PsychicEevee: Sorry if you were expecting a chapter. This is an author's note.

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PsychicEevee: Anyway, I'm sorry to have to say this, but this story's going on hiatus for a while. I have so many stories going on at once, I've decided to focus on one of them at a time. (By the way, any Pokemon fans should read the story I'm going to be focusing on, it's called The Time After and it's my best fanfic.) So until further notice, this story's going to be paused. To make this an official chapter, here's a part from the next chapter in The Time After:

I was trying to persuade Psyduck to get into the pool, but as usual, it refused to get any further than the first step, where the water was barely lapping over its webbed feet.

"Come on Psyduck, it feels good to be in the water," I coaxed.

"Psy! Psy-yi-yi!" Psyduck yelled, not moving an inch. Just then, Daisy strolled into the pool room.

"Misty, you have a call," she shouted over to me before heading out.

I left the pool room and headed to the video phone. Sure enough, there was a familiar-looking girl on the other end.

"May!" I shouted as soon as I realized who it was. "It's been ages since we talked, hasn't it?"

May seemed really different. She had been bubbling with energy the last time I had seen her, but she seemed really serious and sad now.

"Misty, I... have some horrible news to share." May didn't look up for more than a second. "I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but..."

"What?" I asked quietly.

"Ash... is..." I only heard two of the three words May spoke.