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Chapter 1

Annabeth Chase woke up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Ah, how she loved her cabin. The smell of the sea and the sound of waves were soothing to the daughter of Poseidon.

She stretched and got dressed. She wore faded jeans and her CHB T-shirt. Her curly black hair flowed down her back, and her sea green eyes sparkled. She slipped on her Nikes and was about to walk out the door when she heard light snoring.

She turned around to find her half-sister, Jasmine Marie Hills, lying on her stomach, sleeping peacefully. Annabeth loved a good laugh now and then, so she dumped a bucket of water on Jazz's head.

"AAAHHH! Who- what- where…ANNABETH!" Jasmine yelled looking confused then murderous.

"Ha! The look on your face was priceless!" Annabeth rolled on the floor, laughing.

"I'm going to kill you! You got my pajamas wet," Jasmine screeched.

"Oh, my bad. It's not like you're a demi-god daughter of Poseidon who can dry herself of in a matter of seconds," Annabeth said, rolling her eyes.

"Oh yeah. Don't be sarcastic with me. I invented sarcasm."

"Whatever. It's time to go to breakfast," Annabeth called over her shoulder as she walked out of the cabin.

She was walking to the dining pavilion, when she saw a disturbing sight: her best friend, Percy Jackson, son of Athena, kissing his girlfriend, Clarisse La Rue, daughter of Aphrodite.

Annabeth didn't exactly approve of their relationship, but she didn't voice it openly. It's not that she didn't like Clarisse, she did (when she wasn't in total Aphrodite girl mode), but she knew the reputation the Aphrodite kids. They would date and drop, then re-date. She'd tried to talk to Percy about it, but he wouldn't listen.


Annabeth was sitting on the beach. The sand was sticking to her feet and she remembered exactly what happened. She was going to find Percy and Silena kissing, as usual. She'd went to the beach to clear her head. Unfortunately, Percy, being the son of Athena, saw something was wrong and went to confront Annabeth.

"Hey, Water Girl. What's up? You seem down," Percy, said, taking a seat next to Annabeth.

"I just wanted to tell you: Don't get to attached. To Clarisse, I mean."

Percy didn't say anything for a while, an Annabeth thought he was considering what she said. Oh, how wrong she was.

"You talk about her like she's a dog, Annabeth. I thought you and Clarisse were friends!" Percy said, sounding angry.

This surprised Annabeth. Percy had taken her comment the wrong way.

"I do- I am- we are," Annabeth stuttered.

"Why are you so against our relationship, Annabeth? Is it wrong for me to be with someone I- I love?" Percy asked, stammering over the words "I love".

Suddenly, Annabeth felt her heart break. She never really gave it any thought, but she had developed a crush on Percy over the years. He wasn't ugly, she'll tell you that. His blonde hair brushing the top of his eyelids, and those light, playful grey eyes that made her heart flutter. And the way he was a know-it-all about everything.

"I- I didn't know you felt that way about her, Percy," Annabeth said, avoiding eye contact with Percy, fearing he would se the hurt in her eyes.

"Well, I do," Percy, said forcefully.

"I'm sorry, then. I'll see you later," Annabeth whispered, getting up and running to her cabin.

End of Flashback

"Hey, Annabeth! What's up?" Clarisse called, walking over to her with Percy in tow.

Clarisse was beautiful, just like all of Aphrodite's kids. She had straight, shoulder length brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and tanned skin.

"Hey, Clarisse. Hey, Wise Guy.

"Hey, Water Girl. We're just headed to breakfast," Percy said casually.

"Yeah, me too. I-" Annabeth started, but was cut off by none other than Chris Rodrigues, son of Apollo walks up.

"Hey Annabeth, Percy…Clarisse," Chris said, barely glancing at Percy and Annabeth, and gazing wistfully at Clarisse.

"Hey Chris, what's up?" Clarisse asked ignoring the look he was giving her.

"Um, I just wanted to talk to Annabeth. If you guys don't mind," he said.

"Nah, go ahead. We'll see you later, Annabeth," Percy said before dragging Clarisse away.

"So, you wanted to see me," Annabeth said, looking at Chris.

"Uh, yeah. I, uh, think we should go talk somewhere more, private," Chris said, walking towards the Sword Fighting Arena.

As they walked toward the Arena, Annabeth wondered why Chris wanted to talk to her. He was the ever so handsome son of Apollo, with his curly blonde hair- although his couldn't compare to Percy's- his baby blue eyes, and his sweet as honey voice, he made girls fall over.

"So…what's up Chris?" Annabeth asked.

"It's obvious you're in love with Percy, and I wanted to, ehm, offer my services," Chris said.

Annabeth was fuming. How did he know about her crush on Percy? Was she that transparent? Finally, she calmed down enough to think. Why, Annabeth thought silently, would Chris of all people want to help her? What is he getting out of it? Then, it hit her. Now, Annabeth wasn't the brightest bulb in the box, but she was able to put two and two together. Annabeth plus Percy equals a single Clarisse. And who would ride up on his shiny horse chariot, giving the vulnerable daughter of Aphrodite a shoulder to cry on.

"Chris, I'm not stupid. We all know you're head over heals for Clarisse," Annabeth said, smirking.

"Wh- Wha- What are you talking about? You're crazy," Chris said, but he looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"Admit it, Rodriguez. You're in love with Clarisse. Lovey love love with Clarisse," Annabeth sang.

"Ssshhhh! Not so loud." Chris looked panicked.

"Okay, all jokes aside, will you let me- will you help me?" Chris pleaded, looking torn.

"Fine, what'd you suggest, Rodriguez?" Annabeth was curious to see what Chris was up to.

"I think, that we go out," Chris implored?

"WHAT?" Annabeth was in shock. Sure, Chris was attractive, but Annabeth hadn't thought of him as boyfriend material. Or, at least not for her.

"Not for real," Chris added quickly.

"Then what do you mean?" Annabeth felt slow. Sure, she'd always felt stupid in school, where the kids could read, but this was a different feeling. She felt like an airhead. Chris was obviously dropping hints about what he was getting at, but she did not compute.

"I mean," Chris said, clearly irritated, "that we pretend to date. That'll make Clarisse and Percy jealous."

Annabeth highly doubted that. Percy had claimed his love and dedication for Clarisse a number of times, but Annabeth decided it was worth a shot.

"Sure, I guess," Annabeth, said shrugging.

Chris visibly lit up.

"This is great! Thanks, Annabeth! Come on," he said, grabbing her hand.

As they walked to the dining pavilion, hand-in-hand, Annabeth thought of what would happen. Would Percy tell her he didn't like her relationship with Chris, like she'd about Clarisse? Would he just shrug it off? Annabeth was getting more and more anxious.

They stopped in front of the pavilion. Here goes nothing, Annabeth thought.