Me: Okay, so I know the pain of waiting for a story to update. So while waiting for me to update my other GrayZa fanfic 'The Look on Her Face' –which I am thankful to all who read and/or review it- you can read this one! I've always wanted to do drabbles, so when I'm taking a long time to update on my main story, I'll try and update this one, okay?

Gray: Man, what is it with you and writing stories about me and Erza?

Me: Because you two liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike each other, ya know?

Gray: *blushing* N-no we don't!

Happy: Yes you do!

Gray: No we don't! I mean, why would I like Erza?

Erza: *glaring at Gray* What do you mean, why would you like me? What's not to like?

Gray: Well, uh….*blushes*


Me: Well, this is awkward…I guess I'll just do my own disclaimer…but then again you should all know that I'm not Hiro Mashima. Well whatever, I don't own Fairy Tail, got it?

Happy: Aye!

Gray was an idiot.

He was an idiot and a pervert. He was reckless and stubborn. He was strong and annoying. And he was just plain insufferable! But not all of the time. No, sometimes Gray was the most warmhearted person you could ever meet. And at least to Erza, he was her best friend. A cry pillow, someone to vent to, someone to pick on, someone to laugh with, someone whom she never grew tired of.

But they weren't always that way. When they first met, Gray had a strong dislike for Erza. And the feeling seemed to be mutual. He'd challenge her to fight him, day after day after day, till one day it just…stopped.

He'd seen her crying; he'd seen the emotionless girl crying of all things. And then he turned soft, why? Well because a small part of him started to respect her that day. The emotionless girl crying, crying all alone still stood up to fight him saying, "Alright, give me your best shot!" And that was just amazing to him.

So instead of fighting her, he asked her something "W-why are you always alone?" And the redheaded girl still had no emotion on her face when she replied. "I like being alone, being with others makes me feel uneasy…"

He stopped for a moment, till he realized something, "Well then why are you crying all alone?" if she like being alone, she wouldn't be crying. She wasn't emotionless, she was sad, and lonely, and hurt.

So he sat down next to her. It may've been a small gesture, but it was his way of comforting her. And it was all she needed; it was all she needed to be able to know that he would be there for her.

She smiled, the once emotionless girl smiled at the boy in nothing but his underwear. And Gray may've not known why then, but his face heated up more, and his heart started beating faster when he saw that smile. It was a smile that conveyed words, so she didn't have to talk; she had the look on her face to speak for her.

They just sat there for a while, looking at the sunset. Till Gray asked her what she was crying about. To which Erza replied with "Hmph, I'm not crying!" while walking away with her nose in the air and her face tinted in pink. It was right then and there when Gray started to realize, that the emotionless girl was starting to show her true colors.

And truthfully, he liked the girl he saw under the armor.

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The Many Personalities of Drunken Erza Scarlet

Erza doesn't get drunk very often. But if she ever does, it's funny. Erza is an angry, flirty, happy, sad, and in denial drunk. It all depends on her mood while drinking. And Gray-being her boyfriend-is the one who has to deal with it.

Rating: T Genres: Humor, Romance

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