Summary: When MonkeyFist attacks an Oscorp Train, Kim and Ron head to New York to investigate. But strange things are happening to them and it only gets stranger when they meet Spidey and the gang

AN: This is a collation fic between myself, ilikehats2, and the master mind behind this plot bunny, Zak Saturday. I have been picked out of the three of us to host this fic on my page; but sadly because I am currently between Internet services at the moment you can probably expect an update every other week. If any of you guys have any ideas or comments please fell free to review or drop a PM to any of the others. Enjoy ^^

Chapter 1: A lesson in Mutation

"You think that after the whole deal with Warmonga, you would think that we would get a break. But no! Here we are on the OUTSIDE of a speeding bullet train traveling around Mt. Middleton." Kim Possible rolled her eyes at her long time best friend and boyfriend. Though she had to admit, if only to herself, that Ron had a point.

"Amp down Ron. Wade said this should be an easy mission. We slip in, make sure all the cargos still there and we go home. " "Yea I get that. But why couldn't we be inside the train?" "We would have made it on time if SOMEBODY hadn't overslept." "You so can't blame me for that KP. Rufus has been sick all this week. Have you ever cleaned up Mole rat puke. I'm tellin you KP. Not pleasant." Kim mostly ignored Ron in favor of opening the hydraulic door of the train so they could get inside. Once inside Team Possible made their way to the cargo bay. "We'll everything looks ok KP. Lets get outta here."

"I'm afraid my young adversaries, that this is the end of the line for you."

Both teen started when they noticed Monkey Fist stroll out from behind a large wooden crate with a large container of green fluid.

"Alright Monkey Fist,Alright Monkey Fist, Put the chemical slushie down, besides I doubt thats Bannana flavored "

"Looks can be decieving. Monkey Ninjas Attack!"

The Monkey Ninjas circle Kim and Ron. Kim and Ron get into their usual fighting stances and the fight commences. Kim kicks a few ninjas and flips another. One comes up from behind her as she begins blocking kicks and punches from two ninjas.

"KIM! BEHIND YOU"Ron shouts and kicks the Ninja away amazed that just happened

The two get back to back sending punches and kicks. Ron kicked the last ninja down as Kim took off running to Monkey Fist

"KIM WAIT UP"Ron shouted

"It's over Monkey Fist. So just hand over that container. And no one gets hurt." "I'm afraid Ms. Possible that I can't agree to this terms. You see I would much rather the outcome where everyone gets hurt." To emphasize his statement, Monkey Fist opened the container and drank the serum. He was able to get about half the container contents down before his hands began to shake.

The two teens watched in horror as Monkey Fist's body began to bulge as his muscles quickly shredded his karate Gi. Soon dark hair ripple across his body like water. In the manner of minutes what was once Monkey Fist was now a large Gorilla like mutant.

Before Kim was able to react the now mutant Monkey Fist grabbed her by the arm and tossed her effortlessly into the crates behind him. The crates shattered in an explosion of wood pieces. "Kim!" In the time it took for Ron to turn around to face his mutant nemesis, Monkey Fist had already gripped him up and shoved him through - not into- through the steel plated side of the train. Monkey Fist cackled evilly as he held his last remaining obstacle to the Mystical Monkey power on the outside of a moving train.

Before he could drop the irritating blond harried boy to his doom. An unmarked helicopter appeared next to the train. "Well Mr. Stoppable. This appears to be your lucky day. My ride has just arrived and since I already have what I came for. I suppose I will be taking my leave." With as much effort as one would use to throw away a piece of paper; Monkey Fist sent Ron flying backwards into the cargo train. Where he landed on the half empty canister that still remained from Monkey Fist's transformation. The glass container shattered under Ron's weight. Ron remained conscious jut long enough to watch Monkey Fist climb into the helicopter.

Later he would wish, that he had stayed home with Rufus. Cleaning up Mole Rat puke would definitely be better than what was to come. Way Better.