Summary: Logan little sister who is a year younger then him comes to the Palmwoods to surprise him. Will a certain green eyes blonde hair boy start to develop feelings for her like he did when they were little kids. Can Kendall be able to control his feelings for his best friend's little sister.( This first story, so let me apologize ahead of time if it stinks horribly. Let me know if I'm bad at it so I can stop writing and go back to just reading story.

Palmwoods Lobby

The boys were all sitting around in the lobby finally having time to spend with their friends Joe, Camille, Stephanie, Guitar Dude, Katie, Tyler, and The Jennifers. Theywere having an amazing time and nothing can ruin it. Kendall, Joe, and Katie were on one couch, while Camille, Logan, Carlos, and Stephanie were on the other Jennifers, Guitar dude, Katie, and Tyler were sitting on the new beanbag chairs that Bitter bought for the Lobby.

""Hey , today is the best day I ever had" Kendall says... " I get to hang out with my buds and spend time with my beautiful girlfriend" as he kisses Joe's forehead

" I know exactly what you mean " Logan and Carlos said with a grin on their faces as they kiss their girlfriends heads

" Ok, that's not Fair ! Why don't I have a girlfriend.. I'm way better looking then all of you " James replies with a innocent but annoyed facial expression

Everyone stayed silent for a couple of minutes until Logan's phone rings

(Phone conversation)

"Hello?" Logan says not knowing whose number it was.

"Hey, Logie... Did you Miss me" the person on the other line replies

" Um ... I don't know do I KNOW you and wait did you call me Logie"

" Awe, yes I did Logie "

" There's only two people who calls me Logie... And that is my mom and ... No way !"

" What cat got your tongue" she says sarcastically

Logan gets up and walks away from the group , walking to the nearest door

" Dana is that really you ... I haven't seen you since-"

Dana interrupts him " since you left me all alone and nobody to talk too... Yea I know"

"Listen Dana I'm sorry for leaving you ...Dana? "

"Hey look Logie I gotta go, I'll call you later " she says while clearly you can tell she was crying

"Dana please just-" Logan stopped talking because he noticed she already hung up the phone

Logan walks back to the group without noticing concern looks on his friends faces, Kendall was the first one to amongst his buddies to speak up.

"Hey buddy is everything okay"

"Yea, I'm just going to head back to our room. See you guys later" He says while walking towards the elevator

As Logan leaves the room, everyone starts to talk and make a plan on what to do.

" I say we just give him time and maybe he'll come around " Carlos says to the group and notices their looking at him oddly ... "What"

" That's probably the smartest thing that any of us could probably come up with..." Joe says

" Well , I hope he's okay because whatever that phone call was about it got him pretty upset " Kendall says to the group

In The Crib

Logan was in his and Kendall room that they share.

" Why am I so stupid, I shouldn't have brought up what I said to her over the phone" Logan says to himself trying to hold back the tears. Even though, he tried so hard not to cry the tears started to run down his cheeks. He walks over to his bed and buries himself into his pillow that his mom gave to him before he left.


"Hey Mom, do you know where my toothbrush went?" Logan asked

"Yea Logie, check under the sink in the right cabinet "

"Found it, thanks Mom"

"No problem, now hurry before your late"

"Mom you do know I leave tomorrow"

"No you don't, you leave in 10 minutes Mrs. Knight called and said the airport messed up"

"What! What about Dana mom, she's going to be upset that I left and didn't say goodbye"

Before Logan mom could answer the doorbell rang and she walked over to the door to answer it. Once the door was open Kendall, James, Katie, and a tired Carlos walked in.

"Hey Mrs. Mitchell, my I say your looking beautiful on this fine day were having" James said being his charming self.

"Nice try James but I'm still mad at you for trying to sell me beauty products because you said that I'm not getting any younger meaning that I'm "old"…"

"I'm truly sorry Mrs. Mitchell, I didn't mean your old … you remind me of my aunt but she's like in her 50's…" James looks up at Mrs. Mitchell seeing her turn red " sorry I'll just stop talking"

"Yea that sounds good, Logan hurry up the boys are here"

"Ok Mom, coming" Logan says making sure he has everything. When Logan takes one final look around his room to see that he has everything, he notices a note under his pillow.


Dear Logie,

Sorry I didn't get to see you this morning, I had to go see my agent about my acting career. Can you believe it, my dream might be coming true as your pursuing a new dream for you. Well, I hope you find the note, I come home and we can finally hangout before you leave for tomorrow. Love you Logie-bear 3

Love ,


"Hey Logan it's time to go" Kendall said making Logan jump.

"Okay " Logan says while closing his door to start to walk downstairs. Once Logan reaches the bottom of the steps he walks over to his mom.

" I guess this is goodbye, Mom"

"We'll see each other again buddy, just take care and call me every night …ok"

"Of course mom, hey mom what's going to happen with Dana when she sees I'm gone….I mean is she gonna hate me …. What if she -" Logan was going to say something but then Katie beep the horn of her mother's car telling him to hurry.

" Logan, listen she'll be fine I promise"

"Ok mom, bye'' as he hugs his mom and kisses her goodbye not wanting to go.

As Mrs. Knight car was going to pull out of the driveway, she slams on the brake as all their heads slams back onto the seat their sitting in.

"what the heck mom" Kendall says

"whose that" Carlos says wiping his eyes because he was sleepy

All of them turned around to see who it was.

"Dana" Logan says looking at the girl with tears in her eyes

"Don't ever talk to me, how dare you leave and not say goodbye to me …. I..I…Hate YOU ! I wish…you never come back …or…or… talk to me " with that she ran inside and slammed the door behind her

Flashback Over

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry I hurt you… I…sorry" Logan says crying into his pillow before drifting off to sleep. Little did he know Kendall was standing outside their door listening the whole time.

" What is he sorry about?" Kendall said all confused "Whatever it is I'm going to find out" with that he walked back down to the lobby to meet up with his friends again.

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