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Annabeth's P.O.V.

I flopped down on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. I didn't know what to do. I was feeling all these different emotions. I was happy that Luke was trying to protect me, angry that Luke didn't think I could protect myself, sad that Chris was upset with me and upset because we had yet to break up Percy and Clarisse.

I rolled over and looked at my clock. It was time for Pegasus flying. At the thought of that, I popped up. Flying on my Pegasus, Blackjack, was probably the only thing that could make me feel better. I had rescued Blackjack from a rogue ship, and ever since, he had felt this strange loyalty to me. The only problem with that was the fact that he called me Boss.

I pulled myself out of the bed and trudged out of my cabin. I walked briskly and with my head down, trying to avoid conversation with anyone. I had made it half way to the Pegasus stable when I ran into someone. I managed to stay upright, but I couldn't say the same for the other girl.

"Oh my gods, I'm sorry!" I said, extending my hand.

"Oh wow. It's okay, Annabeth," Piper said, grabbing my hand. I hauled her up.

"Hey, Pipes. What's up?" I asked.

"Nothing much. Going to archery," she replied. We stood there awkwardly for a few seconds. I never knew how to act around Piper, because as the daughter of Hades, she was really moody and complicated.

"Cool. Oh, I heard about you and Chris. Nice job," she smiled, before walking away. If anything, it made me feel worse than I already felt. Everyone was congratulating me on an accomplishment that I haven't achieved.

I continued on my way to the Pegasus stable, but once again, I was intercepted.

"Annabeth! Hey, wait up!" I heard Percy call from somewhere behind me. Even in confusing times, Percy's voice could always make my heart skip a beat. Sometimes I wondered how I stayed alive when we had conversations. I calmed myself down and turned around to face him.

"Hey, Perce. What's up?" I tried to ask nonchalantly.

"I actually wanted to talk about… You know…" he awkwardly trailed off. I felt my face heat up and he suddenly became very interested in his shoes.

"Uh… Really? Um, okay. Where do you want to talk?" I asked.

"Let's go to the Pegasus stables. That's where you were headed, weren't you?"

"You know it, dude!" As soon as the words escaped my mouth, I felt like slapping myself. You know it, dude? What was I thinking? Oh right. I wasn't.

We walked to the stables in an uncomfortable silence. I mentally cursed myself for agreeing to talk with him. Neither of us were good in awkward situations. When put into uncomfortable situations, I usually said stupid things, and Percy would give sarcastic replies. We should have just forgot about it, and I intended on telling Percy that.

"Look, Perce, I don't think –" I began, but he cut me off.

"Annabeth, I don't know what that was. I should have controlled myself, and I'm sorry. I'm with Clarisse and you're with Chris and it was just a heat of the moment thing, you know? We can't go ruining our perfectly sensible, stable relationships to be in a reckless, foolish one," he said.

I stopped. I don't know what it was, but something inside of me just snapped and I felt like I was watching myself act, but couldn't control it.

"Maybe we both need some recklessness, Percy. Maybe stability will make us crazy," I whispered, stepping closer to him. He looked surprised, but reacted to me nonetheless.

"Annabeth… You know that… If we did… It would be reckless and it wouldn't end well." Although he was objecting, he stepped closer to me still.

I dragged him behind the stables and leaned against the wall. I grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to me. His eyes were filled with so many emotions. Longing, confusion and doubt.

"Maybe… Maybe not. You're too reliable Percy. Too stable and sensible. You don't know how to live on the edge." I honestly didn't know where I had pulled this courage from.

Percy chuckled, and pushed my hair from in my face. He leaned closer and whispered into my ear, "I've hung around you long enough to know how to be reckless. Maybe I just need the right person to bring it out of me." He began to lean closer. We were nose-to-nose, staring into each other's eyes. He was going to kiss me. I knew, I knew it, I –

"Percy? Perce? Where are you? I saw you go around to the stables." Clarisse's voice was surprisingly close. Percy jumped back and I pushed myself off the wall just as Clarisse rounded the corner.

She looked surprised, and a reproachful look crossed her face for a second, before going back to smiling beautifully.

"There you are! Hey, Annabeth! What're you guys up to?" There was a dangerous undertone in her voice, as if she was daring us to lie to her. I took the plunge.

"Oh, hey Clarisse! What's up? Percy and I were just talking about Chris. I was asking what a guy would like for a surprise. You know, no one can answer guy questions better than guys!" I said cheerfully. Clarisse looked suspicious, but decided to deal with it later, and turned to Percy.

"Percy! We were supposed to go out tonight, remember?"

Percy finally snapped out of his shocked expression and looked at Clarisse, perplexed.

"When did we agree on that? Or get permission, in fact."

"Well, we didn't. But I got permission from Chiron this morning. Aren't you excited?" Clarisse chirped, twirling a strand of hair absentmindedly.

Percy looked confused, but it quickly turned into a sour expression. He ran a hand through his hair, frustrated.

"Geez, Clarisse, thanks for consulting me about it. You know, I could have had plans today, did you think about that? Maybe I had things to do." Percy told Clarisse crossly, glaring at her. Her smile faltered, and she frowned. Her gaze flicked over me before turning back to Percy, once again smiling.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Perce. I really should have thought about it before I just made plans. But please, no need to be so upset. I don't want to fight."

Percy sighed, and walked over to Clarisse. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her forehead. I felt my heart stop for a minute, thinking about how that could have, should have and would have been me, had Clarisse not decided to barge in. I felt a surge of jealousy, which was common when I was around the happy couple. I made a grunting sound and turned on my heels, walking away from the stables. I decided to go find Chris and talk things out with him.

I wandered around camp for a few minutes. I looked for Chris in the places where Apollo kids usually hung out. The archery range, the infirmary, the amphitheater and the Apollo cabin, but he wasn't in any of those places. Just as I had begun worrying about whether or not he had been kidnapped, I heard girlish giggling coming from the climbing wall. Curiously, I walked over, and found quite a sight.

Chris was scaling the wall expertly, managing to only get a minimum amount of burns. Of course, the upsetting part was the fact that most of his shirt had been burned through and a group of girls and nymphs had decided to cheer him on and flirt with him.

"Hey, Chris! You're doing great!" A raven haired daughter of Aphrodite yelled from the base of the wall, flashing him a bright smile.

"Oh my gods, his abs! Do you even see this, Mary?" A nymph asked her friend, fanning herself.

"Yes! Oh my gosh, Aster, he's so hot! Is it even possible?" The camper, Mary answered.

I seethed. How dare they even think that was acceptable! He was a boy with a girlfriend, and they were catcalling and flirting with him? Not if I was still breathing.

"Go Chris!" I yelled, startling him. He turned, and when he saw me, he began dismounting skillfully. He walked up to me, unsurely.

"Hey… Um…" he rubbed the back of his neck, looking nervous. I walked up, taking his hand and smiling at him. He looked down at me, and he smiled. I felt my heart flutter. I heard a groan from the crowd of girls. Apparently, they would not be having it, because that insufferable daughter of Aphrodite walked up and tapped his shoulder.

"Hey, Chris, so… Um… My siblings and I are having a party in the Aphrodite cabin. You're invited," she said, biting her lip. I felt my lip curl in disdain, and I began to reply when Chris beat me to it.

"Well, sure! So, what time should we be there?"

"Any time after – Wait. We?"

"Yeah! My girlfriend and I!" Chris raised our intertwined hands as if giving the girl evidence. Her eyes flickered over me, and she rolled her eyes.

"So, after dinner, then? We'll definitely be there!" I said sweetly, batting my eyes at her. She looked as if she wanted to reply, but I was already dragging Chris away. We didn't make it very far, only to the amphitheater before Chris stopped and pulled me into a hug.

"I'm sorry, okay? For overreacting and being overbearing and just… Anything that might have freaked you out. Okay?" I could practically feel the relief rolling off of him as he squeezed me tighter. All I could do was stand there and comfort him.

I don't know how long we stood like that, but at some point, we let go, and just stared at each other. We both broke out into grins.

"Let's get back to the mission, shouldn't we Miss Chase?" Chris said, smiling.

I smirked at him.

"Why yes, Mr. Rodriguez. And I know that since this party is in the Aphrodite cabin, Clarisse will be there. And where there's a Clarisse, there's a Percy."

"I like the way you think. Let's go!" And with that, we were off to devise the perfect plan for winning the people we loved.

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