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Neutral POV:

Hanging out at THE Peter Parker's house was a weird experience for Team Possible. I mean who hadn't heard about the amazing Spider-Man and his exploits in New York. And another thing, there was no adult in the house while the group of super teens each gave the other the 3rd degree. Peter's aunt was once again out with Coulson and the thought of what those two could possibly be doing gave Peter nightmares.

But that wasn't really the point; no, the point was that Spider-Man and friends we're meeting THE Kim Possible. The girl was a living legend and Peter could admit it - if only to himself - that he totally geeked out on Team Possible and immediately secured dozens of autographs to sell on eBay later. Although, the SHIELD agents were a bit put out that Kim and her crew knew more about their secret agency then they knew about Global Justice. Apparently GJ was higher up on the pay grid than SHIELD was.

Go figure.

After introductions were made the two teams set to work on how to stop Monkey Fist. Of course that line of questioning eventually lead to what had gone done in Middleton, and how the famous Kim Possible had the crap kicked out of her by a regular run of the mill Osborne mutant. I mean, for crying out loud! Peter thought. We had to take on a freaking Human Rhino, while they couldn't handle a stupid monkey. Of course that lead to Ron laying into them about how their butts had been handed to them by Monkey Fist just as easily as Team Possible.

And that particular statement had opened a whole can of worms. As each team tried to defend their honor against the other. They were all still arguing a whole hour later, when Coulson and Aunt May returned to see teenage pride and ego in action.

Aunt May and Coulson exchanged one look, and went back out the front door.

A few hours later and everything was back on track with the seven teens and tweebs sitting in Peter's living room, with Spidey and his friends having yet to unmask themselves.

"So Kim Possible, can you explain to us again what exactly are you doing in New York?" Spidey asked greatful that no one could see him fanboy-ing out under his mask.

"Well as you know that Mutant Monkey was an enemy of ours named Monkey Fist" Kim said.

"An OSCORP train passed our town and he attacked it and drank that weird mutagen chemical" Ron said, trying to figure out whether or not he should bring up his tail.

"Really? What's so special about those things that makes people drink them?" Spidey asked.

"Bottom line - what do you know about OSCORP and Norman Osborn?" Kim asked.

Suddenly the room got very quiet.

"As an agent of the Global Justice, I demand to know".

"Unless it's SHEILD classified." One of the Tweebs asked.

Spidey sighed.

"It's a long story..."