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Chapter II

The run to Henry's house was faster than I thought, he was kind enough to park Mark's pickup in his garage, since it never had a car. The duo stripped off their amateur ninja clothes and sat out on the doorstep of Henry's house, Mark recalled Plusle and Minun back into their Poké balls and pocketed them. The girls earned their rest. Raichu sat beside Henry as I sat next to my trainer, with a small bag of ice over my groin. Owwie! It still hurt, even after an hour!

Henry got out the bottled cola and gave everyone a bottle. We stared out towards the bright yellow-orange glow of the many outdoor lamps of our neighborhood. The lights on the skyscrapers of Faraday City twinkled in the background. I glanced up at the night sky, it was pitch black, I couldn't even see the brightest stars. Everything was quiet and peaceful, despite the streets being lit up so many lights. It was so bright that it tricked my eyes, thinking it was day. I snuggled beside my trainer and he rubbed my ears. Oh goodie, I love it when he rubbed my ears!

"So Mark," said Henry, breaking the eerie silence, "How did you know where the kids were in the first place?"

Mark took a sip of cola and replied, "About a week ago, I paid one of the kids 25 pokédollars to tell me where their hangout was. Turns out he and his parents were moving to Johto, and so he wanted to defect from the gang. It wasn't that hard to persuade him."

"Where's the kid now?"

"I have no idea, he probably moved already."

"The kids were totally pissed at us, is there, by far, any chance that they know where we live?"

"I bet you they know our neighborhood and the way around, but not our houses exactly. They shouldn't know who we are unless they got a glimpse of our Pokémon, which they didn't."

"Them kids are probably wondering how to get the power back on in that house, we sure ruined their night."

"One of them, or some of them, will be in a heap of trouble. Their parents are going to think they just had a paintball fight. That backyard was trashed, paintball marks everywhere. Luckily we didn't leave any evidence behind, they're probably too dumb to even look for those black pellets to use in their defense. They might be grounded for weeks, maybe months. We'll learn the result after a few nights."

On the curb of Henry's driveway sat 3 empty soda cans, Henry raised his Airsoft gun and fired a few shots. The cans jumped into the air and clattered on the driveway, they rolled tot he street and stopped at the curb.

"After you ran out of there, Mark," said Henry, "I plowed through their fence to make my escape."

Mark snickered, "You did what?"

"I just broke through the fence like the Kool-Aid guy and ran off to the truck. You were right, that fence was rotten."

"Damn, Henry. The parents are going to be even more pissed at them."

Henry shrugged, "Their problem, not ours."

I tossed the bag of ice on the grass and rubbed my sore groin, the throbbing pain was gone. Now it felt uncomfortably cold, and it didn't feel right between my legs. I didn't understand, I had no nuts. How in the world did it hurt? Why did my pee-pee hurt? I squeezed it a little just to warm it up. When I released, it felt . . . weird. There was an interesting feeling that I couldn't understand, my heart seem to flutter for some reason.

"You doing alright, Emolga?" Mark asked.

I looked up at my trainer and nodded, "Emo." Yeah.

"How old is she?" Henry asked.

"She was a year old when I first got my Pokémon license, so she should be 7 or 8."

"Had she ever learned about . . . you know."

I looked up at Henry in curiosity, "Emolga?" What?

Mark snickered, "I don't think she had. She understands what private parts does, but not their function."

Now I'm confused, what were they talking about? Was it a human thing? They all gave me these looks before laughing to each other, I turned to Raichu, he also laughed to himself. What did they all know that I don't know what they know? I felt a part of my brain twist itself into a knot when I try to think about it, for some reason thinking always hurts, especially when I don't understand. As they laugh, I looked down at my groin. Maybe there was something about it that they know what I didn't know. Just what was it?

The laughter ended as soon as it began when Mark smacked Henry in the stomach, "Hen," said Mark, "Shh!"

Henry yelped and blinked, "What-"

"Shh," he whispered, "Listen!"

I held my breath and also listened. Among the stillness of the night, I heard an unusual noise. It wasn't the grumbles and gas from our tummies but it sounded more distant, my ears twitched in trying to figure out what it was. It took me a few seconds to figure it out.

But Mark knew what it was already, he stood up and opened the front door, "Inside," he whispered, "Now!"

Henry, Raichu, and I quickly ran inside and Mark shut the door. He locked every latch and knob and turned off the lights, but left the outdoor lights on. The living room went dark, and the only lights that's on were seeping through the window sills. The confusion was quickly replaced by fear, my heart started pounding hard and my hands shook. I didn't know what was happening, but Mark seemed to figure some of it out. I took a deep breath and grabbed one of Raichu's stubby hands, squeezing it so tight that my fingers hurt. Raichu didn't say anything, the big lug was also in fright.

"What is it, Mark?" Henry asked in his normal voice.

Mark peaked through the peephole of the door, "I heard scooters, electric scooters. I think those kids followed us. Yeah, here they are now."

I leaped up on a window sill and peaked passed the gaps of the blinds. A convoy of kids on electric scooters came rolling passed the house, the fat kid I shot was leading it. He had an angry face, I felt a mixture of laughter and fear. I couldn't tell what I should be feeling. When the last scooter passed I jumped off the window and faced my trainer, "Emolga?" I chirped. Mark?

Mark stepped away from the peep hole and grinned, shaking his head, "I suppose they didn't get the message," he said, "let's send them back to their neighborhood."

"How?" Henry asked.

"If we take out the leader at the right moment," Mark explained, "Then that should be enough."

Mark flipped the lights back on and approached the bookshelf, "Where's the map of our neighborhood?"

"Bottom shelf," said Henry, "To the right."

Mark pulled out a laminated map and unfolded it, then set it down on the coffee table. Me and Raichu huddled around the coffee table and got a good glimpse of the map. I already knew my way around the neighborhood and city by heart, but it doesn't hurt to refresh my memory. It also helped that Mark was coming up with some sort of plan, it helped relaxed my anxiety, I knew he could solve almost any problem. I couldn't help but grin.

"They passed your house," said Mark, "Pointing out Henry's house on the map, "so they should be heading to my house. Ever since that showdown with Tesla Westinghouse, half of the island figured out where I lived," he pointed to our house on the map, which sits on the edge of the neighborhood, "Which means that's where they'll be headed."

"Would they tell your dad?" Henry asked.

Mark snickered, "My dad doesn't care, he, too, is annoyed of these kids playing their damn games in our neighborhood. I told him I would take care of the problem, they'll find themselves in even more trouble if they encounter my dad."

"So you're covered."

"Yeah, I'm pretty much covered."

Mark then pointed to a spot, mid-way towards our house and Henry's, "I noticed these kids are lined up. It's a smart move, since if you look at the front and back ends of their formation, it would look like it's just one person. With the fat kid in the front, we're going to use their own formation against them."

"How?" Henry asked.

"We'll put a sniper here," said Mark, pointing to a position near the edge of the neighborhood, "There's a thick bush right here, which sits underneath a light. They won't be able to see the sniper when she's in the bush. Just one shot, and the fat kid goes down . . ."

Henry grinned and nodded, "Oh, I see . . . but what do you by she?"

My fur stood straight up, I knew exactly what Mark meant, "Emo Emo!" I blurted. But Mark!

"Emolga," said Mark, "Baby girl, they won't see you if you're in that bush. Besides, these kids are after humans, not Pokémon. They won't dare try to hurt you if they don't see you attacking them. Don't panic, there is no chance they could possibly kill you. You were brave when we dealt with Tesla, this isn't an abnormally powerful Pikachu we're dealing with, just a bunch of corrupted minors – kids – and we're going to beat them in their own game."

I nodded my head, understanding what he meant, "Emolga." Okay.

Boy, that felt a lot better. Somehow, the giggly feeling came back and tickled my belly. Mark's got a plan and he's counting me to put it to action."

"What if it goes wrong?" Henry asked, "What if they made it to your house before we are ready?"

"Then I remotely set off my burglar alarm," said Mark, "I keep it in my truck for this purpose. If they get to my house and even breathe on the front door, they're going to get a noisy surprise. And since my burglar alarm is so loud, it would wake up the entire neighborhood. And since these kids are so stupid, people waking up from the alarm to see these kids running around with weapons would shake things up a bit. To add to our favor, police response is a minute and a half. A squad car passes by here every 10 minutes, and these cops know me and you and Emolga and your Raichu. We won't get in trouble, the kids will."

"That's Plan B, right?"

"Yeah, that's Plan B. I prefer not to use Plan B, since it will create a mess. I don't want to make a mess of things, so we should keep this quiet. Okay, Henry, suit up. We better hurry and get this done fast. Emolga, you grab the sniper rifle and go on ahead. You know where this bush is, it has an outdoor light shining near it. Raichu, go with her. You cover her rear and make sure the kids don't get an upper hand. We'll be around when we get there."

"Remember," said Henry, "Take out the fat kid, aim between the eyes this time."

"Emolga." I nodded. Okay.

I went to the garage and grabbed the Airsoft sniper rifle, then reloaded it with the plastic pellets. Raichu was waiting for me out in the yard, I looked back and saw Mark and Henry putting on their masks. This was going to be a long one.

We both started walking down the sidewalk, I clutched tight to the rifle and almost dozed off. This was the 2nd time tonight that I left my trainer, the very odd thing about it was that I'm not scared. Maybe it was all the bright lights and familiarity of our own neighborhood. Or it could be his reassuring words, every time he speaks makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

"Raichu Raichu, Raichu," Raichu said as we walked down the lit streets of our sleeping neighborhood, he sounded a bit emotional in his tone, "Raichu Rai." I nearly had a heart attack, Emolga, from seeing you fall.

"Emolga Emolga." I spoke. But you caught me in time.

Raichu nodded sheepishly, "Raichu Rai." Just in time.

"Em Em Emo, Emolga?" Anything wrong, Raichu?

"Raichu Raichu." I'm scared.

I raised an eyebrow, "Emo?" Why?

"Raichu Raichu, Rai Rai." You got hurt, in the nethers.

"Emolga, Emolga." Not your fault, Raichu.

Raichu gave me a look, somewhat halfway between reassuring and stern, "Raichu Raichu Rai Rai Raichu?" You know how hard it is to not shock people when scared?

I shook my head, "Em." No.

"Raichu, Rai Rai Rai Raichu." Very hard, it takes serious discipline.

Then he placed a stubby hand on my shoulder, "Raichu Rai Raichu Raichu, Raichu." I was afraid I was going to shock you, Emolga.

"Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Em Emolga," I said, "Emolga Emolga, Emo Emolga Emolga." Getting electrocuted is much better than getting a blow in the groin. I don't know why, maybe I'll never know why.

I gave him a look of my charm and smiled, "Emo Emo Em Em Emo, Emolga." I wouldn't hold you accountable if you did shock me, Raichu.

My charmed work, Raichu's eyes watered and he sniffled, "Raichu." Thank you.

"Em Emo." Always helping out.

We made a turn down a three-way and spotted the bush Mark wanted us to be, somewhere in the distance we can hear the sound of electric scooters buzzing around. But we didn't know which part of the neighborhood it was coming from. Sooner or later, they would head down that certain street. If they're lined up, then it's going to be interesting. Sure enough the bush was right there as Mark said it would, near the tall outdoor lamp.

"Raichu Raichu, Raichu," said Raichu, changing the subject, "Raichu Raichu?" I have to ask you something, Emolga. The way you hugged me was very odd.

"Emolga?" I asked. What way?

"Raichu Raichu Raichu." You pressed your face into my belly.

Uh-oh, now I'm in trouble. I wondered what to say, what should I say? Raichu ain't stupid, he was smart. Mice Pokémon are always that smart. They figure puzzles out just like humans, he may or may not be oblivious to my interest in his white pot belly. I thought up an answer, and thought it up quick.

"Emolga Emolga Emolga, Emo Emo Emo." Your tummy is so big and soft, it makes your hugs feel nice and cuddly.


Raichu gave me a look, then snickered. He then laughed hard, but not that hard, or else someone would have waken and get all mad, "Raichu Raichu Raichu." That just made Tesla's fat jokes irrelevant.

"Em?" I asked, a bit puzzled. Huh?

"Raichu Raichu, Rai . . ." I shouldn't be telling you this, but . . .

He then went off to explain that 5 years ago, Mark, Henry, and Carley had a sleep over. Carley took a liking of Raichu and played with him, I could barely remember the sleepover, since I was the first one to sleep. He explained that Carley wanted to sleep with Raichu for the night, and when he did he cuddled the Mouse Pokémon tight around his waist. Carley explained he was so soft and cuddly, she almost used him as a pillow . . . almost.

Raichu finishes off, "Raichu Raichu, Rai . . ." Best night ever, yeah . . .

"Emolga?" I asked. The best?

"Rai." Yup.

When we reached the bush, I crawled behind it and squeezed through. I brought up the Airsoft sniper rifle and set it up, I checked the scope and turned the safety off. I fired off a test round to check if it was working, it was.

"Raichu Raichu, Raichu." said Raichu reassuringly. I got your back, Emolga.

"Emolga." I know you do.

I sat and waited, staring down the stretch of road so pleasantly lit by the outdoor lights. I couldn't figure out how long the street was, but it must be at least a hundred meters long and wide enough for two cars to past through, awhile passing cars parked by the curb. So it should be wide enough for a bunch of scooters coming through here.

After just a couple of minutes, the drone of electric scooters grew. My heart tensed up again, beating hard. I tightened the grip of my gun and remind myself that Raichu was right there behind me, keeping watch. I wondered where the kids were since they were taking their sweet time, turns out I didn't have to wait any longer.

The fat kid was the first to appear, coming around the corner of the far intersection. His goons were right behind him, and were perfectly align. The look on the fat kids face showed steaming rage, with eyes burning revenge. I focused the reticle over his chubby face, then waited till he got closer. He and his convoy got bigger and bigger, I held my breath and fired a pellet.

I watched the plastic BB leave the barrel, it was like a slow motion moment when I saw it soar through the air in my scope. The BB flew straight at the fat kid and pings him in the eye, "ARGH!" he roared.

He grabbed his face and lost control of his scooter, the fat kid flopped on the road with his legs spread wide. The kid behind him couldn't stop in time and slammed full long into his nuts, he flipped over and his face smacks the fat kid's lips. The other kids was the same story, they crashed into the one in front of them and toppled over, hitting into each others noggins, guts, and groins. It was a human domino effect. They all crashed to the ground and rolled into fetal positions, groaning in pain or whimpering rage and tears.

Mark and Henry appeared on opposite sides of the street and unloaded their Airsoft guns on the kids, they keep yelling "Ow!" and "Owie!". I couldn't help but laughed as they scrambled back onto their scooters, trying to fight the tremendous pain in their balls and Airsoft welts. Within seconds the convoy took off back down the road they came. The fat kid was the last to leave, his pants had fallen down to reveal a pair of Jigglypuff boxers. I couldn't resist the urge to fire pellets at his rear end and the tiny pictures of Jigglypuffs, he yelped "Ow!" from every shot I fired until he was out of range. I let out a grin, embracing the taste of sweet success.

"Hi five!" said Mark.

"Yeah!" Henry cheered.

The two hi-fived and did a classic redneck handshake, I got up and flipped the safety on the rifle. I turned to Raichu and he smiled, "Raichu." he said. Nice shot.

I couldn't help but winked at him, "Emolga." I cooed. Thank you.

Me and Raichu regrouped with our trainers once the kids were gone, Mark picked me up and took my sniper rifle. I won't be needing that no more for the night, "Let's go back to Henry's house and sleep," he said, "We'll celebrate in the morning."

I punched my fists into the air and cheered, "Emooo!" Yayyy!