They say that everything is possible. That being said, I will tell you of a universe where the Mimbari had surrendered to save their own skins and people think Psi-Corps was the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread...

The reason the Mimbari surrendered for reasons other than because they'd discovered Valen's soul hanging around in a human body ties directly into why everyone except a select few telepaths think that the Corps is just about the best thing ever. The reason people think so highly of the Corps in this place is because here, the human telepaths weren't your run of the mill telepaths, and Psi-Corps was just about the only thing keeping them contained.

To understand how the telepaths of this particular universe became the way they were, you'd have to know that Bill and Barry were far from the first Hetrodynes to go missing. To those for whom traveling through time was just a matter of finding the right equipment, crossing universes was a simple matter. Getting back home was a slightly thornier issue however, what with the different laws of physics and all that.

Our Hetrodyne was the brother of one of Bill and Barry's ancestors who had theorized that there was more than one universe and set out to prove it. Shortly after proving it, he got picked up by some passing Vorlons who had been snagging subjects whose genetic structure they wanted to analyze in order to create human telepaths a few generations down the line. Being Vorlons, they never did anything rash (well, almost never) and creating telepaths was a slow and deliberate process in which they studied the human genetic structure very carefully in order to make the changes as natural as possible, and with as few side-effects as possible.

Well, let's just say that our Hetrodyne had had some experience with being in tanks, and had long before taken measures to automatically wake himself up in order to escape as a simple matter of survival. Hetrodynes who didn't learn how to escape from a tank by the age of five usually didn't live very long. Well, not with the same number of limbs and heads at least.

By the time that the Vorlons had realized what was going on, he had already discovered and made his own improvements to their telepathy projects and had been in the process of modifying their ship's engines. Because the changes he'd made to the human telepathy project had been so subtle in contrast to what he'd done to the ship, they did not learn the true extent of the damage the Hetrodyne they'd spaced had caused until more than a century later when the first generation of telepaths had cropped up on Earth.

Two decades before Messrs Philen and Duffy made their groundbreaking study that revealed telepathy's existence to the world at large, the silence of William Dexter's home was broken by a childish cry of "FOR SCIENCE!"...