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"Just SHUT the hell up!"

They were at it again. They being them. Them being the happy couple. They were screaming at each other from across each other's halls.

"This is all your vault!"

"My fault? You're the one who went all…all cop person-like!"

'I'm also the one who found out who she vas married to!"

"Shut up!"

"Go die in a hole!"

She looked at Max. "Maxie, darling…" she started. "Who's fault do you think it is. Vat do you say?"

Max turned into a puddle of mixed emotions. He didn't know what to think…

"Um…I say…I say it's midnight and we should all stop arguing- and go to sleep- before things turn violent. Unless you want to be broken-legged zombies for your trial…"

Ulla approached him…well…she approached the bars. "See here, son of a bitch. For the umpteenth time, there vill be no trial because ve vere not harboring a fugitive."

"According to the cops, we were!"

"Well how were we supposed to know she was Hitler's wife?!"

"YOU knew."

"We're all in this together, so just play along!"

For the first time in his life, Max couldn't play along. He wanted to do what was RIGHT. He was done taking sides. "I say that it is ALL our faults, and that we should all just keep QUIET for the rest of the night."

"How about YOU keep quiet."

"You're the one who asked me a question!"

"Just keep quiet NOW!"

Max was a weak man.

The next morning, Ulla was trying to devise a plan. "We need to vind a way to either run vor it during the trial, or get out of the cell NOW." She looked around. "No windows…anywhere."

Leo was getting mad. "It's a JAIL CELL, genius!"

Ulla gasped. "Omigod. Vy did I not think of this sooner?!"

Out of her pocket, she took out a tube of lipstick. Red. And applied it…to her palms. She grabbed two of the top steel bars and pulled in opposite directions.

The rest is self explanatory.

"Since WHEN could you do that?!" Leo asked.

Ulla smiled. "Television!"

"Of course."

"You better hold on to her…" Max whispered to Leo. "That's a full-service woman you got there."

They turned to her, and she was holding a book. She slithred out of her cell and did…whatever she did…to their bars. "Squeeze yourselves out.

Max was confused. "What in God's name are you gonna do with a book?"

"It's not yust ANY book! It's Ulysses! You'll see." Ulla replied. "I have a plan."

It didn't work.