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Erza: *le eating cake* Yes I do.

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Erza: *le still eating cake* Too busy.

Me: …

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Erza loved cake.

The entire guild knew that she loved it. Though when she first joined the guild; Erza Scarlet had never eaten cake in her life.

It was Cana's 11th birthday. Everyone in the guild was singing, even Erza; though she made sure to sing quietly. Cana had her hands on her cheeks, blushing. "Aw, you guys shouldn't have!" Cana's birthday party was a surprise, so seeing all the gifts and smiling faces was even more special.

10 year old Levy walked up to Cana with her gift. It was a book with an orange bow wrapped around it. "It's a spell book, I looked through it myself, and it has some really neat card spells in it!" Levy said, with her sweet, cute smile. Cana's face was glowing; she'd wanted to learn some new spells. It was perfect. "Thank you Levy-chan! It's perfect; I really need something like this."

Next, 12 year old Erza walked up to Cana; handing her a purple box. "I know I don't know you all that well-though I don't really know any of you all that well yet-but I thought I should get you a present…" Erza said, not making eye contact.

Cana was a bit surprised that Erza was giving her a gift, but she smiled. "Thank you, Erza!" Cana started opening the box. Erza was screaming inside, 'I hope she likes it I hope she likes it I hope she likes it..!'

Inside the box was a blue purse. "A purse?" Cana asked, lifting it up and looking at it closer.

Erza panicked, "D-do you not like it? I could go and get you something else o-or you could return it and get something you want with the money you get back or, or…" Erza was stuttering and over thinking everything. The guild tried not to laugh at "self conscious Erza."

"Huh? No, I love it! I just didn't expect it. It's so fuzzy and blue, it's perfect. Thank you!" Cana said putting the strap over her shoulder and modeling her new bag. Erza froze, but gave a shy smile. "Um, you're welcome."

"Hey, can't we take a break with presents? I want cake!" Gray blurted out. "Sure! Ooh, what kind is it!?" Cana said, her eyes glinting.

One of the guild's waitresses started to cut the cake. "It's half vanilla, half strawberry." She said, smiling. "Yummy! I want a piece of both!" Cana said. "Aw, no chocolate?" Gray muttered. "I want a vanilla piece!" Levy said cheerfully.

Everyone got their pieces, and then Erza's turn came. "Want a piece Erza?" Gray said, gesturing to the cake. "Um… I guess I could have a piece." Erza said, scratching her head. Erza felt a tug on her skirt, the redhead looked down.

Below her was Levy, though she was 10 she looked about 6 or 7. She looked so adorable tugging on Erza's skirt like that. "Hey, hey Erza! What's your favorite flavor?" She asked, innocently.

"My favorite flavor? Well, I wouldn't know, I've never eaten cake." Erza answered truthfully. The guild went silent. Gray grabbed a piece of strawberry cake and shoved it in Erza's face. "Eat it."


"Just, eat it."

Erza grabbed the plate from her fellow guild mate. She set it down in front of her, grabbed the fork, and took her first bite of strawberry cake.

Her eyes lit up, her cheeks tinted pink, she was in pure bliss. "Yummy…" The scarlet haired mage said, her voice in a daze.

The guild cheered, Erza liked the cake. And she looked so cute when she ate it. Gray sat with an odd look on his face. "You look so… girly…" He remarked.

Erza shot a look at him. "Well, I am a girl so wouldn't me acting girly every once in a while be normal?" The girl taunted.

"Oh, you wanna go Scarlet!?" Gray yelled, standing up in nothing but his underwear. Erza raised an eyebrow. "Do you really want to fight me?" She inquired.

Gray sat back down, cowering in his seat. "…no…" The Ice Maker wizard said, shivering.

Erza smiled proudly, narrowing her eyes at the raven haired boy. "What I thought." She finished off her first piece of cake and then gave an innocent smile to the rest of the guild. "Now, can I have another piece?"

And they had no idea that cake of all things would become Erza's crazy addiction.

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