Hello everyone, this is my first fanfic so please be nice (this is a high school fanfic by the way). I've been reading fanfics for some time now and I guess it is time I wrote my own. I don't own Winx Club but I own this story.


Stella Johnson is a 16 year old girl who just moved into Gardenia, she has a big brother called Riven Johnson. She has had a couple of boyfriends who have cheated on her. She loves shopping. She doesn't fit in well at school, but thanks to her friends she does fit in, in time. She attends Gardenia High School along with her big brother.

Riven Johnson is Stella's big brother, he is 18 years old. He doesn't like being pushed around and so he'd rather be alone than be stuck with a group of people (although he does attend parties and other social events).

Brandon Shields is an 18 year old boy who is Stella and Riven's neighbour. His cousin Andy also lives with him, along with his parents. He is the most popular boy at his school, Gardenia High School.

Andy Shields, a 19 year old player, meets Stella at school and enjoys playing with her heart, well at least for a while. He is Brandon's cousin and also attends Gardenia High School.

Flora Lynphea, a 16 year old girl, lives across the street from Stella's house. She is the first girl, or person should I say, to make Stella feel welcome in this new place, Gardenia. She also attends Gardenia High School.

Musa Melody, also a 16 year old girl, is Stella's best friend, the moment they met, they became instant friends, although they are very much different, they tend to be two peas in a pod.

Mr and Mrs Johnson are Riven and Stella's Parents.

Mr and Mrs Shields are Brandon's parents and Andy's Uncle and Aunt. They are Mr and Mrs Johnson's neighbours.

Chapter 1

Moving In

Stella's POV

On the way to Gardenia, on the plane

I hate this! Why do we have to move…..Moving is so annoying, you have to pack your stuff and then when you arrive at your new home, you have to unpack everything again!...Well, I am pretty glad we moved, I can finally get away from that cheating ex-boyfriend of mine, and those so called 'friends' of mine…..But I'm gonna miss my room though, and my home, and my family.

Okay I should just get some sleep at least….Great! Riven, my big brother, more like my boss, is playing music and it's not a very 'quiet' kinda music…

"Riven could you please turn it off, I'm trying to get some sleep." I say. He just ignores me. "Riven!" I shout louder, "Put it off."

"Riven, please turn it off your sister wants to get some sleep." Mum says from the seat in front of the both of us.

"Fine. On one condition, she better be quiet all through the rest of the ride." He says as he looks at me (we're sitting next to each other BTW). Oh yeah….I kept talking all this time, well, what can I say, I guess I was thinking out loud. And so for the rest of the trip I slept while Riven listened to his music with a headset so I would 'be quiet all through the rest of the ride'.

Sometime later…..

Riven's POV

At the Air Port

"Yay! We made it." Stella says.

Yeah, whatever, I'm glad I lived through that, I still have my ears." I say, looking at Stella with a smirk.

"Shut up, Riven, you could have just put your headset on if you didn't want to hear me." Stella replies.

I continue smirking, my sister always falls for 'it'…..Well, I guess without her, my life would be different, in a bad way(though I will never admit it). If it weren't for her telling Mum and Dad about all the bad stuff I used to do or try to do, I would probably be in prison or 6 feet under by now.

As if she knew what I was thinking she turns and smirks at me.

"What?" I ask.

"Oh, nothing." She says in an innocent tone.

"Stella, I know you're hiding something, what is it?"

"You'll see."

Sometime later….

Stella's POV

At our new home

Wow! I like this place, just looking on the outside, makes me want to see the inside. I hop out of the taxi and stand on the front lawn. Riven also gets out and stands beside me.

"What do you think?" I ask him.

"Not bad, Stel, not bad." He replies.

"Well, I like it."

"Did Mum and Dad check it out already?" he asks.

"Duh….They came here a few months ago and checked it out. Mum said there are 3 rooms, a master bedroom and two others, although one of them is bigger." I smirk.

"So who gets the bigger one?" Riven asks.

"Well, that big bro is for you to find out." I smirk as I turn on my heel, to get my suit case.

Riven follows me. Ha, at least I know what he's gonna say.

"Mum, who's getting the bigger room?" Riven asks, annoyed.

"Why, Stella of course." Mum replies.

"She needs to." Dad adds.

"Why?" Riven asks.

"Because you've always had the 'bigger room', so now I will." I answer, though he clearly wasn't asking me.

He looks at me and rolls his eyes, then looks back at my parents, with his eyes demanding an answer from them.

'Well, Honey-"

"Mum, I'm not a child anymore. Don't call me that." He interrupts.

"Okay, last time when we moved in to our old house, you told your sister she would have the 'bigger room' if ever we moved again, and we did, so your sister will have the bigger room." Mum says firmly.

"Fine." He says.

Minutes later…..

Riven's POV

"I'm gonna check my room." Stella says, running upstairs like a 5 year old girl who just got a present for her birthday.

I go after her, but I walk slowly, hoping for the best. As I step on to the last step, I look up and see three doors, one on my right and two up front. Well, I'm guessing the one on the right is my parent's room, the master bed room, where children are made. Yeah right. I step forward to open one of the doors, when the door bursts open and Stella bumps into me.

"Sorry" she simply says as she walks around me.

I look into the room that she just 'flew 'out of. Not so bad. It has a balcony and a bed, it's quite big though, and a closet, I'm not sure if it's a walk in closet. I wonder whose room it is, mine or hers. Well, there's only one way to find out. I'll just check the other room.

I step out to check the other room when Stella runs up again and bumps in to me. Again.

"What's with you?" I ask, practically annoyed, I mean like this is the second time!

"Nothing. Just excited that's all. This is my room by the way." She says, pointing to the room I was just in.

I walk in to the other room and look around, not bad. It has a bed, big enough for me, (I move a lot). And a balcony as well, but not as big as Stella's. It also has a closet, I open it and find it's not a walk in closet. Thank goodness, now Mum doesn't have to drag me shopping with Stella, because I don't have so much space.

I walk over to my balcony and look outside, the cool breeze blowing on my face. Oh yeah. It smells good. I open my eyes to look to my left, and sure enough there is Stella, doing the same thing I was doing, closing her eyes and taking a big breath of fresh air, but more dramatically and girly. I just smirk.

I look in front of me, and just about a meter a way is another room, with a balcony. It looks like a boy's or should I say guy's room, because it doesn't have 'girl stuff' around on the floor, and it doesn't look clean, at all.

Well, I am NOT Stella so I don't really care who owns that room. I also have other things to do, to unpack and probably just take a brisk walk if I can.

Stella's POV

I love my room. I put on bright pink bed sheets, and a darker shade of pink curtains up. I can't wait to put flowers on my balcony, not that I like plants or anything but just to have a beautiful balcony. There is another balcony and a room about a meter a way, but the curtains are closed, so I wonder who owns that room…..well, I got things to do, I'll just have to find out later. I also can't wait to check out the malls here. Oh well, I'll also have to go check out my new school later, but not right now. Its summer by the way, so school doesn't start until next week.

I hate new schools, it means more so-called 'friends', though I hope that I will make 'real friends' who won't back stab me.

Anyway, I also have a walk in closet, it's so big, maybe not so big, but it's bigger than all the other closets I've had before. I just hung a few of my sun dresses, I had so many, but I had to leave some of them because I had out grown them. And also, the less I have, the more I need to go shopping. Yay!

Well, I hope I find some friends, or make some friends today. Um…..maybe I'll just take a walk and see if I find someone.

So I went downstairs and told my parents I would just take a short walk, they told me not to go too far and to be back before dark fall. They also told me Riven had just also, for a walk. So I just walk out of the house. I then have to make a decision whether to go left or right. Um….I'll just go left since I can see Riven walking further down, and it would be better if I was near him, just in case I get lost, I'm lucky I got I big brother who cares about me even though he would never admit it. Even though I show to him that I care about him too, he just won't because it makes him feel 'vulnerable' or 'weak'. So I can't do much about that.

Anyway I just continue walking down the street when I spot a girl in the distance, with honey brown hair and emerald eyes, coming my way. She is wearing denim jeans and a soft pink blouse. She doesn't notice me until she come closer. I was expecting her to just ignore me, but she stopped when she came closer.

"Are you new here? Because I've never seen you here before?" she asks.

"Um…Yeah…we just moved in." I say shyly.

"Well, you're welcome here." She says offering me a handshake. I shake her hand of course.

"Do you want me to show you around?" she asks.

"Yeah sure…I'd like that…but are you sure? I mean, were you going somewhere?"

"No, I was just heading home." She says pointing at the house standing just opposite of my new home.

"Oh, so you live there?" I ask.

"Yeah, where do you live?"

"There" I say, pointing at my new home.

"So we're neighbours, cool."

"I'm Flora by the way; Flora Lynphea, but you can call me Flo."

"Nice to meet you Flora, I'm Stella Johnson, you can call me Stel." I say as I turn to walk in the opposite direction from which I was walking to follow Flora.

"And that boy you just passed is my big brother, Riven."

"Oh, that's your big brother?"

I just nod my head.

"Okay, it's probably fun having a brother, a big brother." She says sadly.

"Yeah….it is…but why?"

"I have a little sister, so she depends on me; I sure wish I was younger so I wouldn't have to be the one depended on but the one who depends."

"Well, at least you have a sister; someone who you can talk to about anything, my brother is a boy, so I can't tell him all the 'girly stuff'." I say as we both crack up laughing.

"Do you attend Gardenia High School?" I ask her.


"I'm going to attend there this school year."

"Oh, okay, so I guess will go to school together, right?"


"So what do you wanna see first, the park, or the café?"

"Um…the park, I would really appreciate a breath of fresh air."

"Okay" she says as she grabs my hand and pulls me to run along with her to the park.

1 hour later…

Riven's POV

At home, in the dining room

Well, I didn't accomplish much on that walk that I thought would help me. I wanted to get to know some guys around here, but too bad, I only saw girls, the guys are probably somewhere just chilling and enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

"So how did your 'walks' go?" Mum asks, before eating her mashed potato.

"Fine" I mumble.

"It was awesome!" Stella says as she gulps her food quickly.

I look at her annoyed, does she always have to shout and call everything 'awesome'. As if she heard me, she gave me 'the look' and continued.

"I met a girl called Flora, she showed me around. She brought me to the park and the café."

"Oh, that's nice sweetie." Dad says.

"What about you Riven, di you meet anyone or go anywhere?" Stella asks but it looks to me like Mum and Dad did too.

"No, I didn't meet anyone because I only saw girls, and I just walked around the street, I did go to the café Stel is talking about though."

"Okay, well, you guys can watch a T.V., don't stay up too late, though. I'm exhausted." Dad says as he stands up and hugs each and every one of us and says 'Good Night', and then he goes upstairs and well, goes to sleep.

After cleaning up the table and after all the dishes were washed, the 3 of us, were exhausted as well so we all went to bed.

After a quick shower, I collapsed on my bed and fell asleep. Today was one heck of a day.