Summary: The first night that Clint and Natasha move in with Phil, he finds out that Clint likes to cuddle.

The fact that Clint Barton loves to cuddle is something that only his two lovers are aware of. If word got around no one would ever let him live it down, especially Tony Stark. He had his reputation as a bad ass archer to uphold after all.

The second Phil moved Clint and Natasha into his small apartment Clint laid dibs on being the one in the middle of the bed. Natasha rolled her eyes and hid a small smile as he declared this but quickly gave in to her partner's request. Phil sighed but gave in; knowing that if that's what Clint wants then he damn for sure was going to let him have that, no matter how much he was going to regret it in the morning.

The first night Phil quickly learned about how bad Clint's cuddling was especially in a small bed shared by two other people, Clint was all over the place. At one point during the night his head was on Phil's chest with his arms wrapped tightly around Natasha.

"Damn it Barton." Phil hissed quietly when he felt like he was about to in the floor. He looked up to see Natasha smirking at him.

"You didn't know?" She asked and even though it's dark, he knows she is raising an eyebrow at him in question.

Phil sighed and shook his head. "I didn't. You know the three of us never spent the night together." There was a trace of regret in his voice.

The three of them just recently taken their relationship to the next level, what had started as Natasha and Clint using Phil to spice things up in the bedroom, not that they didn't care for Phil but the first time they both went to him it was supposed to be a onetime thing, it wasn't unusual that Phil wasn't aware of Clint's preferences of cuddling.

Natasha mumbled something in Russian before taking and shifting Clint to where he was practically laying on top of her just so where Phil could have a little room. It was after a few minutes before Natasha leaned over Clint and whispered. "You know it makes him feel safe, it's the only way he can sleep." She started to gently stroke Clint's hair as he held her tighter in his sleep.

Phil shook his head again as he looked over at the two assassins, he suddenly felt like he was intruding on a special private moment. As if sensing his thoughts the red head reached over Clint and grabbed Phil's hand intertwining their fingers. "We want you Phil you are a part of us." She whispered.

It was then that Phil decided that he didn't really mind Clint's cuddling or that he hogged half the bed, he just glad that his hawk and his spider was with him.

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