Brandon's POV

In the dining room...

"Nice!" mom squealed. "Brandon plays football too! I'm sure you guys will get along just fine. What position are you trying out for?"

Riven smirked before replying, "Quarterback".

Well of course, every- woah woah wait...WHAT?!

I suddenly choked on the piece of chicken I was eating and accidentally dropped my fork and knife. Way to go Brandon. Now she'll think you're weird.

"What?" I asked Riven. Just to confirm.

"Quarterback" he repeated with that same, stupid smirk.

"Why? Is...that a problem?" he asked with an 'innocent tone".

Wow! He's really starting to piss me off.

I glanced quickly at my parents and they had the same curious faces as Stella's parents did.

I shrugged, "Not really, just that it's not that easy" I smirked before stuffing my mouth.

He smirk seemed to falter a little bit. Looks like someone's getting annoyed.

The rest of the meal was just normal. The adults talked about work and all that stuff but I wasn't really listening. Instead I was...okay I know this sounds creepy but I was just eating my food and I noticed Stella and Riven having this stare down. I really don't know why but yeah. Oh and I also learned from Mr and Mrs Johnson that Stella and Riven went to different schools for a while, but now they're in the same school.

"Well, it's getting late." Mr Johnson announced while glancing at his watch. I was introduced to him just before we started eating dinner. Stella looks alot like her mother tho. She just has his eyes. Blue. Pretty blue eyes. (*1)

"Yes it is" dad agreed while standing up. Everyone stood up as well.

"Thank you for inviting us Mr and Mrs Shields" Stella said politely, "we really appreciate it" she finished with a smile. Damn! Not only is she pretty but she has some manners. Unlike Mitzi. Speaking of her, she texted me twice during dinner but I just ignored it. Luckily, I had my phone on silent.

"Oh no problem sweetie" Mom replied happily, "you're always welcome here"

She smiled while mom walked around the table and gave her this bone crushing hug. Riven chuckled while her cheeks turned bright pink. She's so adorable.

About five minutes later, the Johnson's had left and mom and I were cleaning up the table. Mom had never wanted maids around here. Haha She says it better that we did our own stuff and not always depend on others.

"So where is Andy, Brandon?" Dad asked in a serious tone.

Before I could continue, mom cut in "And don't tell us you don't know Brandon, because I'm not buying it" she had her hands on her hips whilst saying that.

"I-" she raised her hand, signaling she wasn't done talking yet.

Dang it! She didn't call me 'honey'. I mean not that I like it or anything but I guess she's real serious now.

"I know you know where he is" she glared at me.

I put the plate I was holding, down. I knew this shit was about to come up. We had an argument about this before our guests arrived. Hopefully, they didn't hear anything.

I sighed "Honestly mom, I don't know..."I paused.

They were both looking at me, waiting for me to continue. Whew!

"After we had our little argument in the parking lot, he left and I went to the park. That's when you called me" I gestured to mom.

" you don't know where he went?" mom asked curiously. Yup, that's mom. Mood change in less than a minute.

"Nope" I popped the 'p'.

"Well in that case, we'llwe'll talk to him tomorrow. You should go to bed honey, you have school tomorrow" mom said before I wished her a "Good Night/ Sweet Dreams".

I exited the kitchen as I heard mom and dad continue talking. last. Back to my room. I walked over to my bed and flopped down on it.

I'm glad I don't have homework today. I checked my phone to see a message from Sky.

Sky ~ Hey man, what's up? How was it?

I chuckled. Sometimes Sky could be such a girl.

Brandon~ Was okay. :) Night

I noticed that my phone needed to charge so I hooked it up on a charger and went into my bathroom to brush my teeth. Yup. It's my OWN. Lol.

I slipped my shirt and my jeans off. I slid under the covers and used a remote control to switch the lights off.

Ahhh...finally. After a long day,I can finally go to sleep.

I closed my eyes...As my breathing slowed to a soft gentle pace.

Say something, if you're feeling the vibe.

Say something, baby don't be so shy.

Say something, the way you working it baby, it's oh oh oh oh yeah yeah

What the hell is that? How am I supposed to sleep with that noise?!

I heard the music fade. At last...

And we danced all night to the best song ever

We knew every line but I can't remember..

Okay that's it! I stood up and marched to the my balcony doors. They were closed but maybe the music was so loud that the sound managed to travel into my room. Either that or my room is just real quiet.

I opened it to see where it was coming from and I saw her.


She was wearing a pink t shirt and purple shorts. Awwww.

She was singing while combing her beautiful hair. Her lights were on and I was just watching her before I realized just how creepy I was being.

I walked out into the balcony. Her balcony doors were open.


She didn't hear me.

"Stella!" I called loud enough for her to hear.

She stopped brushing her hair and turned to face me.

Her eyes grew wide before she blushed and turned around.

What did I do? I mean like do I look that bad or do I-

Oh! I'm only in boxers! Dammit! If her bro saw me, I'm good as dead!

I head back inside and put a shirt on.

When I came out, the music had stopped and she was no where inight.

Please, please, please don't tell your bro what just happened.

I looked around her room for a bit. Typical girl room. A One Direction poster over here, a poster of another boy over there, His name is...I squinted my eyes a lil too read it, Austin Mahone. Hm...I don't know who that is but I think he's pretty famous, with the girls that is.

She re entered her room and noticed me. She smiled and walked out unto her balcony.

"Hey" she greeted.

"Hey" I smiled.

"Just wanted to say Good Night. And sorry, I just realized that the music was too loud! Sorry" she sent me an apologetic look.

"No no, it's cool I just wanted to say Good night as well and about what happened ed today...with Andy" I apologized. Nice one Brandon. You won the award for worst apology ever!

She chuckled. "It's okay. He broke his knuckles"

"He what?!" I asked in disbelief. "I mean how do you know?"

"He texted me a while ago" she laughed. Oh god! That laugh!

He has her number and I don't? Damn.

"I can give you you want" she answered.

Wait, did I? Did I say that out loud?! S***

She giggled before going into her room and coming out with a blue piece of paper with her name and number.

"Thanks" I smiled.

She smiled back. "Sweet dreams" we both said at the same time. She giggled again before we both turned back to our rooms.

"Um Brandon?"

"Yeah?" I turned around.

"Thanks for um...well being there for me. You know during free period and with Mitzi..." she trailed off. Awww

"Hey! I'll always look out for you" I smiled before we both turned and headed for our rooms. I noticed her lights go out and I did that too.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of a loud crash. I sat up in my bed and looked at the digital clock on my nightstand. Time read: 01:57 p.m.

What the hell was that?

I stood up and walked to my balcony window. I gotta be on guard. For all I know, there could be burglars out there. I stepped out quietly and looked around. It was sorta dark so I had to squint my eyes a little. And then I saw it. A figure moved downstairs.

"Psssst! Hey! Brandon" I heard a voice whisper-yell in the darkness below.

"Who the f*** are you and what the hell do you want?!" I yelled back, but not so loud.

"The doors are locked and I can't come in!" he answered.

Oh. So that's Andy. For a moment there, I thought it was Mitzi.

"Doesn't that tell you something!" I rolled my eyes and spun on my heel to go back into my room.

I'm not tryna be rude here, but he didn't even apologize to me and didn't show up for dinner, even though mom had so clearly instructed us to be there. And now he had the nerve to come talk to me and ask me to open the doors? Nah. Big fat NO.

"Brandon!" he hissed. "Come open the f***ing doors!"

"Nope" I smirked and crossed my arms.

"Why not?!" he asked.

Seriously?! He's acting as if he has no idea what he's done wrong.

"Payback's a b***h Andy. Beat it" I smirked victoriously before walking into my room.

Ah...feels so good.

Before I could get back into bed, I heard another crash! Seriously!

My fists clenched by my side. What is he doing now?!

I marched outside again and noticed Andy climbing up Stella's balcony!

"Andy! What the f*** are you doing?!"I hissed.

"Tryna get to my room, what does it look like?" he answered, annoyed.

I rolled my eyes. Hahaha he doesn't know who our neighbors are, yet.

"Dude, I wouldn't do that if I were you" I mused while leaning on the rails of my balcony.

"Well you aren't me, so shut the **** up" he snapped.

I just watched him as he climbed Stella's balcony until he finally reached the top. I hope he doesn't find out that's Stella's room. Please no.

He smirked at me before leaping onto the other balcony. No wait...if this is Stella's room then that must be...HAHAHAHAHAHA

"What are you laughing at?!" he muttered.

"Dude, that girl might think you're obsessed with her" I answered.

"What girl?" his ears perked up. Idiot.

"I mean uh...nothing" I added.

He rolled his eyes and was about to finally leap onto his balcony when the door behind him slammed open and a very, very, VERY unhappy-looking Riven stormed out.

"What the F*** are YOU doing here!?" Riven yelled loud enough for him to hear.

He had a tight grip on Andy's collar.

"Dude, I'm so sorry I didn't know. I swear..." he raised his hands in surrender. PRICELESS! haha

"I was just tryna go to my room. Sorry man, it won't happen again."

Riven held his collar for a few more seconds before letting go.

"It better not happen again" he finished.

Then he looked over to me, "And you...don't try anything stupid,I know my sister's room is just across yours so watch it!" he warned before going back in and slamming the door.

I then laughed out loud.

Andy didn't say a word but just jumped on his balcony and dammed the door. Sucker!

He might think this is over but he still has mom and dad to deal with tomorrow.

Ah...revenge is so sweet.

I smiled tiredly before going to bed, again.

(*1) Okay yeah I know, her eyes are supposed to be hazel but I like em blue so yeah. Sorry

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yesterday's gone :

Riven, what are your thoughts about Musa so far?

Riven: Well I'll be honest with you, she's pretty cool. And she is really hot. What? I'm a guy, I can't help but notice. *smirks* She seems like a good person. One who wouldn't backstab my little sister.

Girl with Life Full of Anime:

Brandon, what do you think of Riven?

Brandon: He's overall a nice guy. He really cares about his little sister and is real sweet to her. But yeah, you don't wanna get on his bad side, trust me. Anyway, besides that, I don't know what his problem is. He kept glaring at me. He also wanted MY place on the football team! Nope, no way.

Riven, what do you think of Brandon?

Riven: He seems like a player. I don't trust him. But he was there for my sister today at school and he fought with his bro bcause he said something stupid. I'll keep my eyes on him tho.


Andy, why didn't you come to the dinner?

Andy: *shrugs* because I broke my knuckles and I couldn't go home like that. I know I shouldn't have missed the dinner, but what if Aunt Emily asked what happened? It's impossible to lie to her.


Brandon, do you like Stella?

Brandon: Um...yeah I guess I do. She's really pretty and sweet. I like how she's honest. And I hate Mitzi for treating Stella that way. I mean that girl has been through a lot. And I just wanna be there for her. I just gotta get on Riven's good side first.

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