or hair. Why?"

I look at him and say with a confident smile," I can't, won't, and see absolutely no reason to judge anyone based on how they look on the outside. The inside is what counts anyway, right?" I ask.

He looks at me in astonishment for a second and then says "You and Haruhi must be twins. She told them boys the exact same thing. They are handsome, but a certain host is a real narcissist... " He says with a hint of annoyance making an appearance in his tone. I could see him start to dig his perfectly manicured nails into his palm, l think l may have struck a nerve. He quickly realizes what he's doing, stops, and gives me a smile.

"Oops! Sorry, l almost got carried away! I don't want to scar our new neighbors too much on their first day here. But anyway, you and Haruhi will be best friends, l just know it! I approve of you a lot more than him... " He starts.

The Morning After The Meeting

"First day of school!" My mom chants as l exit the car to go to Ouran Academy.

"Bye mom." l say as l go to the front gates. The yellow dress seems very bright against my skin, so l feel like l am standing out. Liam is six foot one so we had to re-order his pants, but they are going to come in this afternoon. His pants just slightly show his white socks. His face has 'I feel stupid' written all over it.

"Damn, rich people..." He whispers under his breath.

"We are rich too!" I snap at him.

"But we don't act like it, do we!" He snaps back. I must admit that he has a point, even when we lived in the house in Georgia we never acted rich, we still had chores, and get our regular allowance.

"Damn, rich people..." We mumble together.

"Time to separate, see ya!" l say to Liam. He nods to me and then goes to room 3A. I need to go to 1A, but this school is so huge, l just can't find it. Then l run into my angel in disguise, Haruhi. "Oh Haruhi!" I exclaim.

"Yep, that's my name, don't wear it out!" She says before laughing.

"I can't find room 1A." l read off my school brochure.

"We're in the same homeroom, just follow me!" Said a slightly over excited Haruhi.

That was how my first day at Ouran started. Pretty good if you ask me, but after school is when the interesting things happened...

After School

"What do you mean, you can't pick me and Liam up from school?!" l say into the cell phone. After the rest of the conversation ended, l let out my anger in a not-so quiet way, as in Liam was plugging his ears. Even he could only get an earful before he went crazy. But then l fortunately give up on my pointless anger and looked for a good place for Liam and l to study. Even though we are rich, we still need good grades to one day own the family business. Owning our families hospital business isn't my view of my perfect dream life, but since my world is already ruined, l don't see how owning it can possibly make my life that much worse.

You would think with four libraries there would be one quiet place to study. Sadly not. Luckily from a couple girls l heard of some type of abandoned music room, that sounds very quiet, but at the same time, l feel that there is more to it than being abandoned. This is a rich people school! You would think every room is inhabited by some pointless club or extravagant sport, but l guess not. l ask them anyway and they were nice enough to specify that it is the one on the third floor and that we will know it when we see it. Me and Liam make our way down the hallway on the third floor and then l put my hand on the handle and open the door. What was on the other side, was probably my greatest therapy l could ever imagine, and the idiots that we had the fortunate pleasure of knowing and calling friends.

And that was the start of my new life here at Ouran Academy, and my new adventures with the Host Club.

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