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Chapter 1: a good start

My name is Daryl and I live in a small town called twinleaf town in the Sinoh region. I may look like your average guy but if you knew my mother you would know why I am not exactly your average guy. For one when I was born I was born with a gift being able to talk to pokemon and understand them. For my mother this helped with her job I some small ways since she was a pokemon professor that studied pokemon relationships with other pokemon and their trainers. Yes my mother was proffessor willow and I was her son Daryl willow. Other than that I was a normal guy exept for the fact that I hardly had any friends. And so far I didn't even have a pokemon at the age of 14. Now that you know a little about me let me start by telling you about my first journey and my first pokemon.

~~~~~~~flashback to beginning of journey~~~~~~~~~

-present tense-

Mom I am going to go for a walk by the lake, I said to my mom.

Have fun dear and beware of the wild pokemon, professor willow said.

Mom you don't have to worry about me I can understand pokemon so I'll be fine remember.

True but you still could run into trouble, she said.

Well I am out, I said. As I walked out the door and went to the lake to walk around I noticed a lump near the tree I use to sit under and read hidden in the grass. I walked over and I foung that it was an egg only it was a egg that I had ever seen even though I saw countless eggs when I helped my mother work. I picked it up and examined it before I started to walk home. when I got home I was goig to show my mom the egg wen I heard a cry of pain from my left. As I ran to check out what happened I foud a injured zoroa that had a nasty gash on it's leg. I quickly put the egg I had found in my empty backpack and picked up the zoroa. As I started to run home I had a thought run through my mind. How is it my luck to find a rare pokemon basically on my doorstep.(at this point in time the pokemon from different reagions had already spread to each region) I then went and quickly barged through the door of my house to find a slightly startled mom a few feet from the door.

Whats wrong dear you neverrush in like that, she said.

Mom I found this injured zoroa near the lake, do you think we can save her? I asked

She looked at the zoroa and set to work on healing it until it was just in a unconcous state with a now heeled gash.

There she should be fine but she will probable be weak for a few days to a week, she said.

Oh ok thanks mom. I then started to head to my room until I remembered the egg in my backpack. Oh mom I found a odd looking egg while I was out before I found the zoroa, I said.

My mom took a look at it ad replied that she ever saw anythig like it and that since I found it I had to take responcability after it hatched.

Really mom you mean I get to have the pokemo in this egg after it hatches.

Yes you do dear and remember to take good care of it, she said.

Ok sweet, I replied. Then for the next four hour I watched after the zoroa until to my gladness she woke up.

How do you feel zoroa? I asked.

The zoroa quickly went Into a defencive stance.

It is okay I won't hurt you, I brought you here after I found you injured by the lake. I said.

The zoroa looked up at me after lowering it's guard and shyly said in a clearly feminine voice, "oh well thank you for helping me," she said.

May I ask you what ur name is? I asked.

My….. my name is ….jasmine. she replied.

Well my name is Daryl, glad to meet you. I said.

Then the zoroa looked shocked and then said slightly dazed, you can uderstand me?

Yea I have been able to understand pokemon for as long as I can remember.

Well then do you mind if I stay with you ten I really do't have anywhere to go. She sadly said.

Sure you can stay here as leng as you want it wouldn't harm us at all. I said.

Ok thanks. She said.

Then she slowly walked over to me and lay dow on my lap and curled up against me and said, "I am glad to have found somone so caring and dependable to be my trainer. She said. She then reached over to a pokeball on a belt I had for when I started my jourey with 6 empty pokeballs on it and she pushed the button onn the first pokeball capturing herself inside then jumping out of the pokeball to curl up beside me as she took a nap.

I then slowly caried her to my room and laid her down on a pillow . I then went and grabbed the egg and put it in my dresser after making it into a sort of nest of clothing. Then I changed into my pjs which were a pair of shorts and a muscle shirt. As I fell asleep the egg slowly started to hatch. A ditto hatched from the eg and saw me as it's first thing and slowly said "dady". It then slowly climbed into bed with me and went under the covers and transfored wraping around my body gently.

The next morning I awoke with a scream and then my mom rushed in and jasmine and stared at the…..

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