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" Yea I guess I am, Wait did you just ask me... meaning you're the one whose gonna take me home" she asked and all I did was nodded feeling a little hurt by the comment she made.

I think she saw it too when she said "I didn't mean to hurt your feeling Kenny it's just, It's been a long day and I don't feel like talking"

" I understand Dany, um how about we drive home in silence and I won't say a word.. deal" I said holding out a hand for her to shake on the agreement.

"Deal" she said shaking my and their was a magic feeling when we touched. I know she felt it to because she wouldn't look at me when she saw the expression on my face.

" Dany-" I said but she cut me off

" Kendall we made a deal so Shut it" she sad and started to walk out with Doo Wee right behind her.

Why is she being so difficult? Why can't she see we have a connection? What can I do to show her how much I care for her and Dylan? I wait I know.. I'll ...

**************************** To Be Continued***************************************** ********************

Dana P.O.V.

( Dana speaking will be normal and Monica " Dana friend from 10th grade" will be Italic; Spanish translation will be bolded)

Phone Convo..

So we drove home in silence then he showed me my room.

Oh he showed you to your room

Pause right their sister, he only showed Dylan and I our room, since then we didn't talk to each other

Wow, should I be happy or disappointed that he didn't hit on you

honestly I don't know either

Well why the hell not

Monica, he's dating-

Don't fucking finish that sentence!

What do Have against Jo

Oh my god you did not just say the Barbie name, she thinks she's so fucking perfect and... and blonde

so that's why you hate her

what no! GUSTO ¿Qué carajo está pensando! OH SÍ QUE ES DERECHO es rubia ella no piensa en absoluto! ¡Mierda! El hecho de que ella es rica, famosa, y un actor no vale una mierda si no eres fiel a ti mismo! (LIKE What the fuck is she thinking! OH YES THAT IS RIGHT she's a blonde, she doesn't think at all!Shit! The fact that she's rich, famous, and an actor doesn't mean shit if you're not true to yourself!)

Woah niña, cálmate! Te entiendo al cien por cien y su derecho, pero bueno no es nuestro problema a tratar. Ella es probablemente bajo mucha presión y esas cosas.(Woah girl,calm down! I understand you one hundred percent and your right but hey it's not our problem to deal with. She's probably under a lot of pressure and stuff.)

Lo sé, lo siento. Es sólo gente como ella nos mira pensando su nivel más alto que nosotros y no es sólo justo (I know, i'm sorry. It's just people like her looks down on us thinking their higher level then us and it's just not fair)

Well my friend, that's society for yea.

True how's my little buddy doing

Well as of now he's running around shooting people with his water gun.

Awe that's my buddy for yea

I miss yea, it's so boring here.

Haha I bet, I can still remember the day we became friends in what like 10th grade


10th grade Spanish class

"Hello students, we have a new student today! Please introduce yourself to the class and class please be respectful" Ms. Jordon said

" Hola me llamo Monica Rosetta Cruz. Soy quince años de edad, pero me dirijo dieciséis de Octubre. Me mudé aquí desde la República Dominicana. Tengo un padre y madrastra con sus dos hijos y niña. Mi madre biológica a mí ya mi padre por drogas fue. Pero yo no la culpo por dejar porque yo entiendo por qué se fue y nunca regresó. Después de que yo naciera mi madre fue sorprendido engañando a mi papá con algún gran actor de tiro que se creía un dios con ojos azules y cabello rubio enloqueciendo. Algunos dios uh quitando una madre nacida de su padre quien de hecho cualquier cosa por ella. Pero bueno llegó a decir que ella se acostó con un famoso actor, de clase alta que se ve abajo a los demás que no tienen posibilidades o incluso subir de nivel a sus normas o de estado del mundo. Translation-(Hi my name is Felicia Rosetta Cruz. I'm fifteen years old, but I turn 16 October. I moved here from the Dominican Republic. I have a father and stepmother with her two children and girl. My biological mother to me and my father was drugs. But I do not blame her for leaving because I understand why she left and never returned. After I was born my mother was caught cheating on my dad with some big shot actor thought he was a god with blue eyes and blond hair crazy. Some uh removing a mother god born of his father who actually do anything for her. But hey even said that she slept with a famous actor, upper class that looks down on others who can not afford or even level up to your standards or state of the world.)

"Gracias Ms. Cruz, class" Ms. Jordon said

" Encantado de conocerte Monica Rosette Cruz"

" Monica you can sit near Dana" I raised my hand so she knew who I was. The latina walked over and sat next to me

"Hola me llamo Monica,como te llamos y Como estas"

"Hola me llamo Dana Isabella Felicia Benson Mitchell y estoy bein... y tu?"

Flashback over

Yup and that's where I found out why you hate actors or actresses with blonde hair, haha

Yeah they just rub me the wrong way

haha yeah sure they do, hey I gotta go Dylan ran somewhere that I can't see him

Okay bye tell him I say hello and that I miss him

okay bye love

End of phone call

Oh my god where is my son! What am I gonna do? I gotta call Cami!

Camille P.O.V.

I love hanging out with the guys in their apartment watching them fight over a stupid game. Their to adorable to look at and when they get mad they look like five-year olds haha. Then all sudden my phone started ringing. '

"Hey guys, pause the game Dana calling" The guys immediately paused the game

Phone Convo...

hey girl what's up

then I heard sobs...

Dana are you okay ...DANA

Yeah I'm here Cami, I'm looking around and I can't find Doowee, Oh My god what if he took him, I can't live with myself if something happened to my son Cami

Hey were on our way, WAIT where are you?

Down by the pool

okay coming!

end of phone call

"Guys we have to hurry"

We all ran down as fast as we could

Dana P.O.V.

I was walking around looking for my son when I heard a scream. I ran as fast as I can to get to the sound and I found him crying next to no other than Jo.

" What the fuck did you to my son"

" Your brat got my fucking phone wet"

" He's only three"

" Oh wow bravo, like I give a shit how old he is"


" Well let's see, I took his gun and threw it in the pool then I yelled at him for wetting my FUCKING PHONE THEN I TOLD HIM TO BUY ME A NEW ONE BECAUSE IT"S HIS FUCKING FAULT IT"S RUINED!"

" That's it " I jumped on top of Jo and started to pull, kick, and anything I can do to this bitch. That's when I felt someone pull me off Jo and gripped me tighter.I turned around seeing James holding me back and Kendall and Carlos helping Jo up. This made me more pissed and wanted James to let go.

" Dana stop fighting me"

"NO JAMES THIS BITCH HURT MY SON" tears pouring out of my eyes

"Kenny, she attacked me for telling her son that he broke my phone and she just lost it" oh this bitch is good. Then the next thing hurt me the most was Kendall, I saw him glaring at me.

" WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM DANA, YOU CAN'T JUST ATTACK MY GIRLFRIEND BECAUSE YOUR MAD YOU LOST YOUR SON. NEWS FLASH BITCH, IF YOU WEREN'T SO BUSY BEING A SLUT AND REALIZE YOUR SON RAN OFF THEN YOU WOULDN'T BE IN THIS SITUATION" everyone shocked by what kendall just said to me. James didn't realize he released his grip on me, with that being said I escaped from James and picked up Doowee and we walked to my apartment slamming the door behind us.

I can't believe Kendall just said that to me. ' Is that really what he thinks of me? Is that what everyone think of me? Omg Dylan'

" Hey baby, are you okay"

"Mommy Kendall was scary and James was hurting you" he began to cry and it broke my heart even more.

"look at me *sniff* I'm gonna take you out *sniff and choking on tears* to wherever you wanna go. Just you and me, okay"

" Okay mommy"

"Go get dress baby" Dylan walked to his room to get ready.

Phone call ..

"Hey Hawk, I quit. I'm not gonna sign to you anymore. I'm sticking with the three things I'm best at, thanks for trying to help. Bye"

End Call

I put my phone away and went to get ready too and packed my suit case. Maybe The Palmwoods isn't the home for me. I walked to Dylan room and packed his suit case too, then we made our way down the hallway to the elevator. Once the door open walked out James, Logan, Carlos , Cami, and jackass Kendall.

" Dana where are you going" Logan said

" I just quit Logie, I'm not gonna stay at a place where my son gets hurt every time a person who hates me takes it out on my son"

" Listen sis, please don't go... please"

" I'm so sorry Logan, but I'm going"

"No please don't do this to me" Logan said on his knees crying, begging his sister to stay


"Yes you do beautiful"

"James not you too"

"We love you Dana" Carlos and Cami said




"NO!'' they said all together, I just walked to the elevator as fast as I can with Dylan and pushed the down button. We made our way to the lobby and paid the payment and left. I going to live with this guy name LA, he helped my mom career and was like a brother to her.

As soon as we arrived there he was outside waiting. I walked up to him and hugged him letting the tears fall. he led my and Dylan inside and helped us settle in a room for me and Dylan to sleep in. Dylan fell asleep from the dramatic day we had to go through. As for LA and I we sat and talked about my future and what I wanted to do.

" I can help you become a singer like your mother was"

" I don't think my mother would be proud of me now"

" I think she would be proud of what you're doing and how you took care of your son at a young age"



"Okay, I'll do it then"


Three weeks later...

"Hey Dana, c'mon let's go to this place where a man name Griffin wants to hear you sing "

" Can we Just stay here and go to studio in your basement"

"Are you feeling okay"

"I don't know"

" Okay I'll call you take some rest and take your meds"

" LA, where's Dylan"

"I invited my niece and nephews about his age over and their playing in the backyard by the swings"

"Thanks LA"

" You can Basically call me uncle"

"Gladly uncle"

"Feel better kid"



"Hey sleepy head wake up"

"What's up LA , I mean my uncle"

" Their here to hear you sing so get ready and head down"


I got up as soon as he left and simply pulled on black skinny jeans and a red tube top. I made my way downstairs and walked into the booth I was ready to speak when I saw James, Carlos, Logan, and Kendall stare at me. 'Awe shit and I was doing such a great job ignoring their phone calls, messages , and freaking tweets. Fuck!

" Hey Kiddo, You ready"

" Yeah Uncle"

I picked up my guitar and started to play the guitar... (Die in your arms cover madilyn bailey look it up so good)

So you love me as much as I love you, yeah
Would you hurt me baby
Could you do that to me yeah?
Would you lie to me baby?
Cuz the truth hurts so much more
Would you do the things that drive me crazy,
Leave my heart still at the door?

Oh I can't help it, I'm just selfish
There's no way that I could share you
That would break my heart to pieces
Honestly the truth is

If I could just die in your arms,
I wouldn't mind
Cause every time you touch me I just
Die in your arms,
Oh it feels so right
So baby, baby please don't stop

Oh baby,
I know lovin you ain't easy,
But it sure is worth a try

Ohhh if there is a reason to call me a fool
Cuz i love too hard
Are there any rules baby?
If this is a lesson, then baby teach me to behave
Just tell me what i gotta do
Just to stay right next to you

I can't help it I'm just selfish,
There's no way that I could share you
That would break my heart to pieces
Honestly the truth is

If I could just die in your arms,
I wouldnt mind
Cause every time you touch me I just
Die in your arms
Oh it feels so right
So baby, baby please don't stop

Basically I'm sayin' (sayin')
I can't live without my baby (out my baby)
Loving you is so damn easy for me
Oh, ohh, oh

Aint no need for contemplating
Promise you won't keep me waiting
Tell me baby I'm all that you need

If I could just die in your arms
I wouldn't mind
Cause every time you touch me
I just die in your arms
Ooh it feels so right
So baby, baby please don't stop

If i could die in your arms.
Imma make you believe
That I wouldnt mind

Ay ay ayyyy
Don't stop baby no

It's what you do to me, yeah
Woahhh oh no no no
Ooh noo
Baby please don't go
Noooooooo no no no

I stopped stroking the guitar and put it down and looked at LA who smiled and talked to Griffin who seemed impress. Griffin spoke into the microphone and asked

"Do you have another for me to hear"

"Sure, LA hit number 24"

"Will do"

I stood up and held the Microphone. ( Heart attack by Demi Lovato)

Never put my love out on the line
Never said yes to the right guy
Never had trouble getting what I want
But when it comes to you, I'm never good enough

When I don't care
I can play 'em like a Ken doll
Won't wash my hair
Then make 'em bounce like a basketball

But you make me wanna act like a girl
Paint my nails and wear high heels
Yes, you make me so nervous
And I just can't hold your hand

You make me glow, but I cover up
Won't let it show, so I'm

Puttin' my defenses up
'Cause I don't wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I'd have a heart attack [x3]

Never break a sweat for the other guys
When you come around, I get paralyzed
And every time I try to be myself
It comes out wrong like a cry for help

It's just not fair
Pain's more trouble than love is worth
I gasp for air
It feels so good, but you know it hurts

But you make me wanna act like a girl
Paint my nails and wear perfume
For you. Make me so nervous
And I just can't hold your hand

You make me glow, but I cover up
Won't let it show, so I'm

Puttin' my defences up
'Cause I don't wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I'd have a heart attack [x3]

The feelings are lost in my lungs
They're burning, I'd rather be numb
And there's no one else to blame
So scared I take off in a run
I'm flying too close to the sun
And I burst into flames

You make me glow, but I cover up
Won't let it show, so I'm

Puttin' my defences up
'Cause I don't wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I'd have a heart attack [x5]

After that I felt pretty good about myself and walked out to LA and gave him the biggest hug ever.

"Thanks LA, that felt great "

" Your mom would be so proud of you and how you turned out, great job sweetie" after he said that I felt tears run down my cheeks but for once in my life they were happy tears. " Hey guess what, I got a surprise for you"


"Hola Chicka"

"Oh my god, Monica" she run up to me and tightly and boy did I mean tightly squeezed the life out of me.


"Lo siento Chicka, le falté (I missed you)"

"Awe, Yo también te extrañén ( I missed you too)" she hugged me again

" Your getting better in your Spanish chicka"

" I know" I totally forgot the guys and Griffin was here.

" Hey Chicka whose that"

"Oh shit girl... um this is Mr. Griffin, James, Carlos, Logan my brother and-"

" The low life mother -"

"Yea that one " I glared at her

" What! Why you glaring at me, he called you a slut and your glaring at me"

" Thanks Monica for clearing it up for everyone"

"Okay chicka look I'm sorry, guess what"

" What"

"Oh come on sound happy"

Oh my god what" I said sarcastically

"Good enough, where going out tonight"

" ooohhh Where"

" Their we go, I'll tell you when we get their, okay"


"Um Dana" Logan said looking at the two ladies

"Yea Logie"

"I miss you too" wow boy did that hurt

"Okay Logie, I'm sorry and I'll talk and hangout with you more, okay"

"Thank you" Logan, James, Carlos, Monica squeezed me...hard! Then there's Kendall just staring at us.

Until next time...

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